Best Car Insurance Rates in Oregon

We looked at car insurance quotes across 59 cities and 12 insurers in Oregon, and found the average cost of an auto insurance policy to be $1,371--for the driver we sampled. Our analysis also revealed that the most expensive provider cost 3.9x as much as the cheapest auto insurance company in Oregon. The cheapest company in Oregon had quotes that were 41% below the state mean for our same sampled driver. Cities in the state fell between these rates, ranging from $1,204 in Clackamas as the most affordable city to $2,429 in Wilsonville. That's why drivers looking for the cheapest insurance for their cars should shop around for quotes from at least three companies before deciding. Enter your zip code above to see a list of companies underwriting in your neighborhood.


Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Oregon

To find the cheapest car insurance in Oregon, we compared quotes from 12 companies for one typical driver in the state. We found that Country, Progressive, Mutual of Enumclaw, Oregon Mutual, and Grange Insurance Association were the five carriers with the best rates for insuring a vehicle. Our motorist saw an average quote for a full coverage policy for their Toyota to be about $957 a year among these companies, which was a 30% savings compared to the state mean.

This graph shows the companies our two drivers found the cheapest car insurance quotes in Oregon for their vehicles.

Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

Currently Insured?
RankAuto Insurance CompanyAverage Annual Rates
3Mutual of Enumclaw$997
4Oregon Mutual$1,044
5Grange Insurance Association$1,045
7State Farm$1,155
9American Family$1,476

Best Car Insurance Rates in Oregon: by City

To determine who had the best auto insurance rates on a more hyperlocal level, we ranked annual rates from 12 companies in each city. The three providers with the lowest rates were determined to have the best rates; we suggest that consumers looking to save on their car insurance should include at least these three companies when they're shopping for quotes. The dollar figure represents that average of quotes for our 30 year old single male driver for a year's worth of full coverage protection.

CityAuto Insurance CompanyAverage Annual Rates
Mutual of Enumclaw$900
Mutual of Enumclaw$852
Oregon Mutual$948
Baker CityCountry$708
Mutual of Enumclaw$888
Oregon Mutual$996
Grange Insurance Association$1,092
Mutual of Enumclaw$852
Mutual of Enumclaw$924
Oregon Mutual$1,032
Central PointCountry$660
Mutual of Enumclaw$864
Mutual of Enumclaw$1,176
Coos BayCountry$720
Mutual of Enumclaw$900
Oregon Mutual$1,032
Mutual of Enumclaw$876
Cottage GroveCountry$720
Mutual of Enumclaw$864
Mutual of Enumclaw$888
Oregon Mutual$1,224
Mutual of Enumclaw$948
Forest GroveCountry$924
Oregon Mutual$1,032
Oregon Mutual$1,092
Grants PassCountry$732
Mutual of Enumclaw$852
Mutual of Enumclaw$1,224
Happy ValleyCountry$960
Mutual of Enumclaw$840
Oregon Mutual$1,032
Hood RiverCountry$720
Mutual of Enumclaw$900
Junction CityCountry$720
Mutual of Enumclaw$876
Klamath FallsCountry$732
Mutual of Enumclaw$936
La GrandeCountry$708
Mutual of Enumclaw$876
Lake OswegoProgressive$870
Oregon Mutual$1,092
Mutual of Enumclaw$924
Oregon Mutual$948
Mutual of Enumclaw$876
Grange Insurance Association$1,056
Oregon Mutual$948
Mutual of Enumclaw$936
North BendCountry$720
Mutual of Enumclaw$900
Mutual of Enumclaw$876
Oregon CityCountry$924
Oregon Mutual$1,092
Mutual of Enumclaw$852
Grange Insurance Association$1,104
Mutual of Enumclaw$840
Mutual of Enumclaw$864
Mutual of Enumclaw$876
Saint HelensProgressive$873
Mutual of Enumclaw$996
Oregon Mutual$1,068
Oregon Mutual$1,032
Mutual of Enumclaw$1,020
Oregon Mutual$1,032
Mutual of Enumclaw$912
The DallesCountry$720
Mutual of Enumclaw$852
Oregon Mutual$948
Mutual of Enumclaw$1,212
Mutual of Enumclaw$1,068
West LinnProgressive$866
Mutual of Enumclaw$1,080
Oregon Mutual$1,032

