Best Car Insurance Rates in Oklahoma City

Best Car Insurance Rates in Oklahoma City

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The capital and largest city in Oklahoma, OKC is home to over 600,000 residents which makes it the 27th biggest city in the entire US. For our 2014 analysis of the car insurance rates throughout Oklahoma City we wanted to look at the discrepancy between insurance premiums in different parts of town. Below you'll find what the average prices are in different areas and who offered the best rates based on our studies criteria.

Cost of Car Insurance in Oklahoma City Neighborhoods

In our study of the best car insurance rates in OKC we took a look at 6 distinct areas of the city to see if there was any difference in auto insurance premiums based on where you lived. It turns out that there's up to a 17% change in rates all depending on which part of town you park your car! Our study analyzed these car insurance rates in South, Southeast, Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest Oklahoma City. Below you can see how each of the 6 areas stacked up against each other:

List of areas throughout Oklahoma City and their corresponding average car insurance price

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Most Expensive Areas

Central Oklahoma City

The most expensive section of OKC for car insurance, Central Oklahoma City includes downtown areas like Bricktown, The Arts District, and other surrounding neighborhoods. If you happen to live in or around the central business district in the city you can expect around $1,215 per year or $101 per month.

Northwest Oklahoma City

Comprised of neighborhoods such as Kimberly Place, County Hollow, Lansbrook, and Avalon Woods, NW Oklahoma City has the 2nd priciest auto insurance rates in the city. Premiums run at an average of $1,148 per year which works out to be 11% more expensive than the most affordable part of OKC.

Least Expensive Areas

Northeast Oklahoma City

More rural than many of the other sections of OKC, one of the neighborhoods we looked at in this area was River Oaks. Partly because there is more land and fewer people, Northeast OKC ended up having the cheapest rates in the city with annual average around $1,039 or $87 monthly.

Southwest Oklahoma City

Southwest OKC ultimately had the 2nd cheapest rates in Oklahoma City. Neighborhoods that made up the area we surveyed were Mustang, Westbrooke Estates, Winds West, and others in close proximity. Drivers in SW Oklahoma City will be paying around $1,100 annually for basic auto insurance coverage.

Map of Oklahoma City

Ranking the neighborhoods from 1 (the most affordable) to 6 (the most expensive), our map belows gives you a visual on where the areas of OKC rank on the cost of auto insurance.

Ranking map of auto insurance prices in Oklahoma City

Best Car Insurance Rates in Oklahoma City

In our OKC 2014 study, we reviewed car insurance rates from eleven of the best auto insurers operating statewide. Those companies were: GEICO, State Farm, USAA, Oklahoma Farmers Union, Farmers Insurance, Safe Auto, Allstate, Mercury Insurance, Shelter Insurance, Oklahoma Farm Bureau, and MetLife. The cheapest rates in OKC by a longshot were found at GEICO where annual premiums were less than $550 on average...30% cheaper than the next closest competitor in the study. At the other end of the spectrum was MetLife with average annual rates of $1,614 in Oklahoma City! Here's how the rest stack up from cheapest to most expensive:

A list of car insurance companies and their rates in Oklahoma City

Most Expensive Insurer in Oklahoma City

MetLife - The least affordable auto insurance company in OKC based on our study was MetLife. Rates from MetLife were 44% higher than the average company we looked at in the city. Rates from MetLife were not only most expensive overall, but most expensive for each neighborhood in OKC that we looked at.

Cheapest Auto Insurance Company in Oklahoma City

GEICO - Best known for the lizard it uses in its marketing campaigns, GEICO's rates are generally some of the most affordable you'll come across. In this case it was no different with GEICO quotes in OKC being the most affordable of the bunch. Rates averaged $544 per year...almost 70% cheaper than MetLife!

Auto Theft Statistics in Oklahoma

Unfortunately, Oklahoma City has a higher auto theft rate than the other large cities in the state. Amongst the six most populous towns, OKC's "Thefts per 100,000" is more than double the state average (303.1) and more than 3x the US average (229.7)


PopulationCar TheftsThefts per 100,000

Oklahoma City








Broken Arrow




Our Methodology

Car insurance rates assumed a 30 year old man driving a 2010 Toyota Camry that is owned, not leased. The card is used mostly for commuting to and from the workplace. Insurance coverage is slightly above the state minimum that is required. Our hypothetical driver logs anywhere between 10,000-15,000 miles each year and no accidents or tickets in the past 5 years. The auto insurance companies we looked at were: GEICO, USAA, State Farm, Oklahoma Farmers Union, Farmers Insurance, Shelter Insurance, Safe Auto, Allstate, Mercury Insurance, Oklahoma Farm Bureau, and MetLife.

Surveyed auto insurance costs in Oklahoma City are for illustrative purposes only and actual quotes will vary based on your physical residence, driving history, and many other factors.

Mark is a Senior Research Analyst for ValuePenguin focusing on the insurance industry, primarily auto insurance. He previously worked in financial risk management at State Street Corporation.

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