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Encompass Insurance Company provides customers with tiered coverage and a variety of add-on features for both homeowners and auto insurance, allowing them to purchase policies catered to their needs. Given its breadth of policy options and stellar customer service experience, we recommend looking into Encompass, especially if you're looking for a place to bundle all your insurance policies under one roof.

Good for
  • People looking to bundle all their insurance policies together
  • Younger drivers looking for competitive auto insurance rates
  • Shoppers seeking home insurance with a variety of coverage add-ons and features
Bad for
  • People looking for standalone homeowners insurance with minimal coverage
  • Older drivers looking for discount auto insurance
  • Customers looking to shop and manage the insurance process online

Encompass Insurance: Our thoughts

If you're looking for homeowners and auto insurance policies with a variety of features and optional coverage add-ons, Encompass will provide you with a wealth of policy options at decent rates. Encompass emphasizes bundling auto and homeowners insurance together and provides unique bonuses to encourage this approach, such as a single deductible for all claims.

Even if you're just shopping for standalone insurance policies, Encompass offers both homeowners and auto insurance policies with a high degree of customization. All plans include the standard coverage features you expect with these insurance policies, but you can also opt for different packages — Special, Deluxe and Elite — with varying amounts of add-on features. For example, only an Elite homeowners insurance policy provides coverage for water backup damage. Whatever your needs, Encompass can provide you with a way to balance your desired coverage with an appropriate price.

Encompass also has a decent customer service reputation. Particularly notable is its low level of customer complaints, as tracked by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) . However, the customer experience may seem old-fashioned compared to some other insurers. You cannot get an instant quote or manage the claims process online — you'll have to call an insurance agent or claims service phone number to handle those processes. Encompass isn't all offline, though: You can view your policy information and pay bills online if you login to its "MyEncompass" service.

Auto insurance takeaway: If you're a young driver, Encompass auto insurance rates are particularly competitive. Otherwise, its policy offering is fairly standard. Some unique features in its more expensive policies, such as enhanced accident forgiveness, stand out.

Homeowners insurance takeaway: Encompass homeowners insurance rates tend to be on the expensive side, but given its customizability, you may be able to increase or decrease coverage to find a balance you're comfortable with. The property location limit, which consolidates all your coverage limits into one number, is its standout feature.

EncompassOne Policy: Bundled home and auto insurance

Encompass does offer individual homeowners and auto insurance policies, but its competitive advantage lies in bundling those policies together as part of the EncompassOne package. However, EncompassOne packages are not available in Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina or Texas.

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The most notable feature of the bundled policy is its single deductible. This means if a covered peril damages both your home and and your car, you will only pay the highest individual deductible in the event you make a claim.

For example, say your current policy contains a $500 deductible for damage to your home and a $250 comprehensive deductible for damage to your car. If a thunderstorm damages your house and your automobile, you will only pay the $500 deductible under a single deductible policy.

Encompass auto insurance

Encompass offers typical auto insurance coverage, with the option to upgrade your coverage extensively with its optional-add ons, ranging from accident forgiveness to roadside assistance. Its policies have competitive rates for younger drivers, so its auto insurance may be of particular interest to recent high school or college graduates.

Encompass auto insurance quotes

Encompass auto insurance rates are particularly competitive for young drivers, but more expensive than average for everyone else.

Encompass had the cheapest rates for younger drivers measured against three major insurers. Encompass premiums were 36% lower than the closest competitor, Farmers Insurance, for males under 25 years old.

Conversely, Encompass was more expensive than competitors for adults and senior citizens. Prices can vary by location, and when shopping, you should always measure rates against other cheap auto insurance companies in your area.

Encompass Clean Quote

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Currently insured?
Male, under 25
Female, age 25-64
Male, 65+
State Farm$2,566$760$686

The discount for young drivers extends to higher-risk drivers, too. Encompass offers significantly discounted auto insurance rates compared to top national insurers. For example, considering the same sample young driver with an at-fault accident on their record, Encompass's quotes were 29% cheaper than those of State Farm. For more mature drivers, Encompass premiums tend to be more expensive — about in line with Farmers Insurance.

Encompass Accident Quote

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Currently insured?
Male, under 25
Female, age 25-64
Male, 65+
State Farm$2,925$918$837

Encompass auto insurance discounts

We were impressed with the range of discounts available from Encompass. Discount totals and availability will vary depending on your location, but if you're shopping for Encompass auto insurance, you should ask your agent about which of the following discounts you can qualify for.

