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Farmers Insurance Companies (Farmers®) is a standard auto insurance company that, as its name suggests, began as an insurer for farmers. Currently it offers personal line auto insurance, among its other lines of insurance products, to drivers residing in the midwest and western states, as well as several eastern states in America. We would recommend Farmers to motorists who are looking for an insurer with consistent insurance rates once the policy starts, or direct relationships with an insurance agent. However, note that the costs of Farmers’s auto insurance policies can range quite widely depending on where drivers live, as we'll cover below. 

Features we like best about Farmers:

  • Excellent financial stability provided by parent company
  • Diligently trained agents through University of Farmers
  • Cap on how much premiums can increase for renewed policies

Considerations about Farmers: 

  • Affordability of policies varies widely across states
  • Mixed reviews on appraisal and rental car service

To Learn More About Farmers:

Farmers® Car Insurance Quotes Comparison 

Farmers operates in more than half of the U.S., so we looked at sample quotes in a few states to see how their auto insurance policies were priced. We found that while motorists in some states, such as Texas, will find Farmers one of the most affordable insurers, others living in California may find their Farmers quote much pricier than what other insurers have to offer. 

Below are two tables of sample rates for 4 different example drivers across 6 major insurers in California and Texas. Note that these auto insurance rates were based on specific assumptions for each driver profile, such as age, gender, insured vehicle model, and past driving records.

Table 1: Sample Farmers® Car Insurance Rates in California


Single Male
age 31

Single Female
age 31

Married Couple
late 20s

Married Couple
mid 60s

FIE (Farmers) $1,122 $1,011 $1,605 $1,054
Safeco 855 866 1,461 1,262
Allstate 881 894 1,212 726
AAA 758 781 1,069 743
GEICO 775 762 1,132 768
Progressive 712 692 912 835

In California, all of our sample drivers – two single individuals and two married couples – found quotes from Farmers to be one of their most expensive. Overall, compared with other major insurers, such as GEICO and Progressive, Farmers’ auto insurance rates were 40% to twice as costly for our benchmark drivers. However, when comparing Farmers with the same insurers in Texas, the story is a bit different (see Table 2).

Table 2: Sample Farmers® Car Insurance Rates in Texas


Single Male
age 30

Single Female
age 30

Married Couple
age 30

Married Couple
age 65

Farmers $436 $433 $750 $817
State Farm 621 621 1,242 1,086
Allstate 493 479 936 942
AAA 494 497 930 1,009
GEICO 412 433 789 570
Progressive 649 661 1,169 1,276

From our Texas sample auto insurance rates, among similar sample driver profiles as our California sample rates study (two single drivers around 30 year-old, and two married couple, one more senior than another), Farmers now has one of the cheapest rates for most of the categories of drivers studied. Compared with Progressive, Farmers quotes on average were 35% lower. 

As it is quite apparent that Farmers quotes can vary widely, whether or not Farmers auto insurance is affordable really depends on motorists’ state of residence. As a general rule of thumb we always recommend consumers to compare auto insurance quotes across at least 3 different insurers before making a decision.

Find The Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes In Your Area

Currently Insured?
Currently Insured?

Our Farmers® Car Insurance Review

Our Farmers auto insurance review covers the company’s policy coverage, highlighted features as well as geographical coverage. Overall, we find Farmers Insurance Company a solid insurer both in terms of auto insurance coverage and customer service. Nevertheless, compared with other major insurers of its size, Farmers have relatively fewer features to improve policyholders’ ease of policy management, nor does it operate in all states. 

Farmers US Coverage Map

Farmers offers auto insurance – and has agents locally – in 35 states in the US, with the exception of Alaska, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, West Virginia, and DC. However it does seem to be expanding its eastern states coverage, as recently in 2014 it began operating in Connecticut.

This map shows which states Farmers directly underwrites auto insurance in

Auto Insurance Policy Coverage

Consumers will find Farmers offering a common range of auto insurance coverages as most other standard insurers would. It offers a range of liability coverages – bodily injury and property damage – limits for consumers to choose from. Additionally, optional coverages of uninsured motorist (unless you live in one of the 20 states or DC where this coverage is mandated by law) and physical damage coverage are also available, among others.

