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Find out what to expect in a motorcycle insurance policy

We help you understand how motorcycle insurance can protect you and your ride.

Collision coverage

Motorcycle insurance can cover damage to your ride that's caused by contact with other vehicles or objects on the road.

Comprehensive coverage

If your bike is stolen, vandalized or hit by an animal, comprehensive coverage is available to pay your costs.

Property damage liability

The property damage part of a motorcycle insurance policy covers your responsibility for damage to someone else's vehicle or property.

Bodily injury liability

In accidents where you're liable, bodily injury protection pays for the medical costs of other motorists and passengers.

Choose from the best motorcycle insurance providers near you

Select your state to discover which local insurers we found delivering the best value for riders.

Get in-depth answers to your questions about motorcycle insurance

From state-by-state insurance requirements to helmet and license laws, we break down the details for your reference.

The average premium for motorcycle insurance is around $700, according to our nationwide analysis of quotes. Rates are affected by three main factors: the amount of coverage you ask for, the level and nature of risks in your area and the personal details that you provide. Read more

No single motorcycle insurance company is best for every rider, but there are generally two options. Major insurers like Progressive and GEICO offer standard motorcycle insurance, with discounts for bundling in your auto and homeowners insurance. Specialty insurers like Markel and Dairyland are more focused on providing more extensive coverage to dedicated riders. Read more

You can obtain the cheapest possible motorcycle insurance rates by buying the minimum coverage required in your state. Most states only require a small amount of liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage. However, this leaves your bike unprotected from collisions and other risks. Read more

Every state has its own laws, but it's generally harder to insure your bike if you don't have a valid motorcycle license or endorsement. Most insurers require proof of license in order to purchase coverage, and even ones that don't may treat you as a riskier customer and raise your premium. Read more

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