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We found Farmers, for the most part, to be an average auto insurance company. In most places where it operates, price and customer service rank middle of the road compared to other insurers. In this review, we analyze Farmers Insurance based on its pricing, claims handling, coverage options, shopping experience and discounts, to see who it is best for.

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Farmers Auto Insurance Review: Middle-of-the-Road Company

We would recommend most drivers consider other companies before getting a quote with Farmers. Farmers doesn't have bad auto insurance, but rather in most states our data shows that it's just average in both pricing and customer satisfaction—the two largest factors we use to weigh companies. For a 30 year old driver with a good record, Farmers is the second (almost third) most affordable out of the five largest auto insurers, but is second most expensive for someone with an accident, and the most expensive for a young, 20 year female old driver.

ProfileAllstateProgressiveState FarmGEICOFarmers
30 Year Old Male, No Accident$1,570$1,260$1,327$1,112$1,244
20 Year Old Female, no accident$8,269$6,926$4,521$5,138$8,949
30 Year Old Male w/ Accident$2,491$1,605$1,788$1,904$2,248

Farmers' claim satisfaction and customer handling also tend not to score high marks in any part of the country. In fact, we discovered that it ends up being on par with GEICO's, though GEICO is often significantly cheaper. Most drivers typically want affordable premiums and reliable coverage from their auto insurer. Based on their rankings on average, we believe there are companies that are better at providing that than Farmers.

CompanyAffordabilityClaims SatisfactionCoverageShoppingDiscountsTotal
State Farm4.

Farmers Auto Insurance Quote Comparison

For the most part, we likely expect Farmers to fall somewhere in the middle in terms of affordability. In the 1,100 cities in which we surveyed Farmers Insurance for our sample driver, it did not rank among the three most affordable often. It was the cheapest company 29 times, second cheapest 50 times and third cheapest 111 times. In the graph below you can see the five cheapest states we found for Farmers compared to the average annual premium we compiled.

Graph shows how Farmers Auto Insurance Insurance prices range in five states

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Based on the quotes we got, Farmers was very affordable in Illinois and Washington. We'd caution drivers interested in Farmers in Indiana and Oregon however, as Farmers was one of the more expensive companies in those states.

Farmers' Car Insurance Rate Hikes

Farmers has become much more expensive relative to other car insurance companies in the past few years. In 2012 and 2013 they raised rates by double than what its largest competitors were doing. It's hard to say if Farmers will continue to raise rates they way the have in the past few years, but it should be something Farmers customers be aware of.

Farmers Auto Insurance9%6%3%6%9%2%
State Farm1%2%3%2%5%4%

Farmers Insurance Claims Satisfaction Review

The insurer ranked average to below average for customer satisfaction and claims handling according to the 2017 J.D. Power study of customer satisfaction from customers of the country's major insurers. Unlike other major insurance companies however, there were no geographical regions where Farmers stood out as a stellar insurer. State Farm for example is highly regarded in the mid-west, while GEICO scores very well in New York. Farmers tends to just be average in most states, with the exception of the southwest and California where customers gave the company a poor 2/5 stars.

Map shows how Farmers customer satisfaction varies by state

Farmers is about on par with GEICO, though customers said customer interaction and the appraisal process were a bit better at Farmers. Overall, the most major auto insurance companies all tend to be rated just about mediocre for their customer claims handling.

CompanyInitial Claim ReportingServiceAppraisalRepairRental CarSettlement
State Farm333323

NAIC Complaints About Farmers

According to the NAIC, Farmers receives less than complaints compared to other auto insurance companies. We looked specifically at Farmers Insurance Exchange, one of the largest companies within the Farmers family, and found that 179 complaints were lodged against the company. 29 were for people being unsatisfied with their auto insurance settlement, while 20 were for people complaining about a denied claim.

Farmers Insurance Coverage Options

Farmers offers all of the traditional coverages, in addition to many optional ones drivers can add to their policy. Farmers offers one of the most widespread rideshare insurance programs. It is also one of the few insurers to offer Incident Forgiveness, which allows drivers to get into a minor traffic incident without their rates going up.