How to get it
Safe drivingNo covered driver on your policy has had an at-fault accident in the past year.
Defensive driverYou successfully complete a defensive driving course approved by Encompass.
Future effective dateGet your policy issued a week or more before it comes into effect.
Encompass Easy PayYou'll get a discount for making automatic bill payments through the Encompass Easy Pay plan.
Good payerIncluded when you start your policy and continued if all your payments are on time for a year.
New CarYou're the first owner of your vehicle.
Anti-lock brakesYour vehicle has a two or four wheel anti-lock braking system.
Anti-theftYour vehicle has theft protection features such as active locks or VIN etching.
Passive restraint systemYour vehicle has factory-installed air bags or motorized automatic belt restraints.
HomeownerYou own a home, condo, townhouse or mobile home.
Good studentA covered student driver has a B average or better.
Driving trainingCovered drivers under 21 years old have completed a driver training course and have proven driving experience.
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Encompass also offers standard car insurance coverages including:

  • Bodily injury and property liability coverage
  • Collision and comprehensive coverage
  • Medical payments and personal injury protection

Encompass auto insurance coverages

Beyond standard coverages, Encompass insurance policies can be purchased as one of three packages with varying amounts of features added to your coverage: Special, Deluxe and Elite, with Elite packages providing the most comprehensive and expensive coverage. Outside the features included in the packages, you can also customize your policy with optional add-ons, though some features, such as unlimited accident forgiveness, are only available in the Elite policy.

How it works
New car replacementIf your car is under 4 model years old and is totaled in a covered loss, Encompass will replace it with a current model year car or a car of equivalent size and class. This is an optional add-on for all three packages.
Accident forgivenessThis prevents increased premiums after your first at-fault accident and is only available in Deluxe or Elite packages. If you purchase an Elite policy you can get enhanced accident forgiveness, meaning the add-on will apply to multiple at-fault accidents.
Loan/lease gap coverageThis coverage pays the difference between the current value of your car loan and what your car is worth if it is totaled. If your car is worth less than your outstanding loan, Encompass will make up the difference so you won't owe anything to your creditor. This add-on is optional for all three packages and requires you to have both comprehensive and collision insurance coverage.
Roadside assistance24/7 roadside assistance is available if your car breaks down or has some other mechanical issue. The add-on includes the Encompass Roadside App, which you can use to show Encompass your location and request assistance and is included in the Elite package or is an optional add-on for other packages.

Encompass specialty coverage

Encompass also provides additional insurance options if you have a specialty vehicle, like a motorcycle, recreational vehicle, or boat. If you're a boat or water vehicle owner, you may be able to bundle your boat insurance into an EncompassOne policy with your home or auto insurance. Check with an Encompass agent for possible discounts.

Encompass homeowners insurance review

While Encompass homeowners insurance rates can be expensive, its policy coverage options are considerable. Given its extensive standard features and variety of add-on benefits, owners of high-value homes are likely to be happy with the coverage options.

Encompass homeowners insurance quotes

Encompass homeowners insurance rates are expensive compared to competitors. We sampled homeowners insurance quotes in California and its premiums were higher than those of Farmers Insurance, Liberty Mutual and State Farm across a range of policy limits.

Encompass Home Quote

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Currently insured?
$200,000 Policy Limit
$350,000 Policy Limit
$500,000 Policy Limit
State Farm$847$1,369$1,926

Your specific homeowners insurance rate may differ greatly depending on your location, and you should measure your Encompass rates against other rates in your area.

Encompass Homeowners Insurance Features and Discounts

All Encompass homeowners insurance policies come with the standard features you'd expect from a HO-3 policy, but the insurer also offers three packages — Special, Deluxe and Elite — that come with varying amounts of features to enhance your policy.

One of the unique features available in both Deluxe and Elite homeowners policies is the property location limit. This feature allows you to pool coverage of all your property under a single limit, set at 200% of the replacement value of your home. This gives you rare flexibility to fully cover damage, whether it affects the structure of your building, personal belongings or another structure on your home. It contrasts with standard homeowners insurance policies that generally have different limits for different types of property.

