Car Insurance in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids is Michigan's second largest city and the biggest in the western portion of the state. Though cheaper than most cities around Detroit, car insurance in Grand Rapids is expensive compared to nationwide averages. Luckily, there are ways to find a great deal. We took a look at numerous quotes from several companies, to see who had the most affordable car insurance in Grand Rapids.

Cheapest Auto Insurance in Grand Rapids, MI

Using a sample 30-year-old-male driver we got quotes from 22 companies to see who had the best rates in Grand Rapids. Overall, MetLife was the cheapest, costing a bit less than twice the city average. The graph below shows the five best car insurers and how they relate to the city's average price. 

Graph shows the five cheapest insurers in Grand Rapids Michigan

The companies listed above may not be the ones you typically expect to see. The more well known auto insurers like State Farm and Allstate were actually some of the more expensive options in Grand Rapids. You can see the top ten insurers for our sample 30-year-old driver in Grand Rapids below. 

CompanyYearly Rate
MetLife $996
Hastings Mutual $1,284
Pioneer State Mutual $1,452
Chubb $1,536
MEEMIC $1,728
Auto Owners $1,752
Frankenmuth $2,016
SECURA $2,112
Nationwide $2,244
Millers $2,244

Car Insurance Agents and Agencies in Grand Rapids

Below you can see a few auto insurance agents and agencies in the Grand Rapids area. Some companies require you purchase a plan through an agent, while other companies can be purchased exclusively online.

Compass Insurance Agency 525 Ottawa Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, United States
Stedman Insurance Agency Inc. 508 28th St SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49509, United States
Allstate Insurance: The Lange Agency, LLC 2055 28th St SE Ste 16, Grand Rapids, MI 49508, United States
Maria Erazo Farmers Insurance 2435 Eastern Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49507, United States
Lifetime Insurance Services 250 Monroe Ave NW #400, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, United States
L A Insurance 805 28th St SE #1, Grand Rapids, MI 49508, United States
State Farm Insurance: Bill Cole 2143 Wealthy St SE, East Grand Rapids, MI 49506, United States
State Farm: Mike Garner 2517 Burton St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546, United States
State Farm: Danielle Rowland 77 Monroe Center St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, United States
Steenland Insurance Agency 975 3 Mile Rd NW # 1, Grand Rapids, MI 49544, United States

Car Insurance Requirements

In Grand Rapids, as the rest of Michigan, you need to carry a  minimum amount of car insurance. As a no-fault state, personal injury protection (PIP) is required. Michigan also mandates all drivers hold personal property insurance (PPI). Below you can see all the required limits for car insurance in Michigan

Type of CoverageLimits
Bodily Injury Liability (BI) $20,000 per person/ $40,000 per accident
Property Damage Liability (PD) $10,000 per accident
Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Unlimited
Property Protection Insurance (PPI) Up to $1 million 

Personal Injury Protection 

Personal Injury Protection ensures that if you are injured in a car accident, you will be able to pay your medical bills. You get payment even if you caused the accident. PIP is unique in Michigan because it is unlimited. What that means is your hospital bills can reach any value, and PIP will continue to pay for them. PIP will also cover any lost wages due to disability for up to three years. The obvious downside to mandatory unlimited PIP is that it makes rates more expensive. To reduce your premium however, you may coordinate your health insurance plan with your PIP. If you choose to do so, your health plan will cover all of your injuries while PIP will cover lost wages. Unfortunately, if you are on Medicaid or Medicare, you won't be able to coordinate.

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