Portland, OR

The largest city in Oregon takes the eighth most expensive city spot on our list, with an average annual cost that at $1,553 is 11% higher than the state average. Its unofficial slogan is “Keep Portland Weird.” Though the city was purchased for a grand total of 25 cents in 1843, it is quickly becoming a hotspot for young college grads over bigger cities like New York and San Francisco. It is cleaved by the Willamette River and is considered one of the greenest cities in the U.S.

Drivers looking for the cheapest car insurance rates in Portland should add Progressive, Country, Grange Insurance Association, GEICO, and Mutual of Enumclaw to their short list of companies to get quotes from. In total, these five companies averaged about $1,040 for our driver’s annual rates compared to the $1,553 that the typical carrier charged in Portland, which is about a 33% discount. The most affordable rate offered by Progressive in Portland was 34% cheaper than the 12-company composite.

Displayed in this chart are the five companies with the cheapest car insurance rates in Portland out of the 12 companies surveyed.

Salem, OR

Oregon's capital, Salem is home to 161,000 residents who are employed by the government and various private enterprises. Its economy has historically been grounded in agriculture, and the city is nicknamed "Cherry City" in recognition of the large production of cherries once grown here. It's a great city to live in, with nearly 1,900 acres of green space, Silver Falls State Park, down to the museums and carousel on the Salem waterfall. 

We found the best auto insurance quotes at Country, Progressive, Oregon Mutual, Grange Insurance Association, and Mutual of Enumclaw for our male motorist and his Toyota. Compared to the Salem average of $1,451, these five companies' rates were about 31% cheaper at $1,005 for a year's worth of full coverage protection. That 31% translates into $446 of savings, on average, back into our policyholders' pockets.

This graph lays out the five companies in Salem with the best quotes for car insurance for our two sample drivers, and compares them to the city average.

Eugene, OR

The city has been recognized for bicycling and track by various publications, and we’re adding another accolade. Eugene takes the thirteenth spot in our roundup of the cheapest auto insurance in Oregon, with an average annual cost of $1,239, 9% less than the state average. The city is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, including a view of Spencer Butte, the surrounding mountains, and two rivers. Eugene is full of cooperative projects, good community involvement, and ingenuity. The city is the birthplace of Nike, Inc. and home to the University of Oregon.

We recommend that Eugene drivers looking to save on their auto insurance costs check out quotes from Country, Progressive, Mutual of Enumclaw, GEICO, and Oregon Mutual. The most affordable quotes in Eugene were at these five companies, where our sample drivers saw mean rates of $860 a year. These rates were $379 or 31% cheaper compared to the average of 12 companies underwriting here.

This column graph identifies the companies and average annual premiums of the companies with the five most affordable quotes for car insurance for our sample driver living in Eugene.

Gresham, OR

Gresham takes the third spot on our list of the most expensive cities. Located in Multnomah County slightly east of Portland, Gresham loses to the top city by 29%. The average annual rate for auto insurance in Gresham is $1,732 – 24% above the state average. The city had a population boom in the 1960s and is now the fourth most populous city in the state.

Despite its title as the third most expensive city for auto insurance costs, drivers in Gresham can still find low-cost coverage for their cars if they know where to look. Across the 12 companies we reviewed in Gresham, we found the lowest rates at Progressive, Country, Mutual of Enumclaw, Oregon Mutual, and Grange Insurance Association. Average annual premiums of $1,141 were $591 cheaper per year compared to the Gresham-wide mean, saving our sample driver about 34%.

