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We gathered renters insurance quotes from insurers in 33 cities across Montana to determine which cities had the lowest cost for renters insurance, and which companies offered the best renters insurance rates to Montanans. The average annual cost for renters insurance in Montana came to $181. We found a relatively low price difference across the state: there was only a 17% difference between the most and least expensive cities for renters insurance. Read on to see our city-by-city breakdown of the best insurance companies, or use or quote tool above to find renters insurance in your area.

Cheapest Renters Insurance Companies in Montana

We surveyed five insurers in 33 cities across Montana to get an authoritative look at which renters insurance company has the best offers. We found that GEICO, at a yearly rate of $119, edged out State Farm for the title of least expensive renters insurance company statewide. However, State Farm was also very affordable, at an average of $124 per year. Furthermore, in 17 out of 33 cities, State Farm actually had the cheapest rate, so we always recommend shopping around to be sure you're paying your lowest price. The graph below shows our overall findings for the least expensive renters insurance companies in Montana.

Best Renters Insurance in Montana

The 5 Least Expensive Cities and Towns for Renters Insurance in Montana

1. Stevensville, MT

Stevensville is a town in western Montana, 30 miles south of Missoula and near the Idaho border. Stevensville is named in honor of Isaac Ingle Stevens, a governor of the former Washington Territory who was killed in the Civil War. The town is situated in between the Bitterroot and Sapphire Mountains, and is a common destination for hunting, fishing, and hiking.

Stevensville topped our list for cities with the cheapest renters insurance, at $166 annually, though it edged out our second-place city by only $0.27. The average quote we received was $16 less than the state average, a 9% difference. We found a difference of $113 between the least and most expensive insurers in Stevensville, so renters can save a lot of money by choosing their renters insurance carrier carefully.

Most Affordable Renters Insurance in Stevensville

2. Kalispell, MT (Tie)

Kalispell is a city in northwestern Montana, close to the Canadian border. Kalispell is popularly known as the gateway to Glacier National Park, as well as Whitefish Ski Mountain. It is the hometown of filmmaker Brad Bird and founder of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard. The name Kalispell is a Salish language word meaning "flat land above the lake."

Kalispell tied for second place in our cheapest renters insurance in Montana survey, coming in at an average cost of $166 and less than a dollar away from the top spot. The cheapest rate we found in Kalispell was from State Farm, at $115 annually. On the other hand, Farmers had the worst offer for Kalispell residents, as the company provided a quote of $229 for one year of renters insurance.

Most Affordable Renters Insurance in Kalispell

2. Libby, MT (Tie)

Libby is a city in northwestern Montana located along the Kootenai river and Kootenai National Forest. Libby features abundant wildlife, rugged terrain, and year-round outdoor activities. Libby is known as the City of Eagles due to the many eagles that can be seen in the area. It was formerly the home of a vermiculite mine—used to make asbestos—and a subsequent lawsuit from the ensuing damage to residents' health.

The city tied for second place in our study of best renters insurance rates in Montana, with an average annual cost of $166 for renters insurance. As with the other second-place finisher, Kalispell, Libby's top two least expensive options were State Farm, at a rate of $115 per year, and GEICO, at $119, so renters in Libby should look at these companies first to get their best offer.

Least Expensive Renters Insurance Companies in Libby

4. Plains, MT (Tie)

Plains is a town situated along the Clark Fork of the Columbia River in northwestern Montana. As its name suggests, Plains is on a wide-open flatland, but is surrounded on all sides by mountains, making the town popular for hiking, as well as fly fishing. The area is also popular for its hot springs.

Plains tied for fourth-cheapest in Montana, so residents can expect to pay about $167 per year for renters insurance. This is 8% less than the state average, representing a $14 annual savings. The most affordable option for Plains residents is State Farm, which provided a quote of $115 for one year of renters insurance coverage.

Cheapest Renters Insurance Companies in Plains

4. Polson, MT (Tie)

Polson, named for pioneer rancher David Polson, is a city in Montana located along the shores of Flathead lake. It is also on the Flathead Indian Reservation. Polson is a popular destination for lakeside tourism such as swimming and boating, as well as casino gaming. It is located near the Kerr Dam on the Flathead river, which keeps the depth of Flathead Lake consistent year-round.

Polson is tied for fourth among cities with the best renters insurance rates in Montana. Our research showed that the average cost for renters insurance is $167 per year. The best quote we received was $115 from State Farm, a 31% savings from the city average and one of the cheapest annual premiums we found overall. The two most expensive companies for renters insurance were Allstate, at $220 per year, and Farmers, at $225.

