Infinity Auto Insurance Review


Infinity Auto Insurance Review

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Infinity Auto Insurance Company is a non-standard auto insurance provider that mainly writes policies through independent agencies and brokers. We would recommend drivers living in Arizona, California, Florida, or Texas, to look into Infinity if you have less than perfect driving history and are just looking to get the state minimum coverage while keeping annual insurance premium costs low. It has a unique design of policy features that allows consumers to take further control of their car insurance costs. However, we recommend that consumers compare quotes with other non-standard insurance providers before making a decision – Infinity seemed to be slightly pricier than other non-standard insurers for the few drivers we looked at. If you are not sure if you need a non-standard auto insurance policy - or high risk auto insurance - check out our "High Risk Auto Insurance" article to understand more.

What we like best about Infinity:

  • Major player within the non-standard auto insurance market
  • Tiered Policy Coverage that gives drivers low-cost choices based on extent of coverage chosen
  • Cheap roadside service program available nationwide: Infinity DriverClub®

Considerations about Infinity:

  • Limited availability: as of 2015, it only writes new business in four states
  • Higher than average amount of complaints on claim payouts

Table of Contents:

Infinity Auto Insurance Quote Comparison

How does Infinity’s policy premium fare, compared with other non-standard auto insurance providers, or a standard auto insurance company? Overall, Infinity is an affordable insurance provider for higher-risk drivers, but it may not be the most economical choice within the non-standard auto insurance market. We used rate data from our California auto insurance study to compare the cost of insurance among 8 different driver profiles, and across 3 other car insurance companies. Note that, all drivers operate a 2010 Toyota Camry.

Driver Profile

InfinityWestern GeneralMercuryNationwide

Single Male, age 31


Single Male, age 45


Single Male, age 19


Single Female, age 31


Single Female, age 45


Single Female, age 19


Married Couple, late 20s


Married Couple, mid 60s


Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Infinity vs. other non-standard car insurer: However, when compared with other non-standard car insurance providers, in our case Western General and Mercury, Infinity appears to be more costly than both for drivers of all profiles. Our single 19 year-old male driver found his Infinity quote to cost 50% more than Western General, and 39% higher than Mercury.

Infinity vs. standard auto insurer: Infinity is more affordable for higher-risk drivers – such as single 19-year-old drivers, than Nationwide, a standard auto insurance provider we have used for the purpose of comparison. While both married and single drivers aged 30 and above find Nationwide cheaper than Infinity, single 19 year-old drivers, who are considered higher-risk for their age and limited driving experience, will find Infinity much more affordable.

Our Infinity Car Insurance Review

Our review of Infinity’s private passenger car insurance consists of highlights on both its policies and services that we thought consumers should know about (unique to us). Immediately below, you will find a map of Infinity’s national coverage. Its coverage states have changed since 2014, so check it out to see if it is still available in your state.

Infinity Coverage Map

Infinity focuses its private passenger auto business within 7 states. However, in its 2014 annual report, it declared that it will cease selling new auto insurance policies in three of these “focus states” – while maintaining renewal business there – and focus operation in the remaining four. For consumers living outside of any of these 4 focus states, entering your zip code into Infinity’s online quoting system will take you to Answer Financial, an auto insurance shopping agency, for other available insurers in your state.

States where Infinity is available for new customers (blue): Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas

States with renewal policies only: Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania

This map shows the states that Infinity directly underwrites auto insurance in.

Auto Insurance Policy Coverage: MyChoice™

Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas consumers will find Infinity policies’ coverage as complete as any other standard insurer, with the addition of a special perk: Infinity MyChoice™. Basically, Infinity offers three-tiered policies within 6 of its focus states (with the exception of California), giving consumers a choice of different coverage limits and control over their policy’s cost. A Low-Cost Policy (economy)& feature is for drivers who wish to meet the state’s minimum financial responsibility requirement with the lowest possible cost; a Value-Added Policy& (standard)& feature is for drivers who wish to get a broader coverage to protect their assets, while still keeping cost low; finally, a Premier& Policy& (deluxe)& feature is for drivers with clean driving records looking for higher limits as well as broader coverage.&

Opting for a higher-tier feature costs about 3% more (about $70 a year difference for a sample 30 year-old single male driver with one $500+ at fault accident within 3 years) yet the coverage limits are greatly improved. Below is a table to show you these three types of features’ coverage difference:


Covered PersonLiability CoveragePhysical Damage Coverage (when applicable)Additional or Replacement Vehicle


Named insured and their spouseOnly the insured vehicle(s)Total costs of repairs made at an RSVP auto repair shop20 days automatic liability & physical damage coverage