This graph shows Gresham drivers the five companies they can find low car insurance rates at, and compares them to the Gresham average

Hillsboro, OR

Hillsboro's city has eight planning areas that are home to an estimated population of 97,000. The Tualatin Valley Highway and the Sunset Highway are two main thoroughfares that Hillsboro drivers use to get around the city. One of the newest bridges in Hillsboro, the new River Road bridge, lays claim to the longest precast non-segmental beams in the Beaver State. 

We recommend motorists include Country, Progressive, Mutual of Enumclaw, Grange Insurance Association, and State Farm when shopping for inexpensive car insurance quotes in Hillsboro, OR. Our sample driver found rates that were on average 29% and $353 cheaper among these five companies for insuring a Toyota in Hillsboro. Costs among the top three cheapest were even lower, with the sample driver shaving 35% or $426 off their average auto insurance costs in the city.

This graph shows which car insurance companies have the least expensive rates for our sample driver in Hillsboro.

Medford, OR

Medford rounds out our list with an average annual rate of $1,391, almost 1% below the state average. Its economy relies on the healthcare industry with major employers such as the Asante Regional Medical Center and the Providence Medford Medical Center. It is known as a retirement destination and is also home to the burgeoning Oregon wine industry. Be careful about pairing the wine with the driving though. Your rates might go up if caught!

Which car insurance companies in Medford have the best rates? For our sample driver, who had excellent driving records - no accidents, claims, DUIs, or traffic violations - Country, Progressive, Oregon Mutual, Mutual of Enumclaw, and Grange Insurance Association were the answer. The 30 year old male motorist saw an average quote of $882 from the three cheapest companies, and $961 from the five cheapest carriers. Compare that to the Medford average of 12 companies surveyed, that'd be a 37% and 31% savings, respectively.

This graph answers the question by identifying the five companies with the lowest rates for insuring our driver's Toyota Camry in Medford

Corvallis, OR

Corvallis comes in as our third most affordable city with an average annual rate of $1,212 – 13% lower than the state average. It is the westernmost city in the lower 48 states with a population larger than 50,000. Corvallis is located in Benton County, which is considered the least religious county in the U.S. Two of its largest employers are Oregon State University and Hewlett-Packard, whose printer cartridge manufacturing facility is located in the city.

To find the best car insurance rates in Corvallis, we recommend that drivers look at Country, Progressive, Mutual of Enumclaw, GEICO, and Grange Insurance Association. Based on quotes across 12 companies in the city, these providers ranked with the five lowest quotes, with annual premiums ranging from $684 to $912 for full coverage protection for a Toyota Camry. Rates averaged $833, which was a 31% and $379 reduction versus the Corvallis-wide mean.

This graph shows Corvallis drivers where to find the best rates for auto insurance, and shows their savings versus the city mean.

Grants Pass, OR

The city was founded around 1880, when railroad tracks were extended into the previously small settlement. Historically, Grants Pass’s economy was based on timber, but logging has dwindled over the years. The city is home to the historic Rogue Theatre, where many famous acts have performed. Grants Pass has an average annual rate of $1,230, 12% less than the state average.

When it comes to cheap auto insurance quotes in Grants Pass, we recommend that drivers here consider getting quotes from Country, Progressive, Mutual of Enumclaw, Grange Insurance Association, and Oregon Mutual. Our sample driver found their cheapest rates out of the 12 companies among these five. Country had the lowest at $732 a year on average, finishing with Oregon Mutual at $960 a year; the five carriers averaged $864 for full coverage. Compared to the Grants Pass mean of $1,230, that's $366 cheaper and 30% more in our profiled driver’s wallet.

This chart ranks the companies in Grants Pass with the five cheapest quotes for auto insurance based on our two male drivers

Ashland, OR

Ashland was our fourth most affordable spot with an average annual rate of $1,215, which comes in 13% under the state average. Ashland is the home of Southern Oregon University and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which is the largest regional repertory theater in the U.S. The city has a rich railroad history, being the point where tracks between Portland and San Francisco were joined. 