CoverageDoes Farmers Have It?
Physical Damage
Uninsured Motorist

Rideshare Driver Coverage*

Rental Reimbursement
Gap Insurance
Pet DamageX
Locksmith ServicesX
Personal Items CoverageX
New Car Protection
Custom Parts and Replacement
Rate LockX
Accident Forgiveness
Incident Forgiveness

Incident Forgiveness

Upon renewing your policy with Farmers you automatically qualify for incident forgiveness. It is similar to accident forgiveness but instead of a traffic collision, your rates won't go up if you get a minor traffic violation. So if you get a speeding ticket, or neglect stopping at a stop sign, your rates will stay the same. Don't confuse this for accident forgiveness - as we found in our rates analysis above, Farmers' quotes for a driver with an accident placed it as the second most expensive insurer out of the top five.

Farmers Rideshare Insurance

Farmers offers an endorsement for drivers who are also Uber, Lyft, or other TNC drivers. The endorsement will give extend your normal coverage for the first phase of ridesharing, which is where your app is on and you are looking, but have not found, a passenger. Once you have a passenger, the rideshare company's insurance will cover you until you are back in phase one.

While the endorsement is convenient, not being covered in the later phases of the journey can be troublesome should you get into an accident. You would have to deal with their insurance companies, James River or Steadfast (insurers for Uber and Lyft, respectively) who have less than stellar track records when dealing with claims. Two insurers, GEICO and Erie, have rideshare policies which give you coverage throughout every phase of the journey.

The cost for the endorsement will vary, and you cannot purchase it online. To get quoted you will need to speak with your agent. Farmers rideshare is not available in every state. Consult the map below to see if your state offers the coverage:

Map shows if state has Farmers rideshare insurance

Buying a Farmers Insurance Auto Policy

Buying a Farmers policy is similar to other insurers in that you can start a quote online or you can go directly to an agent. If you choose to start your quote online, be aware that you will not be able to purchase it. It will instead to sent to your most local agent to review and from whom you can purchase your policy.

The Farmers website provides you with some information on different auto insurance types, as well as explaining how much you should carry. We would say it is not as comprehensive as GEICO's website however, who has many tools and resources to learn from. Farmers customers can rely on agents however to answer their questions for them.

Auto Insurance Discounts at Farmers

Farmers offers all of the standard discounts you would find at other large auto insurance companies. One unique discount from Farmers is an occupation affinity discount which is a 5% discount for people in certain professions, which we discuss more below.

DiscountAmountDiscounted Coverage
Anti-TheftUp to 15%Comprehensive Insurance
Good Student Discount4% to 35%All Main Coverages

Multi-Car PolicyUp to 15%All Main Coverages
New Vehicle DiscountUp to 7%All Main Coverages
Mature Driver Discount2% to 20%All Main Coverages
Hybrid Car DiscountUp to 10%All Main Coverages
E-Pay DiscountUp to 6%All Main Coverages
Occupation Affinity Discount5%All Main Coverages
Early Shopping DiscountUp to 5%All Main Coverages

*Main Coverages include BI, PD, Coll, Comp, PIP/MedPay and UIM

Occupation Affinity Discount

Farmers customers who belong to certain professions automatically qualify for a 5% discount on their rates. Professions include:

  • Accountants
  • Educator
  • Judge/Lawyer
  • Physician
  • Scientists
  • Architects
  • Engineer
  • Librarian
  • Police
  • Zurich Group Employees
  • Dentists
  • Firefighter
  • Military
  • Pilots

Signal by Farmers

A brand new product from Farmers is Signal, which is an app that monitors your driving habits, specifically for distracted driving. Currently it is only available in Arizona but drivers who finish 10 trips with the app will qualify for a 3% discount.

Where is Farmers Insurance Available?

Farmers insurance is technically available in every state, though it will not always be known as Farmers Auto Insurance. In some states it will policies will be sold by companies which are backed by Farmers. Some include 21st Century, Bristol West, and Mid-Century Insurance. In the map below you can see whether Farmers is sold as Farmers or as another company.


Our score for Farmers was derived by our assessment of the company's affordability, claims handling, coverage, shopping experience and discounts. Affordability and claims handling were weighed out of 30 points, coverage out of 20 points, and shopping and discounts out of 10 points for a total of 100.


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