How Cities in New York Ranked Based on Car Insurance Costs

Where you live and park your car can greatly impact your auto insurance expense in New York. We looked at rates in over 100 cities in New York for our sample driver, a single 30 year old male, and found that insurance costs can differ by nearly as much as 3x between the most expensive and the cheapest cities. In terms of dollars, our driver would see nearly $2,000 difference for the same car insurance coverage between the most expensive area (New York City) and the most affordable place (Corning). 

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Least Expensive Places

The five cities where our sample driver found his lowest quotes were all located in the southwest region of the state, where it borders Pennsylvania. Our single male driver in these places saw costs averaging 29-31% less than the New York average for auto insurance. Here is a graph illustrating how these places’ average annual rates compared to the state’s average.

Cities with Lowest Car Insurance Rates in New York

Corning, NY

Nicknamed the Crystal City, Corning is known for its glass work, and is home to the glass manufacturer Corning Incorporated. Our sample 30 year-old found his lowest costs in this city of 11,000 for coverage for his Toyota Camry. On average, annual rates in Corning were around $994 for him, which made insuring his car in Corning 31% lower than in the typical city or town in the state. In terms of dollars, that is a difference of $456.

Bath, NY

Either named after the England city or the daughter of an original landowner, Bath is a town of nearly 6,000 residents. Our benchmark motorist’s average quotes here were the second lowest out of all the places we examined - around $1,016 for a year’s worth of coverage. This made insuring a Toyota Camry in Bath 30% lower for our benchmark driver versus the state’s average cost.

Elmira, NY

In this city of 29,000, our sample motorist saw costs that were 31% less than the state mean, around $1,024. This came out to be $426 less for our motorist compared to living elsewhere in New York. Many notable people were born in Elmira, including Olivia Langdon Clemens, Mark Twain’s wife.

Olean, NY

The largest city in Cattaraugus County, Olean is home to more than 14,000 people. Sample quotes collected were the fourth lowest, averaging 29% less than the state’s average rate. In terms of dollars, insurance coverage for a year would cost around $1,030 for our profiled driver's Toyota Camry in Olean, which meant $420 less than the state mean.

Wellsville, NY

The town of Wellsville is home to around 7,400 people and a part of Allegany County. The town rounded up our five least expensive places in New York for the lowest rates based on our sample motorist. On average, his annual rates here were about $1,036 for a 12-month policy, making Wellsville rates $414 less than the state’s mean rate.

Most Expensive Places

The cities on the highest end in terms of car insurance costs were all located in Nassau county, with the exception of New York City. For our driver, living in one of these places could mean paying double for auto insurance compared to the state’s average cost. 

Cities with highest car insurance rates in New York

New York, NY

New York City is the most populated city in America, and our driver here saw rates that werwe 105% higher than the state average. In terms of dollars, that difference was $1,523 - a huge difference from the mean we derived for his profile across over 100 cities and towns in the state. His quotes here averaged $2,973 for a year’s coverage. The busy city is home to over 8 million residents and many tourists visiting daily, which surely contribute to such high costs. 

How NYC Boroughs Ranked by Car Insurance

Although the New York City average is $2,973, depending on which borough our driver lived in his rate difference amounted to $941. Here is a breakdown of our 30 year old driver's cost in each borough, from the most expensive borough to the least: 


The most expensive borough for car insurance was Brooklyn, based on our numbers. Costs for our driver here were $3,501, which was 18% higher than the city’s average and 141% higher than the state mean. Brooklyn is home to over 2.6 million residents, making it the most populated borough in the city. About a third of the working population here commutes to work, a possible reason contributing to Brooklyn's higher costs.


Queens is the largest borough in terms of size and the second most populated borough in the City. Here, about 45% of drivers commute to work, including our profiled driver, who received quotes with rates just 1% higher than the city average. However, the $2,995 annual premium still made our driver’s policy here 107% costlier than the state average. This rate made Queens the second most expensive borough in New York for car insurance. 


Home to over 1.4 million residents, Bronx is the only borough that is not part of an island. 37% of Bronx’s working population commutes to work by car. Our single male driver was quoted $2,897, 3% lower than the city mean but 100% higher than the state average. This made Bronx ranked third in terms of insurance costs in New York City.


Our driver in Manhattan saw car insurance costs that were 11% lower than the city average, but 83% higher than the state’s average. Here, his quotes were $2,650 for his coverage - on the lower half of the five boroughs. Although Manhattan is the most densely populated spot in America, a majority of working Manhattanites utilize public transportation options, while only 12% commute by car. 

Staten Island

The most affordable borough for our driver was Staten Island. Our driver living in Staten Island had rates of $2,560, meaning that his costs were 14% lower than the city average. However, the rates were still 77% higher than the state average. Staten Island has the highest percentage of drivers commuting to work; however, it is also the smallest borough in terms of population.

Hempstead, NY

The second most expensive place in our study was Hempstead, where our motorist’s annual rates averaged $2,860. Hempstead is one of the most populated areas in the state and our driver here saw quotes 97% higher than the state benchmark. This translates to a $1,410 higher outlay for our example motorist compared to the state average. This large town consists of 22 villages and 37 hamlets, whose population total 760,000.