Who has the cheapest auto insurance in Ashland, OR? Country, Progressive, Mutual of Enumclaw, GEICO, and Grange Insurance Association - according to data from our 30 year old single male driver research. Annual premiums ranged from a low of $660 at Country (costing nearly half of what the typical insurer in Ashland charged), to a still affordable $948 at Grange Insurance Association. If you're looking for cheap rates for your car's liability coverage, we'd recommend you get quotes from at least any three of these five carriers - doing so could shave about 31% or $373 off on a year's worth of coverage compared to the mean for our benchmark driver.

This graph shows which companies in Ashland had the cheapest annual premiums for our driver and his Toyota Camry

Canby, OR

Canby is situated in Clackamas County in northwestern Oregon and has roughly 16,000 residents. The city is home to the Clackamas County Fair and Rodeo, which has been held since 1907. Canby is named after Civil War General Edward Richard Sprigg Canby, who founded the town before he was killed in a battle against the indigenous Modoc population. Canby has an annual rate of $1,469, roughly 5% above the state mean. 

Canby drivers can carve out some savings through shopping for quotes. Out of the 12 companies our profiled driver obtained quotes from, the five companies with the greatest opportunity for savings were Progressive, Country, Oregon Mutual, Mutual of Enumclaw, and GEICO. Compared to the Canby mean of $1,469, these five companies on average would have saved our prospective policyholders about $446 or 30% a year.

This graph shows which companies had the greatest savings for our driver's car insurance, when compared to the Canby average

Beaverton, OR

Listed as one of Money magazine’s “best places to live”, Beaverton is also, unfortunately, one of the most expensive cities in Oregon for auto insurance. In Beaverton, the average annual rate is $1,541, 10% above the state average. The city was an early home to automobile dealerships, like Ford Motors, and aircraft manufacturing facilities. Today, Phoenix Technologies’ Northwestern Regional Office, Reser’s Fine Foods, and the world headquarters of Nike, Inc have a large presence in the city. 

Who has the best auto insurance rates in Beaverton? That'd be Country, Oregon Mutual, Grange Insurance Association, Mutual of Enumclaw, and GEICO.The companies with the five best rates quoted an average of $1,077 a year for our motorist’s Toyota Camry, which was $464 and 30% more favorable compared to the Beaverton mean of $1,541.

This graph shows the names and average annual premiums for the five companies in Beaverton that had the best car insurance rates.

Best Rated Car Insurance Companies in Oregon

Who are the best auto insurance companies in Oregon? We looked at confirmed complaints that policyholders submitted to the Insurance Division at the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services as a metric of customer satisfaction and company responsiveness. Next, we compared them to their market share in Oregon to arrive at a confirmed complaint index. Mutual of Enumclaw, California Casualty, and Oregon Automobile Group ranked as the three best auto insurers in Oregon. Nationwide and Oregon Mutual Group rounded out the five top companies here. The lower the complaint index figure, the better the company performed relative to its peers.

Rank Company 2013 Premiums # Confirmed Complaints Complaint Index
1 Mutual of Enumclaw $24,577,981 0 0.00
2 California Casualty 12,364,357 0 0.00
3 Oregon Automobile Insurance 2,356,977 0 0.00
4 Nationwide 27,621,198 1 0.33
5 Oregon Mutual Group 26,313,718 1 0.35
6 Country Financial Insurance 76,467,503 3 0.36
7 State Farm 458,101,249 23 0.46
8 Allstate 145,845,584 11 0.69
9 Farmers 257,482,967 25 0.89
10 Progressive 233,583,428 23 0.90
11 GEICO 105,245,810 12 1.05
12 Safeco 161,089,253 28 1.60
13 American Family 67,474,556 12 1.63
14 USAA 70,876,072 13 1.68
15 Sublimity   9,324,662 2 1.97
16 Liberty Mutual 41,884,111 11 2.41
17 Unitrin 13,016,683 4 2.82

