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How Cities in Colorado Ranked Based on Car Insurance Costs

One of the most important factors that determine your car insurance rates is where you live and garage your car. Colorado, an expansive, but relatively sparsely populated state has much less discrepancy in its rates between different areas. With only a few pockets of heavy population density, the dollar cost difference between the most expensive and cheapest cities is $457 or 28% for the sample 30-year old male driver we studied. 

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Least Expensive Cities

The least expensive cities for car insurance in Colorado are generally located from counties away from its densely populated center. The mid-northern county, Larimer, has four representatives in the top five least expensive and one from the southwestern county of La Plata.


Fort Collins

Fort Collins is the most populous municipality in Larimer County with about 150,000 residents and is the cheapest city in the Centennial state. A solid 60 miles from Denver, residents can enjoy an easy average commute time of only 19.3 minutes. Our profile driver had a yearly average premium of $1,168, which nabbed Fort Collins the top spot in our study of Colorado cities.


The City of Loveland is Larimer County’s City of Art. Home to foundries, museums, shows, and many artists, the city has a population of over 70,000. Lovelanders have slightly longer commute time than Fort Collins residents, 23.9 minutes, and pay about 4% more in premiums. Our profiled 30 year old driver saw an average rate of $1,173 per year.


Our third spot in Larimer County, albeit one of the smallest, is the third most cost effective in Colorado. Based on the data points we collected for our sample driver, annual costs here came out to $1,214 per year. 


Durango is the most populous municipality in the La Plata County with nearly 18,000 residents. Nestled in the Asimas River Valley, residents of the city have a short average commute time of only 14.3 minutes. Costs here were the fourth most affordable for our 30-year old male driver - about $1,192 per year. 


Windsor’s population numbers 20,000 strong, and it ranks as the fifth cheapest city in Colorado in our analysis. Windsor, a home rule municipality in the cusp of the counties Larimer and Weld, offers an average city commute of 23.6 minutes. Our sample driver had an average yearly rate of $1,214, about 18% more expensive than Durango. 

Most Expensive Cities

In contrast to the least expensive cities, the most expensive places in our study are generally Colorado's largest cities. This holds true for three of the top five. The remaining two cities instead being from the southern and eastern parts of the state, away from its heavily populated center. 



The capital of Colorado is number one in population as well as number one in our study. The 630,000 citizens of the "Mile High" city experience on average a commute time of 24.3 minutes, and should expect relatively high premiums compared to living elsewhere in CO. Our sample driver was quoted an average of $1,625 per year for his hypothetical coverage, which came out to be 39% more expensive than the average for Fort Collins. 


A municipality that spans Arapahoe and Adams Counties, with its southern tip extending into Douglas County, Aurora is another of Colorado's most populated cities with a total of 330,000 residents. The study's thirty year old male Auroran could expect to pay about $1,583, generally speaking. The 26.5% decrease compared to Denver is the largest incremental price decrease amongst the top five most expensive cities.

Commerce City

Commerce City is an Adams County municipality with a general public of more than 48,000 people. The city, known for its Colorado Rapids MLS team as well as its large oil refinery, is the third most expensive. Our sample driver was quoted an average $1,577 per year -- about 3.8% less than Aurora. 


Pueblo, the largest city in Pueblo County, has a recorded populace of over 107,000 residents. Despite the city's main transportation being a series of dedicated bus lines and an average 17.6-minute commute time, it is still home to the fourth most expensive insurance in Colorado. Our profiled driver got an average quote of $1,567 per year. Citizens of Pueblo are not likely to fret however, as according to the 2014 Cost of Living Index, Pueblo is the sixth cheapest city to live in the U.S. 


The Burlington Municipality, home to over 4,000, ranks first in population count in the relatively small county of Kit Carson. The small city only gives its residents an average 7.9-minute commute time, but is still fifth most expensive with an average quote of $1,456 per year. 

How Cost Differs in Colorado By Place 

For this study we analyzed 66 different Colorado towns and cities, and found the average auto insurance premium was $1,356 a year for our sample driver. The biggest difference from the average in either direction was 17% -- registered by Denver.

RankingCityAverage Percent Difference from State Average
1 Fort Collins $1,168 16%
2 Loveland $1,173 16%
3 Laporte $1,182 15%
4 Durango $1,192 14%
5 Windsor $1,214 12%
6 Berthoud $1,220 11%
7 Grand Junction $1,223 11%
8 Greeley $1,226 11%
9 Johnstown $1,239 9%
10 Longmont $1,244 9%
11 Montrose $1,257 8%
12 Lafayette $1,264 7%
13 Delta $1,268 7%
14 Paonia $1,272 7%
15 Gunnison $1,299 4%
16 Frederick $1,299 4%
17 Boulder $1,299 4%
18 Canon City $1,300 4%
19 Alamosa $1,300 4%
20 Estes Park $1,312 3%
21 Salida $1,315 3%
22 Parker $1,321 3%
23 Saguache $1,323 3%
24 Castle Rock $1,326 2%
25 Buena Vista $1,326 2%
26 Littleton $1,333 2%
27 Broomfield $1,338 1%
28 Granby $1,342 1%
29 Cortez $1,342 1%
30 Bayfield $1,344 1%
31 Mancos $1,346 1%
State Average  $1,356 0%
32 Telluride $1,357 0%
33 Steamboat Springs $1,370 1%
34 Fort Lupton $1,370 1%
35 Brush $1,371 1%
36 Arvada $1,372 1%
37 Colorado Springs $1,375 1%
38 Pagosa Springs $1,375 1%
39 Aspen $1,375 1%
40 Vail $1,378 2%
41 Brighton $1,378 2%
42 Monument $1,380 2%
43 Fort Morgan $1,380 2%
44 Snowmass $1,384 2%
45 Carbondale $1,388 2%
46 Westminster $1,391 2%
47 Craig $1,393 3%
48 Sterling $1,401 3%
49 Englewood $1,413 4%
50 Julesburg $1,425 5%
51 Limon $1,427 5%
52 Trinidad $1,430 5%
53 Holyoke $1,430 5%
54 La Junta $1,433 5%
55 Golden $1,433 5%
56 Wheat Ridge $1,435 5%
57 Leadville $1,438 6%
58 Akron $1,444 6%
59 Woodland Park $1,447 6%
60 Las Animas $1,449 6%
61 Lamar $1,456 7%
62 Burlington $1,456 7%
63 Pueblo $1,567 13%
64 Commerce City $1,577 14%
65 Aurora $1,583 14%
66 Denver $1,625 17%

How We Conducted This Study 

We collected quotes from 12 auto insurance companies across 66 cities and towns in Colorado for a 30 year old male sample driver. To obtain quotes, we kept parameters for getting coverage the same, such as marital status, credit score, car driven and a clean driving record. The only parameter that changed was the zip code where he lived. The amount of coverage we gave the driver was also a bit better than state minimums. Below you can see the state required limits as well as the coverage used in our study:

Coverage TypeColorado MinimumStudy Limits 
Bodily Liability  $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident   $50,000 per person/ $100,000 per accident
Property Damage  $15,000 per accident  $50,000 per accident 
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist BI None  $50,000 per person/ $100,000 per accident 
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Property 
$50,000 per accident 
Personal Injury Protection (PIP) None  None 
Comprehensive & Collision None  $500 Deductible 

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