Lawrence, NY

Lawrence ranked third on our list of most expensive places, with average costs 86% higher than the state average, at $2,692. That meant our driver generally would pay $1,242 more than what he otherwise would if he lived in other Empire State cities. In the Village of Lawrence is Old Lawrence, where upper class families lived since the American Revolution. Large mansions, beach homes, and former plantations dot the landscape here. 

Massapequa, NY

Located within Nassau County, close to the town of Oyster Bay, Massapequa is a CDP with more than 22,000 people residing in the region. Here was where our benchmark motorist received the fourth most expensive quotes in the state. His rates averaged $2,475 for a year’s coverage for his Toyota Camry. Compared to the state’s average costs, these rates were 71% higher, which meant a $1,025 difference. 

Garden City, NY

A village located in Hempstead, Garden City rounded up our list of the five most expensive places in New York. Our 30 year old driver found rates that were 69% greater than the state average, or $995 more than what he'd pay living in the average city in our study. Home to over 22,000 residents, Garden City is also where Adelphi University, the first four-year higher education institution in Nassau or Suffolk counties, is located. 

How Cost Differs in New York by Location

We looked at 104 places in New York and found the state average to be $1,450, based on our sample driver’s profile. Using the average as a benchmark, auto insurance costs could range anywhere from 31% lower to 69% higher than the New York benchmark depending on where he lived. Below is a list of all the places we examined, ranked from lowest to highest average annual rate:

RankCityAnnual Average Rate
1 Corning $994
2 Bath 1,016
3 Elmira 1,024
4 Olean 1,030
5 Wellsville 1,036
6 Hornell 1,079
7 Geneva 1,083
8 Webster 1,090
9 Fairport 1,092
10 Plattsburgh 1,094
11 Farmington 1,094
12 Newark 1,096
13 Jamestown 1,097
14 Palmyra 1,100
15 Penfield 1,101
16 Binghamton 1,112
17 Canandaigua 1,114
18 Penn Yan 1,122
19 Ithaca 1,125
20 Glens Falls 1,128
21 Mayville 1,129
22 Westfield 1,131
23 Springville 1,137
24 Salamanca 1,137
25 Little Falls 1,139
26 Saratoga Springs 1,140
27 Brighton 1,144
28 Oneida 1,149
29 Watertown 1,149
30 Le Roy 1,149
31 Herkimer 1,159
32 Gates 1,159
33 Ellicottville 1,161
34 Cortland 1,162
35 Alfred 1,166
36 Fulton 1,170
37 North Tonawanda 1,173
38 Gloversville 1,176
39 Oswego 1,178
40 Batavia 1,183
41 Rochester 1,187
42 Henrietta 1,188
43 Norwich 1,192
44 Schenectady 1,194
45 Tonawanda 1,195
46 Rome 1,196
47 West Seneca 1,204
48 Williamsville 1,212
49 Cobleskill 1,216
50 Troy 1,218
51 Albany 1,219
52 Oneonta 1,225
53 Auburn 1,225
54 Medina 1,236
55 Amsterdam 1,243
56 Irondequoit 1,251
57 Cooperstown 1,253
58 Lockport 1,280
59 Niagara Falls 1,286
60 Orchard Park 1,292
61 Amherst 1,296
62 Hamburg 1,301
63 Syracuse 1,329
64 Utica 1,329
65 Dunkirk 1,357
66 Hudson 1,359
67 Saugerties 1,413
68 Millerton 1,478
69 Kingston 1,516
70 Poughkeepsie 1,544
71 Hyde Park 1,551
72 Buffalo 1,645
73 Sag Harbor 1,653
74 Southampton 1,657
75 Mattituck 1,660
76 Ellenville 1,671
77 Cold Spring 1,687
78 Westhampton 1,695
79 East Hampton 1,696
80 Yorktown 1,706
81 Port Chester 1,724
82 Rye Brook 1,751
83 Callicoon 1,758
84 Newburgh 1,763
85 Nyack 1,784
86 Middletown 1,799
87 White Plains 1,819
88 Setauket 1,877
89 Pelham 1,921
90 Monsey 1,953
91 New City 1,983
92 Nanuet 2,004
93 Narrowsburg 2,038
94 Huntington 2,176
95 Melville 2,195
96 Amityville 2,206
97 Lindenhurst 2,212
98 Babylon 2,216
99 Mineola 2,388
100 Garden City 2,445
101 Massapequa 2,475
102 Lawrence 2,692
103 Hempstead 2,860
104 New York 2,973

How We Conducted the Study & Minimum Coverage Requirements

We collected quotes from 7 car insurance companies across 104 cities, villages, and towns in NY for our 30 year old male sample driver. To obtain these cost estimates, we kept all variables for getting coverage the same, except where he lived. One of the controlled variables is the amount of coverage our driver obtained. Below is the state required limits as well as the coverage used in our study:

Coverage TypeNY Required LimitsStudy Limits
Bodily Injury (BI) $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident $50,000 per person / $100,000 per accident
Property Damage (PD) $10,000 per accident $50,000 per accident
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists BI $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident $50,000 per person / $100,000 per accident
Personal Injury Protection (PIP) $50,000, $200 deductible $50,000, $200 deductible
Comprehensive Not required $500 deductible
Collision Not required $500 deductible

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