High-lighted Features: Renewal Premium Cap

One interesting and potentially beneficial aspect of Farmers’ auto insurance policy is that it has a renewal premium cap. In short, other than for reasons such as a surcharge from traffic violation or changes in drivers' profile (for example, age), Farmers caps how much renewed policies' rates can increase. In general, auto insurance rates will see marginal increases every year, regardless of insurer. This feature for Farmers policies could mean a relatively more stabilized insurance cost for consumers in the long run.

Industry Ratings of Farmers®

Generally speaking, Farmers is one of the top-rated companies we have seen. Its financial stability is excellent when it comes to fulfilling financial obligations – such as claims payout – and the amount of complaints it received in 2014 seems to be lower than the market average. Nevertheless, there are mixed reviews over its appraisal and rental car service.

Metric Rating
A.M. Best A  
S&P A+
NAIC 0.79 (better than the market average of 1)

Farmers® Car Insurance Claims

To file an auto insurance claim with Farmers®, policyholders enjoy the convenience of reporting preliminarily through its online portal (link can be found below). After the claim is received, you will be assigned to the nearest local representative, who will then manage claim estimates, necessary repairs, and related services. For all third-party claims (or any policyholders who prefer to make their claims through calls), reports must be made through the Farmers Claim Center phone number.

File Loss Claims online:

Farmer Claim Center number: (800) 435 – 7764 (remember to have your policy number ready before calling)

New Claim:

  • Say “Personal Auto” or Press 3
  • Say “New Claim”
  • Enter policy number

New Glass-only Claim:

  • Say “Personal Auto” or Press 3
  • Say “Glass-only”
  • Say “New Claim” or Press 1
  • Say “Policyholder” or Press 1
  • Enter policy number

File Glass-only Claims Online: like several other insurers we have seen, such as Infinity and Travelers, Farmers also partners with glass repair specialist Safelite® Solutions for glass-only claims. To submit a glass claim online, click here.

Other Claims Assistance Features

Although Famers has fewer online policy management features when compared with several other insurers, it does offer several post-claim services. One of these (a standard practice among insurers), is a list of preferred auto repair shops where policyholders may get quality guaranteed work, called the Circle of Dependability. Another feature we find more unique to Farmers is its online claim documents filing portal. Basically, if you have additional documents related to a filed claim, or are looking for reimbursement for completed repair work, there is an online portal for policyholders to send their documents electronically.

Circle of Dependability: To search for local representative or preferred repair shop, click here

Online Claim-related Documents filing: For link to the submission portal, click here

Farmers® Car Insurance Discounts

Farmers offers a good range of policy and driver discounts to qualifying policyholders. Discount amount and type may vary by state, but here is a sample list of available discounts we have seen Farmers offer, as well as the coverages on which each apply:

Discount Type Discounted Coverage Discount %
Multi-Policy (Auto+Home) BI, PD, UMBI, UMPD, Comp, Coll 17
Multi-Policy (Auto+Renter) BI, PD, UM, MED, Comp, Coll 5
Good Driver BI, PD, UMBI, UMPD, MED, Comp, Coll 20
Alternative Fuel Vehicle BI, PD, MED 10
Good Student BI, PD, MED, Comp, Coll 10
Student Away at School BI, PD, Comp, Coll, MED 14
Defensive Driver BI, PD, MED, Comp, Coll 5
Occupation Affinity Group* BI, PD, MED, UM/UIM, Comp, Coll 5
Anti-Lock Brake BI, PD, MED, Coll 5
Advance Purchase Credit BI, PD, MED, Coll, Comp, UM/UIM 3-10**

*qualified occupations include, but not limited to, accountant, dentist, educator, engineer, firefighters, millitary, and employees of Zurich Group of Companies. Proof of occupation may be required.
**discount amount depends on level of credit

About Farmers Insurance Group

Founded in LA, California in 1928. Farmers has approximately 50,000 exclusive and independent agents and 22,000 employees. The Group underwrites insurance policies through its subsidiary insurance companies under brands including Foremost, Bristol West, and 21st Century. The Farmers Insurance Companies brand has a total of 13,200 independent and exclusive agents operating throughout the US. 

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