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How Cities in Nebraska Ranked Based on Car Insurance Costs


Five Least Expensive Places
Five Most Expensive Places
Full List of Cities Studied
How We Conducted the Study

Even when you are buying the same exact amount of car insurance coverage, companies can charge different rates depending on where you live in Nebraska. We obtained quotes for a sample Nebraskan driver to study the variation, and found that costs can range by 29% between the most expensive (South Sioux City, NE) and the most affordable place (Wahoo, NE). For our sample driver, that means a difference of $286 a year. 

Five Least Expensive Places
Five Most Expensive Places
Full List of Cities Studied
How We Conducted the Study

Least Expensive Places

The five cities where our sample driver received his lowest quotes ranged in population, but are all located in the Eastern half of the state. Our sample driver saw costs that were 5-15% lower in these five spots compared to his Nebraska state mean. The graph below depicts the city standings and how much our drivers' average annual rates were lower than the state average.

Least expensive Nebraska cities for car insurance

Wahoo, NE

Home to 4,500 residents, Wahoo is the least expensive place in Nebraska in our study. Our driver in Wahoo saw rates that were typically 15% lower, meaning that he paid $170 less than the Nebraska mean. Wahoo is named after the eastern wahoo, a shrub that can be found on Wahoo Creek. 

Lincoln, NE

Lincoln is the second most populated city in Nebraska and the capital of the state. It also ranks as the second most affordable city based on our driver's quotes. Rates that were 10%, or $118, lower than the state average for the profile we studied.

Waverly, NE

In Waverly, our driver saw quotes that were 10% beneath the state average, which is an annual difference of $118. Waverly is home over 3,000 residents and was named after the novel, Waverley, by Walter Scott. 

Norfolk, NE

The next place on our list of least expensive cities in Nebraska is Norfolk, where our driver saw rates that were $60, or 5%, less than the state average. The economy here depends on retail, agriculture, manufacturing, and services. 

Hastings, NE

Hastings rounds out our five most affordable cities list with rates were 5% below the state average. If our driver lived here, that would translate to a cost difference of $59. This city is home to 25,000 residents and is also the birthplace of the powdered Kool-Aid drink mix. 

Most Expensive Places

Most of these expensive cities for auto insurance in Nebraska were located in the Nebraska Panhandle with the exception of South Sioux City. For our motorist living in these cities, rates could range from 7-10% higher compared to the state benchmark - a difference of $41 a year. The graph below shows the cities’ average annual cost of insurance for our study's motorist, as well as how much it differs from the state average.

Most expensive Nebraska cities for car insurance

South Sioux City, NE

South Sioux City is home to over 13,000 people spread over 6 square miles. It ranks as the most expensive place on our list for our driver. Costs for insuring our profiled car were 10%, or $116, higher than the state average for his costs. 

Scottsbluff, NE

Scottsbluff was named after a steep hill known as the Scotts Bluff National Monument. Our driver living here paid 7% more than the state average, which means his rates were $83 above the Nebraska mean. 

Sidney, NE

Next on our list is Sidney. Sidney was named after the president of the Union Pacific Railroad, Sidney Dillon. Costs here were $80 more than the state average for our driver. In other words, his rates were 7% higher compared to the Nebraska benchmark.

Alliance, NE 

A famous attraction in Alliance is Carhenge, a sculpture of England’s Stonehenge made with gray spray painted cars. Our sample driver here saw rates that were 7% higher than the state average; in terms of dollars, that amounted to $77 more than the typical Nebraskan city.

Kimball, NE

The last place on our most expensive list is Kimball. Our driver here had rates that were 7%, or $75, higher than the state average. Kimball is the county seat of Kimball County and was named after a railroad official, Thomas Kimball.

How Costs Differ in Nebraska by Place

We looked at 41 cities and found the state average to be $1,152 a year based on our male sample driver. Depending on where he lived, the cost could be 15% lower than to 10% higher than the Nebraska benchmark. The table below is a list of the 41 cities ranked from least expensive to most expensive:

RankCityAverage Annual Rate% Rate Difference from State Average
1 Wahoo $982 -15%
2 Lincoln 1,034 -10%
3 Waverly 1,034 -10%
4 Norfolk 1,092 -5%
5 Hastings 1,093 -5%
6 Grand Island 1,095 -5%
7 York 1,097 -5%
8 Columbus 1,102 -4%
9 Kearney 1,111 -4%
10 Omaha 1,112 -3%
11 Aurora 1,126 -2%
12 Neligh 1,127 -2%
13 Seward 1,127 -2%
14 Creighton 1,137 -1%
15 Fremont 1,138 -1%
16 West Point 1,138 -1%
17 Papillion 1,142 -1%
18 Nebraska City 1,143 -1%
20 North Platte 1,150 0%
21 Blair 1,153 0%
22 Superior 1,154 0%
23 Lexington 1,158 1%
24 Beatrice 1,160 1%
25 Wauneta 1,160 1%
26 Ashland 1,164 1%
27 Cozad 1,166 1%
28 Tekamah 1,166 1%
29 Gothenburg 1,167 1%
30 Ralston 1,170 2%
31 Cambridge 1,172 2%
32 Bellevue 1,174 2%
33 McCook 1,203 4%
34 Broken Bow 1,214 5%
35 Ord 1,219 6%
36 Imperial 1,226 6%
37 Burwell 1,227 7%
38 Kimball 1,227 7%
39 Alliance 1,229 7%
40 Sidney 1,232 7%
41 Scottsbluff 1,235 7%
42 South Sioux City 1,268 10%

How We Conducted the Study & Minimum Coverage Requirements

To perform this study, we collected 630 auto insurance quotes from 15 companies across the state for our sample driver, who was a single 30 year old male. The insurance coverage is for a 2011 Toyota Camry, which he uses to commute to and from work, averaging 12,000 miles a year. For this driver, we obtained rates and only varied where he lived. Insurance costs vary by the amount of coverage a motorist chooses to purchase. For our study, the amount of coverage remained constant and was more than enough to cover Nebraska’s required limits.

Coverage TypeState Requirement LimitsStudy Assumption
Bodily Injury Liability $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident $50,000 per person / $100,000 per accident
Property Damage $25,000 per accident $50,000 per accident
Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident $50,000 per person / $100,000 per accident
Collision / Comprehensive Deductible Optional $500 deducitble

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