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Known for its blend of urban activities and outdoor recreation, the city of Boise is popular with many families and tourists in Idaho. Boise has a population of about 206,000, and with almost 80 square miles of land area, is the largest and most populated city in Idaho. It is estimated that more than 80% of Boise residents commute to work by car. As many commuters may be aware, the city has one of the highest costs for car insurance in the state. However, that does not mean there is no opportunity to save.

The city’s average annual car insurance, based on our sample driver, a married 35 year-old man, is $805. We researched car insurance quotes by neighborhoods in Boise and found that premiums vary slightly across the different areas. However, rates can differ by as much as $1,000 a year depending on the insurance company chosen. The cheapest insurer’s quotes were 49% lower than the average, and the most expensive insurer’s average plan can run up to 73% higher. While most insurance companies offer a flat rate across the city, there were still a couple whose premiums vary based on the neighborhoods a driver lives in. Therefore, it is worth the time and effort for Boise drivers to compare across the different insurers. Use the tool above to type in your zip code to begin comparing among insurers in your region.

Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies in Boise

Oregon Mutual, GEICO, and Auto-Owners are the three cheapest auto insurers we recommend Boise drivers get quotes from. For our typical Boise motorist, these three providers’ rates represent a 42% decrease compared to what the typical insurer charges in Boise – that’s an average of $468 back in drivers’ pockets. Oregon Mutual had the best insurance rate of $408 per year, which is 49% cheaper than the city’s average premium. The second cheapest car insurance company, GEICO, had an average cost of $456, 43% better than the average in most of the city limits. Last but not least, at $540, Auto-Owners offers the third lowest rate.

The most expensive insurer’s annual premium can pay for three years of coverage of the cheapest insurer. This illustrates why drivers should always compare car insurance quotes from at least three companies, since the best rates will depend heavily on your own background. Enter your zip code below for a list of insurance companies to begin shopping for great quotes from.

This graph ranks fifteen car insurance companies from those with the lowest rates to the highest rates

Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Most Expensive Auto Insurance Companies in Boise

The three insurers with the most expensive car insurance premiums in Boise averaged $1,246 a year for a basic policy for our sample driver, 55% more expensive than the city average. Sentry is our most expensive insurer, and its average annual car insurance premium is $1,397, 73% higher than the city’s average premium. Workmen’s Auto is the second most expensive insurer, offering premium at $1,248. Baldwin & Lyons offers the third costliest car insurance premium, averaging $1,092, 36% more expensive than the Boise city average rate.

Even if drivers plan on staying with their insurance company, there are many factors that insurers accept for discounts towards cheaper quotes - for example, customer loyalty. Check out our Best Auto Insurance guide for a list of car insurance discounts that can help reduce your quotes.

How Do Car Insurance Rates Vary by Neighborhood?

Car insurance rates on average differed only by $13 depending on where drivers live in Boise. The progression of premium rates can roughly be determined by the neighborhood’s geographic location, with the eastern region of Boise having a lower average annual car insurance premium than the western region. The table below summarizes the annual rates based on our sample driver, a married 35 year-old man.


NeighborhoodGeographic LocationAverage Annual Rates


Harris RanchSoutheast$798


South Boise VillageCenter/East804






Warm SpringsEast805






West BenchNorthwest809


West CloverdaleNorthwest811

When we sampled quotes for different neighborhoods, we found that the lower premiums were found within the middle-to-east region of Boise, overall averaging $3 lower than average. Southeast Boise neighborhoods, such as Harris Ranch, have the lowest average car insurance rates at $798, generally speaking. Moving southwest to neighborhoods like South Boise Village brings the premium up by a few dollars to $804. Moving further northwest to neighborhood in downtown Boise, such as Northend, annual costs approach the city’s average of $805.

In general, the higher premiums are found in neighborhoods mostly in the eastern region of Boise, and rates increase progressively as we move west. At the west end of the Boise city border, West Cloverdale has the highest annual car insurance premium of $811. Moving east to West Bench brings the cost down to $809. Then further east – and southward – into the Hillcrest neighborhood sees the rate lower yet again to $806.

Most providers did not differentiate quotes based on location, but at least 5 of the insurers have different prices in different city neighborhoods. Those were Allstate, American National, American Family, Allied, Nationwide, and California Casualty. Among these insurers, the difference between neighborhoods equaled about $24 per year, but could be as much as $240. Overall, our most expensive and cheapest insurers tended to quote the same rate across the city, regardless of which neighborhood you live in.


In order to compare the different Boise city regions comprehensively, we divided the city into nine zones by the nine standard zip codes found through USPS’s listing, and represented each by a registered Boise neighborhood. Based on Boise’s demographics, we identified our sample driver to be a 35-year-old married man driving a 2010 Toyota Camry, with good credit score and clean driving records in the last five years. With this sample profile, we then compared quotes across 15 insurers, as well as by the nine zip codes. The list of 15 insurers consists of both national and regional insurance corporations, including but not limited to: GEICO, State Farm, and Farm Bureau of ID Group.


InsuranceAverage Annual RatesIncrease / Decrease vs. City Average

Boise Average$805








American National572-29%












Cal Casualty8769%




Farm Bureau Of ID Group1,02027%


Baldwin & Lyons1,09236%


Workmen's Auto1,24855%



Here are the neighborhoods covered in our Boise study, ranked in alphabetical order.


Geographic LocationAverage Annual RatesZip Code

Harris Ranch








South Boise Village




Warm Springs Mesa


West Bench


West Cloverdale



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