For example, a standard policy might limit coverage of the structure of your home to its replacement value, say $500,000, and provide a separate limit of $350,000 covering contents of your home. This means if the contents of your home sustained $400,000 of damage, you would be on the hook for the remaining $50,000 in damage. Under the Encompass property location limit, all of your property is covered under a combined limit up to 200% of the replacement value of your home, in this example $1 million. This would easily cover $400,000 in damage to your personal belongings.

Along with the property location limit, we've highlighted some of the standout features of Encompass home insurance and whether they're included in different packages. With Encompass, even features common with other home insurers tend to have more generous coverage. For example, its coverage of additional living expenses for living outside your home has no specific dollar limit and will cover you for up to a year at a minimum.

Included in…
FeatureWhat is it?SpecialDeluxeElite
Property location limitCoverage for all property up to 200% of your home's valueNoYesYes
Additional Living ExpensesCoverage for expenses living outside your home if it's in an unlivable conditionYes, up to one yearYes, up to two yearsYes, no specific time limit
Homeowners association extension (HOA)Coverage for your share of HOA special assessment for a covered loss to common propertyYes, up to $1,000Yes, up to $5,000Yes, up to $50,000
Jewelry and furCoverage for some of your most valuable itemsYes, up to $1,500Yes up to $5,000Yes, up to $10,000
Water backupCoverage of water damage from sewer or sump pump backupOptionalOptionalYes
Identity fraudCovers $20,00 of expenses associated with identity fraudNoNoYes

Although availability may vary depending on your location, Encompass also provides some limited discount options:

  • Claim-free: If your residence has been claim free for five years it may be eligible for a 15% discount to your primary residence premium
  • Dwelling age: If your residence is less than 20 years old
  • Renovation: If your residence has updated home systems such as heating, cooling, plumbing or roof in the last 10 years
  • Protection devices: If your residence has fire alarms, burglar alarms or other safety devices
  • Homebuyer: If your residence is less than 49 years old and was purchased in the last five years you may be eligible for a discount up to 10% of your primary residence premium

Encompass homeowners insurance coverage

Regardless of whether you opt for a Special, Deluxe or Elite policy, at a minimum all packages include the standard policy features associated with a HO-3 policy.

Covered by Encompass homeowners insurance
Coverage details
Dwelling coverageCovers rebuilding or repairing your home’s structure in the event of a covered peril included separate structures on your residence premises, attached or unattached to your dwelling
Personal belongingsCovers damage or theft of the contents of your home
Additional living expensesCovers your cost of living up to at least a year if a covered loss makes your home uninhabitable
Personal liabilityCovers the costs of legal liability due to you or other covered persons on your policy due to personal injury, bodily injury or property damage
Medical expensesCovers medical expenses due to an injury on your property or an injury caused by a covered person in your policy

Encompass customer reviews and financial strength ratings

Encompass customers can look forward to stellar customer service for both auto and homeowners insurance. Encompass has NAIC complaint ratios of 0.42 and 0.64 for auto insurance and homeowners insurance, respectively, against a national median of 1.0. This means that Encompass receives fewer complaints than you'd expect given its size for both home and auto insurance.

It also performed decently in J.D. Power’s homeowners insurance survey, in which it received a rating of 3 out of 5 for overall customer satisfaction. Encompass was rated particularly well in feedback for its claims process, where it garnered full marks.

We did find Encompass's online experience to be outdated.. You cannot get a quote or file an insurance claim online, meaning these will have to be handled on the phone or by mail. If you're looking to make an Encompass insurance claim, you can contact its claim representatives through its phone number at 1-800-588-7400.

Those concerned with the financial strength of their insurer will be in safe hands with Encompass. As a subsidiary of Allstate, it’s backed by one of the largest home and auto insurance companies in the nation. Encompass operates through a number of underwriters with its brand name including Encompass Indemnity Company and Encompass Insurance Company of America. The largest of the Encompass underwriters measured by premiums written, Encompass Home and Auto Insurance Company, receives a financial strength rating of "A+" by A.M. Best, its second highest rating.


We collected car insurance quotes from Encompass and similar companies for a driver in McLennan County, Texas who owns a 2013 Toyota Camry. Sample drivers included a 25-year-old man and a man over age 65. We also averaged quotes for women between ages 25 to 64.

Home insurance quotes included $200,000, $350,000 and $500,000 in coverage with a $1,000 deductible. Quotes were for a homeowner in San Joaquin County, California living in a home between 7 to 15 years old.

All quotes used rate data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should only be used for comparison — your own quotes will be different.

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the author’s opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.