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Personal Finance

Survey Debunks Freelance Misconceptions

Many freelancers pleased with money, opportunities, lifestyle

Small Business

5 Types of Insurance Your Business (Probably) Needs

Your business began as a great idea, and has now proceeded to funding. Now, among other priorities, you need to insure the enterprise.

Auto Insurance

The Deadliest Holiday for DUI Fatalities: The Fourth of July

We surveyed eight years of DUI fatality data and found Fourth of July to be the deadliest holiday for drunk driving deaths — with a...

Personal Finance

Consumers Want Futuristic Shopping Experience

Online retailers slow to give shoppers the high-tech features they want

Auto Insurance

Which is the Worst County in Tennessee for Distracted Driving?

In Tennessee, there were 129% more distracted driving accidents in 2017 than 2008. The state's largest county, Shelby, reported over 5,600...

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Personal Finance

Shorter Vacations Replacing Weeklong Getaways

Money, work schedules leading consumers to opt for shorter trips

Personal Finance

College Students Set Salary Expectations Too High: Survey

Median earnings are about 23% less than what most undergraduates expect

Personal Finance

Scammers Seek to Con Travelers Booking Vacations Online

Nearly 1 in 5 travel-site consumers targeted in cyberfraud schemes

Personal Finance

Many Workers Fail to Manage Their 401(k) Accounts

Survey finds less than half of employees adjust their investments