Named insured and their spouse, residents, relatives, non-resident driversNon-owned, rental, and temporary substitute vehiclesRental vehicle used a temporary substitute for a covered vehicle30 days automatic liability & physical damage coverage


Named insured and their spouse, residents, relatives, non-resident drivers using the covered vehicle with the named insured's permissionNon-owned, rental, and temporary substitute vehiclesNon-owned, rental, and temporary substitute vehicles30 days automatic liability & physical damage coverage

Service Highlight: Infinity DriverClub® & RSVP

Although Infinity relies heavily on independent agencies and brokers, it now has a mobile app that allows policyholders to make payments, review electronic policy ID card, make inquiries, and most importantly, access the DriverClub® service. In short, DriverClub® is Infinity’s national emergency roadside service program, and we found that it may be cheaper than most other towing service available. The best part is, you don’t have to be an Infinity policyholder to use it.

Infinity DriverClub®: 1 (855) 687 - 4611

Sign up for free with the Infinity DriverClub® program, and drivers may use its 24/7 roadside service, nationwide, at lower than average rates. Below is a towing cost comparison between Infinity’s DriverClub® and another towing service provider (this one operates in California) across different mileages:

Mileage Towed

Infinity DriverClub®Affordable Towing








This graphic shows the costs associated with the Infinity DriverClub program

Repair Satisfaction Vehicle Program (RSVP): Using one of the Infinity preferred repair shops and service centers will ensure that the insured driver is covered for total repair cost (varied by policy feature as well as state). Policyholders will be able to find a participating RSVP shop in each of the 7 states Infinity operates in through their website.

Industry Reviews of Infinity Auto Insurance

The financial rating of Infinity Insurance Company is excellent (a combined evaluation of the Infinity Auto Insurance Company as well as the overall Infinity Property & Casualty Corporation), however it has more than average amount of complaint submitted (1 being the average). Nevertheless, this is expected of a non-standard insurer, and compared to other non-standard auto insurance providers, Infinity’s complaint rating is just average.



A.M. Best


NAIC Complaint Ratio


Rank among Top 100 Companies by Net Premiums Written


Infinity Claims

To file an Infinity auto insurance claim, policyholders may choose to either use their online Infinity account (requires separate step of registration), or call the 24/7 service number. For third-party claims, all filing must be made through the service number.

Online Login: Log into your Infinity account to view your policy and current claim status, or past claim information online

Phone Number: 1 (800) 334 – 1661

Report new claim or accident:

  • Press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish
  • Press 1 to report an accident or for existing claims
  • Press 1 for new claim/accident
    • Press 1 for policyholder enter policy number
    • Press 2 for non-policyholder connects to agent

Check status of existing claim:

  • Press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish
  • Press 1 to report an accident or for existing claims
  • Press 2 for existing claim
    • Press 1 for policyholder enter policy number
    • Press 2 for non-policyholder connects to agent

Infinity Discounts & Fees

Compared to other major auto insurers, we found that Infinity does not offer many discount options, and the amount of these discounts vary by coverage as well as the driver’s state of residence. Find the table of discount details below; below it, you will also find a table of Infinity policy fees, such as the cost of adding an SR-22 and reinstatement fee.

Discount Type

Discounted CoverageDiscount %

Advanced Quote*

BI, PD, Comp, Coll, MED, UMBI2% (1% on MED, UMBI)


BI, PD, Comp, Coll, MED2 (1 on MED)


BI, PD, Comp, Coll, MED, UMBI5 - 8 on BI, PD, Comp, and Coll; 10 on MED, UMBI

Mobile Homeowners

Comp, MED, UMBI4 on Comp; 5 on MED, UMBI


BI, PD, Comp, Coll, MED, UMBIup to 38


BI, PD, Coll, Comp, MEDup to 15

Switch & Save

Allup to 15
  • doesn’t apply if at least one driver on the policy is under 19 ** varies by state and coverage. Check with your agent to verify.

While Infinity insures higher-risk drivers at lower-than-standard rates, there are established fees that apply when the insured drivers lapse on payments, require a SR22, and other circumstances. Below is a table of the known late fees and other fees that we thought consumers should take note of:


Installment Fees - Semi Annual$9

Installment Fees - Annual


Late Fees




Rewrite Fee


Reinstatement Fee


Installment Fees - EFT


SR22 Fee


Processing Fee


About Infinity Property and Casualty Corporation

One of the first insurance companies to enter the non-standard auto insurance market, Infinity Auto Insurance Company is a subsidiary company of the Infinity Property and Casualty Corporation, headquartered in Alabama. As part of the market segmentation strategy, it focuses operation on the Hispanic and urban consumers of 20 urban markets within 7 states. Infinity has about 19,000 employees in total, and relationships with around 12,500 independent agencies and brokers. The Corporation has been public since 2003.

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