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The state exchange provides access to cheap health insurance plans in Georgia, or you may qualify for Medicaid depending on your household income. To help you get started in your search for your best health plan, we analyzed all Silver plans in Georgia.

Using our data we found that, in the majority of counties, the cheapest policy was either the Ambetter Balanced Care 11, Ambetter Balanced Care 12 or Anthem Silver Pathway X HMO 6000. However, in 73 counties, there is only a single insurer available on the marketplace, so your policy options may be limited to deciding among tiers of coverage.

Cheapest health insurance by metal tier

The average health insurance premium is $490 per month in Georgia for a 40-year-old. The cost of a 2020 health plan is 13% cheaper than 2018, representing $75 per month lower rates on average.

We compared all health plans on the Georgia marketplace and identified those with the cheapest rates in each metal tier to help you determine the best policy for a given level of coverage. None of the insurers on the Georgia health insurance exchange are available in every county, so you may not have the option to choose from the policies listed below. But we recommend using them as a comparison point when reviewing the benefits, out-of-pocket costs and monthly rates of health plans.

Metal tierCheapest planDeductibleOut-of-pocket maximumMonthly cost for a 40-year-old
CatastrophicAnthem Catastrophic Pathway X Guided Access HMO 8150$8,150$8,150$257
BronzeAmbetter Essential Care 1$8,150$8,150$319
Expanded BronzeCareSource Marketplace Bronze$7,700$8,150$308
SilverAmbetter Balanced Care 11$6,000$8,100$367
GoldAmbetter Secure Care 5$1,250$5,900$412
PlatinumSoloCare Platinum PPO 40023 Murray$275$4,800$503

As you can see above, the cost of health insurance varies significantly depending on the tier of coverage you choose. The average cost of a Bronze policy is 25% cheaper in Georgia than a Silver policy, whereas a Gold health plan would be 8% more expensive than a Silver plan for the same person.

In addition to your chosen tier of coverage, your age is one of the most significant factors in determining health insurance prices. For instance, a 40-year-old would pay 28% more per month, on average, for the same health insurance plan than a 21-year-old in Georgia. This translates to an additional $113 per month for a Silver health plan but $136 in cost for a Platinum health insurance policy.

Average monthly cost of health insurance plans by metal tier in Georgia

Finding your best health insurance coverage in Georgia

The best cheap health plan in Georgia for you will vary depending on where you live, since this determines availability of insurers and policies. In half of Georgia's counties, only one insurer is offered on the state exchange and no company covers the entirety of the state. In addition, not all metal tiers of coverage are available in each county — Catastrophic and Platinum health insurance plans may not be an option in your area.

Metal tierNumber of counties available

Higher metal tier policies, such as Gold and Platinum health plans, are typically the best choice if you expect to have high or consistent medical expenses throughout the year. Though these health insurance plans have more expensive monthly rates, their out-of-pocket expenses, such as deductibles and copays, are much lower. So, if you need to use your health insurance, you'll have to pay less yourself before your policy provides coverage.

In contrast, Bronze and Catastrophic health insurance policies have the cheapest premiums, but highest cost-sharing features. For young, healthy shoppers who don't expect to use their medical coverage throughout the year, these policies will be the lowest cost. But we only recommend them if you would be able to cover the out-of-pocket costs in case of an emergency.

Silver health plans are a good middle ground if you expect to have moderate health care expenses, as they balance affordable rates and cost sharing. Silver policies are also likely to be the best cheap coverage if you have a low-income household, as these health plans qualify for cost-sharing subsidies.

Short-term health insurance in Georgia

Short-term health insurance is available to purchase in Georgia. The state follows federal regulations for these types of policies, meaning they have maximum lengths of one year and can be renewed up to 36 months. Short-term health insurance can be a good option if you missed open enrollment or are currently between jobs.

The federal regulations for short-term health insurance also do not require short-term health insurance plans to cover the essential health benefits. For this reason, if you know you will require certain services like maternity care, you should carefully choose a plan before purchasing short-term health insurance.

Find Cheap Health Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Best cheap health insurance companies in Georgia

There are six health insurance companies on the Georgia state exchange — CareSource and Oscar Health joined in the last year — but in many parts of the state you still won't be able to choose among insurers.

However, Ambetter offered the most affordable Silver plan in 115 of Georgia's 159 counties. After Ambetter, Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield was the cheapest insurer in 20 counties, followed by CareSource in 13 and Alliant in 11.

Health insurance companyNumber of counties available
Alliant Health Plans31
Ambetter of Peach State Inc.122
Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthcare Plan of Georgia, Inc.75
CareSource Georgia Co.44
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Georgia20
Oscar Health Plan of Georgia8

Cheapest health insurance plan by county

The county you live in will determine which insurers and health plans are available to you on the Georgia marketplace, as well as your cost of coverage. Prices for the same plan vary by region — the Anthem Silver Pathway X HMO 6000 policy, for instance, would cost a 40-year-old $554 per month in Hancock County but $766 in Cook County.

To help you in your search for the best health insurance policy, we analyzed all plans on the exchange and identified the cheapest Silver plan in each county. Below, you can see the lowest cost plan alongside sample monthly rates for an individual, couple and family of three.

