Jetty Insurance Review: A Mix of Great Rates and Excellent Customer Reviews

Jetty Insurance Review: A Mix of Great Rates and Excellent Customer Reviews

Jetty combines the best features of online and traditional brick-and-mortar insurance companies, resulting in excellent rates and top-notch customer reviews.

Good for

  • Cheap, basic renters insurance coverage
  • Anyone who uses their residence for home-sharing services, like Airbnb
  • Those searching for less than $10,000 of personal property coverage

Bad for

  • Customers who want an in-person agent to speak with
  • Policyholders who'd like the option to file a claim online

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Jetty offers low-priced renters insurance policies and a few notable policy add-ons, but a lack of discounts means that it doesn’t offer the absolute lowest insurance rates. Despite its lack of discounts, Jetty is a great choice for most people, as the company offers competitive insurance rates and garners overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. However, people who are OK with sacrificing a great customer service experience in exchange for even lower rates would likely find a different insurance company to be a better fit.

Jetty Insurance: A New Age Insurance Company

Jetty is a relatively new company bringing a fresh perspective to renters insurance as is evidenced by the company’s easy online sign-up process. While signing up for renters insurance online has been a feature of traditional insurance companies for years, Jetty’s website is user-friendly and offers easy-to-understand explanations for coverages. Additionally, signing up for renters insurance coverage through Jetty is more than twice as fast as doing so through a traditional insurance company, like State Farm.

Despite Jetty’s shift toward an online experience, the company maintains a team of insurance professionals, which you can contact through the phone or email. This traditional form of contact differentiates it from its competitors, like Lemonade, which only offers its customers the ability to communicate with an automated bot. Jetty’s customers essentially get the best of both worlds, a new and sleek way to interact with their insurance company without having to sacrifice depth of service.

Jetty is a one-stop shop for renters, offering renters insurance, security deposits and guarantor services all in one business. While its security deposit and guarantor services, also known as Jetty Passport, aren’t required for renters insurance, they offer a convenient way for renters to meet standard leasing requirements. Jetty pays its customers’ security deposits for a 17.5% fee of the deposit amount. Furthermore, Jetty will serve as the guarantor on its customers’ leases in exchange for 5% to 10% of the total rent per year.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a comfortable middle ground between a company with the best rates and one with great customer reviews, Jetty is a great choice. Although the company has limited discounts, its renters insurance rates aren’t far off of what we consider to be some of the best in the industry.

Jetty Renters Insurance Coverage

Jetty, much like other renters insurance companies, provides its customers access to a standard set of coverage. However, Jetty sets itself apart from competitors by providing its customers with a few unique add-ons, or “Power-Ups.”

Bedbugs Power-Up: All of Jetty’s renters insurance policies provide customers with $300 coverage to deal with the removal of bedbugs, at no additional cost. While $300 might not cover the entire cost of removing bedbugs, other insurance companies don’t provide any coverage or compensation. Renters are left to cover the entire cost of removing the bedbugs. While in some situations it is your landlord’s responsibility to remove bedbugs, it is often required that you prove that you didn’t introduce the bedbugs into your home, which can be difficult. In order to receive the $300 payment, a licensed pest control professional must attest that you have bedbugs.

Airbnb Host Theft Protection: Jetty’s Airbnb Host Theft Protection endorsement expands your renters insurance coverage to include your Airbnb guests. When you rent your place out using a home-sharing service, like Airbnb, your standard renters insurance coverage is void in many situations. The result is that you’re responsible for incidents that arise from your guest’s negligence. For instance, if your Airbnb guest forgets to lock your door and your TV is subsequently stolen, you likely wouldn’t be covered under your standard renters insurance policy. The Airbnb Host Theft Protection Power-Up can cover you in these instances.

Valuables Protection Power-Up: Most standard renters insurance policies, including Jetty’s policies, only provide coverage for items up to a certain limit, meaning that expensive items can be covered for less than they’re worth. As a general rule of thumb, if you have individual items worth more than $1,000, you’ll want to purchase additional coverage. The Valuables Protection Power-Up increases your policy’s limit on individual items, broadens your coverage to include more perils and gives you an item-specific deductible.

The Valuables Protection Power-Up has the potential to save you thousands of dollars. For example, in the event that your $5,000 watch is damaged, a standard renters insurance policy will only cover $1,000 to $1,500 of damage. However, with Jetty’s Power-Up, you’d be covered for the entire amount if you purchased a high enough policy limit with the endorsement. Jetty allows its customers to purchase additional coverage for a wide range of items, including:

  • Jewelry
  • Music and audio gear
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Photo and video gear
  • Art and design objects
  • Bikes
  • Special collections
  • Sports equipment
  • Firearms
  • Wine collections

Personal Electronics Protection Power-Up: This endorsement provides similar coverage to the Valuables Protection Power-Up, but it is meant for electronics. The endorsement increases policy limits for electronics, broadens coverage and provides item-specific deductibles. Broader coverage is particularly valuable since electronics are susceptible to theft, physical damage and water damage, all of which are covered with the Personal Electronics Protection Power-Up.

What’s Covered by a Jetty Policy?Details
Base contentsProvides coverage for your household possessions in the event of a covered loss.
Personal liabilityIf you’re responsible for another person’s injury or damage to their property this coverage will pay up to your coverage limit.
Medical payments to othersIf someone is injured on your property, this coverage pays for their medical expenses.
Loss of useIf your home is uninhabitable due to a covered incident, Jetty will reimburse you for living expenses incurred while your home is being repaired.

Jetty Renters Insurance Discounts

Jetty’s renters insurance rates are extremely competitive, which also means there is a lack of discounts. While Jetty might reduce your rates based on your insurance risk profile, Jetty doesn’t offer any named discounts. However, the company has a few ways that customers can reduce their renters insurance rates, such as increasing their deductibles. A higher deductible translates to lower renters insurance rates. Furthermore, Jetty offers its customers the unique ability to select personal property coverage that is less than $10,000. While most other insurance companies use $10,000 as the minimum, Jetty provides a coverage option as low as $6,000, making it more affordable for customers with fewer items.

Jetty Renters Insurance Quotes Comparison

Jetty is decently priced, offering rates that fall between national insurance companies and price-focused competitors, like Lemonade. However, Jetty is more widely available than Lemonade, offering insurance policies in 45 states whereas Lemonade currently only provides insurance in 10 states. Based on our sample, on average, Lemonade is only $40 cheaper than Jetty on an annual basis. Regardless, both insurance companies offer better renters insurance rates than traditional insurance companies, like Farmers.

How Do Jetty's Renters Insurance Quotes Compare to Other Insurers?

Jetty Insurance Reviews, Complaints and Financial Strength Ratings

The insurance industry has been historically dominated by a few key players, meaning that customers might call into question Jetty’s reputation and its ability to pay customer claims. However, renters should have no qualms as Jetty’s renters insurance policies are underwritten by State National Companies, Inc. The company was assigned a letter grade of A for its financial strength by A.M. Best Rating Services, an insurance company rating agency. The rating indicates that the underwriter is in excellent financial shape, meaning that customer claims are unlikely to put a financial strain on the underwriter.

On top of great financial strength, Jetty’s early customer reviews are mainly positive. Customers cite speedy response times to questions and in-depth answers from Jetty’s customer support team. While Jetty is positioned as an online company, customers retain the ability to call to speak with a live representative. Additionally, Jetty allows customers to make appointments to speak with its employees, meaning that you’ll never be placed on hold. While this feature exists in other industries, it isn’t one that many insurance companies have utilized outside of Jetty.

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