How Auto Insurance Costs Differ in Connecticut

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Where you live plays a large role in how much your car insurance company charges you for coverage. We conducted a study of two sample drivers living across 60+ cities and towns in CT to quantify the difference, and found that costs can range by as much as 66% between insuring in the most expensive place (Hartford, CT) vs the cheapest areas (Lyme, CT). Based on our sample Connecticut motorists, that translates into $1,161 more in coverage cost each year. For highlights and our full study, please see below:

Least Expensive Places

The five cities and/or towns on the lowest end were all located near the southern border of Connecticut, and mostly by the waters of the Long Island Sound. Our sample drivers, two single men (one 30 years old the other 65), generally saw costs ranging by 13-15% lower than the state benchmark. Here is a table listing the five places and how much their average annual rates were lower than the state's average.


PlaceAverage Annual RateRate Difference (%)






Old Saybrook1,743-14.8





Lyme, CT

Home to a little over 2,400 people, Lyme has a low population density and is committed to preserving its nature and agricultural heritage. Compared to the other cities and towns we surveyed, our study's two male drivers saw the greatest decrease of 15% from the CT benchmark.

Mystic, CT

Previously a major seaport in the New England region, Mystic is now a popular tourist destination due to its wealth of seafood and maritime museum. The 4,000 residents in Mystic may be happy to know their village took the place of second most affordable in our study of coverage costs. Living here meant a 15% lower outlay for our sample drivers compared to elsewhere in CT.

Old Saybrook, CT

The original chartered site for Yale University, Old Saybrook is also known for lending its seal to the Connecticut state flag. For those 10,000+ residents in Old Saybrook who are drivers: the drivers we researched found the town to be the third most affordable spot in Connecticut to insure their vehicles.

Essex, CT

Ranked the “Best Little Town of America” in various travel guides, Essex has a lot of quaint and historical qualities. With a positive attitude, the town embraces its worst day in history - a devastating day when the town's ships were burned in the War of 1812- with a full day of commemoration and events. Here's some good news for Essex's motorists: our sample drivers found that the cost of insuring their car while living in Essex was the fourth lowest in CT.

Groton, CT

Groton rounds up our list of least expensive Connecticut places for our drivers. Costs here were roughly 14% lower than the state benchmark. Electric Boat, a major submersibles supplier for the U.S. Navy; the Naval Submarine Base New London, and Pfizer make up the three largest employers in Groton.

Most Expensive Places

The five places on the highest end of our list span across the southwest regions of Connecticut. On average, living in one of these cities could mean paying 35% higher to insure a vehicle compared to the typical CT city we surveyed. Generally speaking, all else equal, the larger and more densely populated a place is, the higher insurance cost would be. This was true for the five places where our sample motorists paid the most for their coverage. Below you will find them listed with their average annual cost of insurance, as well as how much their costs differ from the state's average.


PlaceAverage Annual RateRate Difference (%)






New Haven2,77435.5





Hartford, CT

Hartford is the fourth largest city as well as the capital of Connecticut. 124,000 people live here; at one time, Hartford was home to Mark Twain’s family for almost two decades, including when he wrote The Adventures of Tom Sawyer among other classic novels. Hartford ranked at the top of our list of most expensive places. Our benchmark drivers saw rates that were 42% higher than the state benchmark for the same amount of coverage.

Bridgeport, CT

The biggest city of Connecticut, Bridgeport is home to more than 144,000 people across its 16 square miles of land. This is also the city where the first ever Subway restaurant opened. Based on our research, our Bridgeport motorists spent the second highest amount of money to cover their vehicles among the 60+ locations we surveyed. The two profiled drivers paid about $1,000 more than if they had lived in Lyme, the cheapest city.

New Haven, CT

Perhaps best known for being the home of Yale University, New Haven is also Connecticut’s second largest city. While some nickname it the Elm City for its history of public tree planting, New Haven prides itself as the “Cultural Capital of Connecticut”. The city ranked as the third most expensive place to insure a car in for our two sample motorists - 31% higher than the average town in CT.

Hamden, CT

Hamden ranked fourth on our list of the most expensive places. It is a suburb of New Haven today, but in fact was originally settled as part of New Haven. In present times, it has established its own name, and has been recognized as one of the “Best Places to Live and Launch”.

Stratford, CT

The world’s first commercial helicopter was developed and flown in Stratford, by the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. To insure a car in Stratford turned out to be more costly than most other cities in Connecticut. Our sample motorists found annual coverage to be more than $600 higher than the state’s average cost.

How Costs Differ in Connecticut by Place

We’ve surveyed a total of 69 Connecticut places, and established a benchmark average of $2,047 based on our two male drivers' profiles. Depending on where they lived, the cost could range from being 15% lower than to 42% higher than that benchmark. Here is a list of the 69 cities ranked from low to high:

A list of 69 places in Connecticut ranked in the order of cheapest to most expensive cost to buy a year of auto insurance coverage.

How We Conducted the Study & Minimum Coverage Requirements

The study was performed by collecting close to 2,000 auto insurance quotes from 14 Connecticut companies across the state. Our two sample driver profiles include: a single man 30 years of age and a single man 65 years of age. We obtained cost estimates and only varied their profile by location, which was where the drivers lived and parked their cars.

Insurance cost varies drastically by the amount of coverage one chooses as well. For the purpose of the study we assumed the same coverage amounts for both of our sample drivers. The coverage chosen for the assumption is more than enough to cover Connecticut state’s minimum limit requirements:

Coverage TypeState Req. LimitsStudy Assumption

Bodily Injury (BI)

$25,000 per person / $50, 000 per accident$50,000 per person / $100,000 per accident

Property Damage (PD)

$25,000 per accident$50,000 per accident

Uninsured Motorists BI (UMBI)

$25,000 per person / $50, 000 per accident$50,000 per person / $100,000 per accident


Optional$500 deductible


Optional$500 deductible

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