A complaint index of 0 is average, while a complaint index of 3 indicates that the company's share of complaints was 3x as large as its share of business. Together, these 17 insurance groups represented 72% of the total auto insurance industry in Oregon. Affiliated companies or individual underwriters were grouped together under their parent marketing company. Consumers typically don't get to dictate which affiliate underwrites their insurance policy, so group-wide data may be more directionally useful. For example, State Farm consisted of State Farm Fire and Casualty and State Farm Mutual Automobile.

Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements in Oregon

As in almost every state, Oregonians have to abide by a minimum required amount of auto insurance. Oregon is unique in that it is not a no-fault state, but does require drivers carry personal injury protection (PIP) insurance.

  • $25,000 per person/ $50,000 per accident of bodily injury liability insurance
  • $20,000 property damage liability insurance
  • $25,000 per person/ $50,000 per accident of uninsured motorist bodily injury insurance
  • $15,000 personal injury protection

Average Cost of Auto Insurance by City

The most expensive cities for auto insurance in the state tend to be more densely populated. They are clustered in the northern portion of the state, near Portland, the most populous city in Oregon. Auto insurance in the five most expensive cities costs an average of 35% more than the state average, or $1,894 annually. 

Including from the most expensive and cheapest cities, there were 59 cities in our Oregon study. Here are the average annual rates for our typical driver in all of the surveyed cities in ranked order, from the lowest costs to the highest.

This graph shows the average annual rates for auto insurance in fifty plus cities in Oregon, in ranked order from cheapest to most expensive

How We Conducted the Study

To determine how much it costs to insure a car in Oregon, we used the case of a sample driver, a single 30 year old male who commutes about 12,000 miles a year. The car in question is a 2011 Toyota Camry that is paid for and owned in full. The analysis also assumes that the driver have been responsible: his credit history and driving records are in good condition (no traffic violations or accidents). Lastly, we looked at rates from 12 auto insurance companies in 59 cities in Oregon to arrive at our data.

Costs are based on full coverage protection for the 2011 Toyota Camry, and provides about twice the minimum liability required in Oregon. Oregon requires minimum auto insurance liability of $25,000 per person for bodily injury protection and up to $50,000 per accident, and $20,000 for property damage per accident. The state also requires $15,000 of personal injury protection and $25,000 per person and up to $50,000 per crash for uninsured motorists. We included national insurers such as GEICO, Allstate, and State Farm as well as regional companies like Oregon Mutual in our study. 

Insurance Coverage Oregon Minimum Coverage Study Coverage
Bodily Injury (BI) (per person / per accident) $25,000 / $50,000 $50,000 / $100,000
Property Damage (PD) 20,000 25,000
Personal Injury Protection 15,000 15,000
Uninsured Motorist BI (per person / per accident) 25,000 / 50,000 50,000 / 100,000

Here is a table of the full list of cities analyzed in our study along with their average annual rates. For readers' reference, we have presented the cities in alphabetic order.

RankCityAverage Annual RatesChange vs State Average
10Baker City$1,223-13%
2Central Point$1,209-14%
18Coos Bay$1,260-10%
11Cottage Grove$1,228-12%
8Eagle Point$1,219-13%
39Forest Grove$1,4504%
12Grants Pass$1,230-12%
54Happy Valley$1,58013%
42Hood River$1,4665%
20Junction City$1,263-10%
25Klamath Falls$1,275-9%
59La Grande$1,97541%
7Lake Oswego$1,216-13%
19North Bend$1,260-10%
50Oregon City$1,5088%
35Saint Helens$1,4211%
26The Dalles$1,280-9%
48West Linn$1,4927%

Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements in Oregon:
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