How Cities in Maryland Ranked Based on Car Insurance Costs

When it comes to auto insurance in the U.S, there are fifty states, each with their own rules and price. Maryland, the small, yet highly populated state has a wide range of auto insurance prices across its numerous cities. Our study of the Old Line state yielded an average cost of $1,317 per year for our profiled driver's car insurance, but can go as high as $2,302 per year to as low as $1,010 per year depending on location.

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Least Expensive Cities

The five least expensive cities can all be visited on an east to west eight hour road trip across Maryland. The five cities, mostly small to mid-sized, are away from the major cities, such as Baltimore--the most expensive city on our list. Frederick is the closest to Baltimore, about 40 miles, while Oakland is the furthest, about 150 miles away. Yearly premiums for our sample driver were between $1,010 and $1,317.

Graph showing how the top five least expensive cities in Maryland for auto insurance stack up


Hagerstown is the largest city in Western Maryland. Based on our sample driver's reslts, motorists from the city known for its stone quarries and limestone ridges should be happy to know that their city ranked in the top spot on our list. Our sample driver received a mean yearly quote of $1,010, making it the least expensive in the entire state.


Cumberland, historically known as the ‘Queen City’, is the seat of Allegany County. Our sample driver was quoted a mean yearly premium of $1,019, about 17% cheaper than the state average.


Frederick, the seat of Frederick County, has a population of nearly 67,000, and is the third least expensive place to get car insurance in Maryland. Our profiled driver from the town known for its breathtaking 19th century skyline reported a mean yearly premium of $1,046, about 11% less expensive than the state average.


Oakland is a town set in the middle of a small valley in the West-central part of Garret County. The tiny town has little over 2,000 residents with a population density of a little more than 800 residents per square mile. Our profiled Oaklander received a yearly premium of $1,068, making it the fourth least expensive in this study.


Easton, a corporate town and county seat of Talbot County, is home to 17,000 and the fifth least expensive town in Maryland for car insurance. Our sample driver was quoted a mean yearly premium of $1,106, about 17% less than the state average. 

Most Expensive Cities

As opposed to the least expensive cities, the most expensive cities could all be visited on a short two and a half hour loop in central Maryland. All of the cities are a mix of small and large cities, but are mostly suburbs of Baltimore, making them the most expensive spots for car insurance in Maryland. 

Graph showing how the top five most expensive cities in Maryland for auto insurance stack up


Home to over 600,000 residents, Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland. The famous port city is by far the most expensive city in our study. Our driver was quoted a mean premium of $2,302 per year, or about 75% more expensive than the state average and 32% more expensive than the second most expensive city. 


Home to 60,000 residents, Dundalk is Maryland’s largest unincorporated community. Our sample driver from the first inner-ring suburb of Baltimore had a mean premium of $1,742 per year. While relatively expensive compared to the rest of Maryland, it is still much cheaper than in Baltimore.

College Park 

College Park, home to the Terps of the University of Maryland is also the third most expensive place in this study. Our driver was quoted a mean yearly premium of $1,679.


Essex is an unincorporated community and census-designated place in Baltimore County and the fifth most expensive city on our list. Our driver from the small town less than 10 miles from Baltimore was quoted a yearly premium of $3,371. 


The small CDP suburb of Baltimore is the fifth most expensive city on our list. Our sample driver was quoted a yearly premium of $1,526, 59% cheaper than Baltimore itself, but 16% more expensive than the state average. 

How Cost Differs By Place In Maryland 

In this study we explored 39 cities and towns in Maryland and found the average rate for our sample driver to be $1,317 per year -- based on the profile of our sample driver, which we detail below.  

Rank CityAverage PremiumPercent Difference From Average 
1 Hagerstown $1,010 -23%
2 Cumberland $1,019 -23%
3 Frederick $1,046 -21%
4 Oakland $1,068 -19%
5 Easton $1,094 -17%
6 Ocean Pines $1,106 -16%
7 Denton $1,110 -16%
8 Chestertown $1,115 -15%
9 Cambridge $1,119 -15%
10 Stevensville $1,127 -14%
11 Princess Anne $1,137 -14%
12 Salisbury $1,137 -14%
13 Westminster $1,151 -13%
14 California $1,227 -7%
15 Columbia $1,263 -4%
16 Ellicott City $1,265 -4%
17 Severn $1,268 -4%
18 Annapolis $1,271 -4%
19 Chesapeake Beach $1,278 -3%
20 Glen Burnie $1,280 -3%
21 Bel Air $1,281 -3%
Average  $1,317 0%
22 Elkton $1,323 0%
23 Germantown $1,328 1%
24 Rockville $1,337 2%
25 Potomac $1,340 2%
26 Bethesda $1,346 2%
27 La Plata $1,382 5%
28 Gaithersburg $1,397 6%
29 Waldorf $1,397 6%
30 Edgewood $1,410 7%
31 Towson $1,427 8%
32 Bowie $1,452 10%
33 Silver Spring $1,487 13%
34 Laurel $1,523 16%
35 Wheaton $1,526 16%
36 Essex $1,590 21%
37 College Park $1,679 27%
38 Dundalk $1,742 32%
39 Baltimore $2,302 75%

How We Conducted This Study

We collected quotes from eight car insurance companies across the 39 towns and cities in Maryland, which we explored in this study. Our sample driver was a 30 year old male who drove a Toyota Camry. To obtain quotes, we kept parameters for getting coverage the same, such as that he was single, had a good credit score and a clean driving record. The only parameter that changed was the zip code where he lived. The amount of coverage we opted for gave our driver bit more than what is required of state minimums. Below you can see the state required limits as well as the coverage used in our study.

Coverage TypeMaryland MinimumStudy Limits 
Bodily Liability  $30,000 per person / $60,000 per accident   $50,000 per person/ $100,000 per accident
Property Damage  $15,000 per accident  $50,000 per accident 
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist BI $30,000 per person/ $60,000 per accident $50,000 per person/ $100,000 per accident 
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Property 
$15,000 per accident
$50,000 per accident 
Personal Injury Protection (PIP) $2,500 $2,500
Comprehensive & Collision None  $500 Deductible 

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