Who Has The Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance Quotes In Idaho?

Who Has The Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance Quotes In Idaho?

The cheapest motorcycle insurance company in Idaho is Geico, which offered us a full year of coverage for just $420. That's 35% cheaper than the average statewide.

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Motorcycle insurance doesn't just fulfill a legal requirement — it also protects you as a rider and your bike from potentially costly damage. We gathered 300 quotes from across the state to identify the top insurers to fit your needs.

Cheapest motorcycle insurance companies in Idaho

Geico has the most affordable motorcycle insurance in Idaho. At a typical price of just $420 per year, it offers coverage that's 35% cheaper than the average price statewide. It's significantly more affordable than the second-cheapest option, Progressive, which charges about $575 per year for motorcycle insurance.

The average price we found for motorcycle insurance in Idaho is $649 per year.

The most affordable motorcycle insurance in Idaho

Compare Motorcycle Insurance Quotes in Idaho

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Average annual rate
State average$649

Best motorcycle insurance for most riders: Progressive

Progressive has affordable motorcycle insurance rates, plus lots of coverage options and dependable service.
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Our top choice for motorcycle insurance in Idaho is Progressive. Its affordable rates, plus well-rated customer service and a variety of coverage options, make it our recommendation for most riders.

Progressive's typical rate for motorcycle insurance in Idaho is $575 per year for full coverage. While that's not the cheapest rate we found overall, it's 11% cheaper than the average price among all of the insurers we considered.

Riders in Idaho may take advantage of a lot of different discounts at Progressive. This includes bundling with their existing Progressive home or auto insurance, being a member of H.O.G. (the Harley Owners Group) and taking extra safety courses, among others.

Progressive has a great selection of optional coverages, too. Beyond basics like liability, comprehensive and collision, it offers more specialized choices like carried contents and trip interruption coverage. You can also opt to get guaranteed OEM (manufacturer-made) parts.

Finally, Progressive's customer service is well rated in Idaho. It has a Complaint Index from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) of 0.39. That means that Progressive only received 39% as many complaints as a typical insurer would, given its size — and suggests that people tend to be happy with the service they receive.

Best for lowest rates: Geico

Geico has the absolute lowest rates of any motorcycle insurer we reviewed in Idaho.
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For riders looking for the most affordable option for motorcycle insurance, we recommend Geico. Its typical rate of just $420 was the lowest we found statewide. Geico is about 35% cheaper than the average insurer statewide.

Geico also has a better-than-average Complaint Index of 0.67. That means that Geico customers are only about two-thirds as likely to file a complaint as a typical insurance customer, and suggests that they tend to be happy with their service overall.

The main drawback of Geico is that it doesn't offer as many specialized coverage options. If you want extra coverage like trip interruption or guaranteed OEM parts for repairs, you're better off going with our top pick, Progressive.

Best for military families: USAA

USAA offers insurance at a discount from a company with strong coverage options.
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Members of the military, veterans and their family members can get a great deal on insurance through USAA. The company has some of the best customer service around, but is only available to a limited group of consumers.

USAA doesn't sell its own motorcycle insurance, but instead works with Progressive. USAA members get a 5% discount, which can be added to Progressive's already impressive discounts and affordable prices.

Keep in mind that USAA has a limited physical presence nationwide, so you likely won't be able to go into an office to meet with an insurance agent.

Best-rated Idaho motorcycle insurers

Finding a great deal on motorcycle insurance is important, but just as essential is having a motorcycle insurer you can depend on. Two important ways we measure a company's level of service are the NAIC Complaint Index and the company's AM Best Financial Strength Rating.

NAIC Complaint Index
AM Best rating

Quality of customer service is an important part of your experience with a motorcycle insurance company and should be factored into your purchase decision.

The NAIC Complaint Index compares a company's number of complaints with its share of the market. Lower numbers indicate better performance, and the average score is 1.0. The NAIC combines car and motorcycle insurance into a single industry category. This means scores are based on each company's combined premiums for motorcycles and cars.

Idaho motorcycle insurance rates by city

The cost of motorcycle insurance may vary by city, though prices did not differ much in Idaho. All of the cities we surveyed had typical rates that were within 5% of the state average of $649 per year.

Where you live and store your motorcycle affects your insurance rates. If you live in an area with a high rate of motorcycle theft or rough roads that cause a lot of accidents, you may pay more for insurance.

Annual rate
% from statewide average
State average$649
Bonners Ferry$633-2.5%
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Idaho motorcycle insurance requirements

In order to register your motorcycle with the state of Idaho, get a license plate or ride your motorcycle on public roads, you're required to carry a certain amount of motorcycle insurance. In Idaho, you need at least the following amounts of coverage, which is the same amount required for a car:

Bodily injury liability (per person)$25,000
Bodily injury liability (per accident)$50,000
Property damage liability$15,000


We collected motorcycle insurance quotes from five major motorcycle insurance companies that operate in Idaho: Allstate, Dairyland, Geico, Nationwide and Progressive. Our sample rider is a 45-year-old man with a 2021 Harley-Davidson Street Glide. The coverage limits we used, which surpass the state minimums, are:

  • Bodily injury liability: $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability: $50,000
  • Collision: Included/$500 deductible
  • Comprehensive: Included/$500 deductible
  • All other coverages: Not included unless legally required

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