Best Prices for Renters Insurance in Polson

The 5 Most Expensive Cities and Towns for Renters Insurance in Montana

1. Browning, MT

Browning is a town in Montana, located on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. Browning is the largest town in the reservation, as well as the seat of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation's tribal government. Browning lies along the eastern edge of Glacier National Park, and is home to the Museum of the Plains Indian.

Browning hit the top of our list of priciest cities for renters insurance in Montana, at an average annual premium of $200. However, this is still only a 10% increase over the state mean. Browning was also the town with the greatest range of quotes, with a $256 difference between the most and least expensive options. This means it's especially important for Browning residents to compare policies from multiple insurers to find their best rates.

Most Affordable Renters Insurance Companies in Browning

2. Belgrade, MT (Tie)

Belgrade is a town in Montana, located 10 miles west of Bozeman. Belgrade was incorporated in 1906, and shares its name with the capital of Serbia, for which it was named. It is adjacent to Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, and is home to the Belgrade Special Events Center, an indoor sports stadium that has played host to numerous statewide sporting events.

Belgrade tied for second in our ranking of cities with the most expensive renters insurance, with a mean cost of $197 per year. However, despite being cheaper than only one other city in the state, renters insurance rates in Belgrade were still only 9% more expensive than the statewide average. The best insurance option for Belgrade renters was State Farm, which we found to charge $115 for an annual policy. This is $82 cheaper than the mean rate for Belgrade residents.

Lowest Cost Options for Renters Insurance in Belgrade

2. Butte, MT (Tie)

Butte is a city in southwestern Montana and the seventh-largest city by area in the United States. It was founded in 1864 as a mining camp, and had a thriving mining industry until the mid-20th century. It is famous for its historic downtown and luxurious Victorian homes, and is host to the annual Evel Knievel Days festival; Evel Knievel was a Butte native.

Based on our research, Butte tied for the second-most expensive city to purchase renters insurance in Montana. A renter can expect to pay an average of $197 each year to insure their apartment, though we received quotes as high as $358 from Allstate. State Farm and Geico both offered rates under $120 per year, meanwhile, so renters looking for their best deal should start with these companies.

Least Expensive Choices for Renters Insurance in Butte

4. Laurel , MT

Laurel is a city in Montana, located 15 miles from Billings. It was incorporated in 1906, and is named for the Laurel shrub, which is native to the area. It is on the road to Beartooth Highway, a scenic mountain drive that passes through Custer National Forest.

According to our research, Laurel was the fourth-most expensive city for insurance, with an average rate of $195 annually. The company with the best renters insurance rates in Laurel is GEICO, which provided us with a quote of $119 per year. This represents a 39% savings from the city average, and is only $4 more annually than the cheapest rate we found across the entire state.

Most Affordable Renters Insurance in Laurel

5. Glasgow, MT

Glasgow is a town in northeastern Montana, which originated as a stop on the Hi-Line railroad, which runs near the U.S.–Canada border. Glasgow has a notably remote location, as it is the town that is furthest from any major metropolitan area in the U.S. Glasgow is also famous for its retro-futuristic Googie architecture, which was built in the 1950s and 1960s.

Our study revealed that Glasgow has the fifth-most expensive renters insurance in the state of Montana, with a mean annual cost of $194. However, this is only a 7% difference from the state average of $181, and three out of the five quotes we received for Glasgow were for less than the state mean. Glasgow renters looking for their best deal should start with GEICO, as the company quoted a rate of $119, a $21 discount from the second-cheapest insurer, State Farm.

Low Cost Renters Insurance in Glasgow


To determine who has the most affordable renters insurance in Montana, we collected quotes from five renters insurance companies in the state for a sample policy with $30,000 worth of coverage. The insurers we polled were Allstate, Amica, Farmers, GEICO, and State Farm. We averaged the rates across cities to see which cities had the most and least affordable renters insurance rates. We also compared each insurer on a statewide basis to see which company was providing the best rates across Montana. Below, see our results for each of the 33 cities in Montana we surveyed, as well as how each city compared to the statewide average.

RankCityAverage Renters Insurance RateCost Compared to State Average
9Columbia Falls$172-5%
25Cut Bank$1884%
12Great Falls$176-3%
18Miles City$1831%
26Red Lodge$1926%
21Thompson Falls$1852%
15West Yellowstone$1810%
28Wolf Point$1947%
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