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Auto insurance rates can differ greatly based on a driver’s profile and which insurer they purchase a policy from. Based on our mix of five sample single and married drivers, we calculated the city’s annual average to be $2,590, from Northside to South Paterson. However, different companies will charge different rates for the same driver, so it is important for motorists to research the available options to find the best car insurance rates in Paterson. To get started, use the tool above and enter your zip code for a list of cheap companies.

Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies in Paterson

Our research analyzed auto insurance quotes from 38 companies for five different kinds of drivers and coverage to determine which companies had the cheapest auto insurance rates in Paterson. The five insurers that ranked with the lowest car insurance in Paterson were Plymouth Rock, Farmers, and CSAA. Rounding out the top five most affordable insurers are Norfolk & Dedham and Palisades Insurance.

Here we show which five companies ranked with the lowest auto insurance costs in Paterson, NJ out of the 38 surveyed.

Plymouth Rock is a regional insurer, while Farmers and CSAA are national providers. CSAA is only available to motorists who are a member of AAA; prospective members will have to pay annual dues. These three companies had an average annual premium of $1,252, which means a 52% decrease versus the city average.

Most Expensive Auto Insurance Companies

On the other hand, Personal Service Insurance, Harleysville and Electric topped our list with the three highest overall composite means for our five hypothetical drivers. Together, the three companies charged about $4,849 on average, which was about an 87% increase compared to the Paterson-wide mean.

List of Car Insurance Companies in Paterson

Below is a table ranking the companies by their average for our mix of five motorists, but not every driver fits the requirements of each insurer. For example, some specialty insurers on our list are USAA, California Casualty, and CSAA. USAA only writes insurance to members of the U.S. military, veteran, and their families; California Casualty only offers insurance to peace officers, educators, firefighters, and nurses, while CSAA has a primary basic membership fee of $60 - $122 a year.




Plymouth Rock$1,166






Norfolk & Dedham1,442


Palisades Insurance1,482


National General1,513


Tower Group1,513








Founders Insurance2,035




California Casualty*2,188








MAPFRE Insurance2,307












21st Century2,594




Selective Insurance2,676


Mercury Insurance2,703


Atlantic Employers2,863


Bankers Insurance2,863


State Farm2,995


Fireman's Fund3,242


IFA Auto Insurance3,460












Harleysville Insurance5,020


Personal Service Insurance5,175

*USAA, CSAA and California Casualty are all specialty companies that only insure drivers fitting certain qualifications.

Cheapest Auto Insurance by Driver Profile in Paterson

The study focused on auto insurance rates for five kinds of drivers: a single 23 year old man, a single 23 year old woman, an unmarried male age 35, a married couple between the ages of 30 and 49, and a married 65 year old couple. The table below shows who the five cheapest insurers for each profile out of the 35+ carriers reviewed. As you can tell

Example Profile

Cheapest Insurer #1Cheapest Insurer #2Cheapest Insurer #3
23 year old womanUSAA272Norfolk & Dedham367CSAA541

23 year old man

Farmers$1,279Plymouth Rock$1,459Foremost$1,777

35 year old man

Plymouth Rock984Palisades Insurance1,262Farmers1,293

Married couple, 30-49

Farmers1,686Plymouth Rock1,777National General1,829

Married couple, 65+

National General800Tower Group800Norfolk & Dedham820

Single 23 Year-Old Man

For a guy in his early 20s in Paterson, the cheapest car insurers were Farmers, Plymouth Rock, Foremost, CSAA, and Palisades Insurance based on rates. Young men typically fall into a category of drivers that insurers consider to be high risk, and their quotes are correspondingly high. In our analysis, the average annual rate for young males in their early 20s was $3,299. However, if our males in this group insured with one of the cheapest companies, they might be able to save 50% and get more affordable insurance under $1,700.

In this graph, we show and compare the most affordable rates from five auto insurers to the Paterson mean for a young man in his early 20s

Single 23 Year-Old Female

The least expensive auto insurance companies for a young woman in her early 20s are USAA, Norfolk & Dedham, CSAA, Plymouth Rock, and PURE. This profiled driver was quoted an average annual premium of $1,291. Compared to her 23 year old male peer, this rate is actually much lower because younger women are statistically less costly to insure by carriers. However, if you’re looking for more ways to save on car insurance, choosing one of the cheapest companies may allow drivers to cut their costs in half and pay less than $500 a year.

This graph shows where a young woman in her early 20s can find some of the lowest auto insurance rates in Paterson, NJ

Single 35 year-old Man

The auto insurance companies with the lowest costs for a single male in his mid-30s were Plymouth Rock, Palisades Insurance, Farmers, Norfolk & Dedham, and National General. Our sample singles in this category pay an average annual premium of $2,460 for a standard policy with $100,000 / $300,000 in bodily injury coverage for their Ford Taurus. Meanwhile if they insure with one of the more affordable options, drivers can potentially lower their auto insurance rates by 48%, a savings of almost $1,200.

In this chart, we show out of 38 carriers who were the cheapest car insurance carriers for our sample 35 year old driver in Paterson

Married Couple 30-49 Year-Old

Based on our data, we recommend that married couples between the age 30 and 49 to consider getting quotes from Farmers, Plymouth Rock, National General, Tower Group, and Norfolk & Dedham. That’s because the married couple in our research found their most affordable auto insurance rates in Paterson with these five carriers. They received an average annual rate of $3,946. However, if they insure with one of the five cheapest insurers, they will be able to save 54% and pay less than $2,000 a year, letting couples keep more money in their pocket.

In this chart, we rank the five companies with the cheapest auto insurance rates in Paterson for a married middle-aged couple versus the mean.

Married Couple 65+ Years-Old

Our example senior citizen couple paid an annual average rate of $1,953 living and driving in Paterson. However, if they switch to one of these five companies, National General, Tower Group, Norfolk & Dedham, Farmers, or CSAA, the two may be able to pay some of the cheapest rates to insure their vehicle. They could spend less than $900 a year for a good amount of liability coverage, allowing drivers to keep more money in the bank. It is especially important for mature drivers to shop and compare quotes if they live on fixed incomes because insurers can charge a wide range for their coverage.

Displayed here are five options in Paterson for married mature couples that have affordable auto insurance rates


We got quotes for our five sample drivers across 38 insurers in the state of New Jersey. These drivers shared a limited right to sue, which lowered their rates, and were great drivers (had no violations or accidents in the past three years). Our married couple between the age 30 and 49, had a multi-car policy (2012 Ford Taurus SE and 2010 Chrysler Town & Country LX), while the other profile drivers in our study had a one car policy. Both of our young drivers own a 2007 Buick Lacrosse CX, while our mature couple drove a 2012 Ford Taurus SE. The table below details the liability coverages of each profile.

  • Single male, age 23: $25,000 Personal Injury Protection coverage with $250 deductible, 15/30/5 liability insurance, as well as Uninsured Motorists coverage in the same limits. He also purchased both coverages of physical damage insurance, both with a $750 deductible.
  • Single female, age 23: purchased a Basic Policy, which includes $5,000 Property Damage coverage, and $15,000 Personal Injury Protection.
  • Single male, age 35/Married Couple, age 30-49/Married Couple, age 65+: all three policies included 100/300/25 Liability insurance and Uninsured Motorists coverage, Personal Injury Protection of $25k (with $250 deductible), and both Comprehensive and Collision coverage with a $750 deductible.

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