CountyCheapest Silver planSingle adult, age 40Couple, age 40Couple, age 40, and Child
ApplingAmbetter Balanced Care 11$403$805$1,046
AtkinsonAnthem Silver Pathway X HMO 6000$648$1,297$1,685
BaconAmbetter Balanced Care 11$378$757$983
BakerAmbetter Balanced Care 11$437$875$1,136
BaldwinAmbetter Balanced Care 11$370$740$961
BanksCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$486$971$1,262
BarrowAmbetter Balanced Care 11$385$769$1000
BartowAmbetter Balanced Care 12$419$837$1,088
Ben HillAmbetter Balanced Care 11$386$772$1,003
BerrienAnthem Silver Pathway X HMO 6000$766$1,532$1,991
BibbSoloCare Silver PPO 40017 Barrow/Jackson/Macon$425$849$1,104
BleckleyAmbetter Balanced Care 11$435$870$1,130
BrantleyAmbetter Balanced Care 11$378$757$983
BrooksAmbetter Balanced Care 11$386$772$1,003
BryanAmbetter Balanced Care 11$403$805$1,046
BullochAmbetter Balanced Care 11$403$805$1,046
BurkeAmbetter Balanced Care 11$401$802$1,043
ButtsAmbetter Balanced Care 12$419$837$1,088
CalhounAmbetter Balanced Care 11$437$875$1,136
CamdenAmbetter Balanced Care 11$378$757$983
CandlerAmbetter Balanced Care 11$403$805$1,046
CarrollAnthem Silver Pathway X HMO 6000$725$1,449$1,883
CatoosaAmbetter Balanced Care 11$423$846$1,100
CharltonAmbetter Balanced Care 11$378$757$983
ChathamAmbetter Balanced Care 11$403$805$1,046
ChattahoocheeAmbetter Balanced Care 11$408$816$1,060
ChattoogaSoloCare Silver PPO 40017 Chattooga$517$1,033$1,342
CherokeeAmbetter Balanced Care 12$419$837$1,088
ClarkeAmbetter Balanced Care 11$385$769$1000
ClayAmbetter Balanced Care 11$437$875$1,136
ClaytonAmbetter Balanced Care 12$419$837$1,088
ClinchAmbetter Balanced Care 11$386$772$1,003
CobbAmbetter Balanced Care 12$419$837$1,088
CoffeeAmbetter Balanced Care 11$367$734$954
ColquittAnthem Silver Pathway X HMO 6000$766$1,532$1,991
ColumbiaAmbetter Balanced Care 11$401$802$1,043
CookAnthem Silver Pathway X HMO 6000$766$1,532$1,991
CowetaCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$473$947$1,230
CrawfordSoloCare Silver PPO 40017 Barrow/Jackson/Macon$425$849$1,104
CrispAmbetter Balanced Care 11$437$875$1,136
DadeAmbetter Balanced Care 11$423$846$1,100
DawsonCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$486$971$1,262
DecaturAmbetter Balanced Care 11$386$772$1,003
DekalbAmbetter Balanced Care 12$419$837$1,088
DodgeAmbetter Balanced Care 11$435$870$1,130
DoolyAmbetter Balanced Care 11$435$870$1,130
DoughertyAmbetter Balanced Care 11$437$875$1,136
DouglasAmbetter Balanced Care 12$419$837$1,088
EarlyAmbetter Balanced Care 11$386$772$1,003
EcholsAnthem Silver Pathway X HMO 6000$766$1,532$1,991
EffinghamAmbetter Balanced Care 11$403$805$1,046
ElbertAmbetter Balanced Care 11$385$769$1000
EmanuelAmbetter Balanced Care 11$401$802$1,043
EvansAmbetter Balanced Care 11$403$805$1,046
FanninAmbetter Balanced Care 11$414$827$1,075
FayetteAmbetter Balanced Care 12$419$837$1,088
FloydSoloCare Silver PPO 40017 Chattooga$517$1,033$1,342
ForsythAmbetter Balanced Care 12$419$837$1,088
FranklinCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$486$971$1,262
FultonAmbetter Balanced Care 12$419$837$1,088
GilmerSoloCare Silver PPO 40017 Chattooga$517$1,033$1,342
GlascockAmbetter Balanced Care 11$401$802$1,043
GlynnAmbetter Balanced Care 11$378$757$983
GordonAmbetter Balanced Care 11$375$749$973
GradyAmbetter Balanced Care 11$386$772$1,003
GreeneAmbetter Balanced Care 11$385$769$1000
GwinnettAmbetter Balanced Care 12$419$837$1,088
HabershamCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$486$971$1,262
HallCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$486$971$1,262
HancockAnthem Silver Pathway X HMO 6000$554$1,108$1,440
HaralsonAnthem Silver Pathway X HMO 6000$725$1,449$1,883
HarrisAmbetter Balanced Care 11$408$816$1,060
HartCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$486$971$1,262
HeardAnthem Silver Pathway X HMO 6000$725$1,449$1,883
HenryAmbetter Balanced Care 12$419$837$1,088
HoustonSoloCare Silver PPO 40017 Barrow/Jackson/Macon$425$849$1,104
IrwinAmbetter Balanced Care 11$386$772$1,003
JacksonAmbetter Balanced Care 11$385$769$1000
JasperAmbetter Balanced Care 12$419$837$1,088
Jeff DavisAmbetter Balanced Care 11$367$734$954
JeffersonAmbetter Balanced Care 11$401$802$1,043
JenkinsAmbetter Balanced Care 11$401$802$1,043
JohnsonAmbetter Balanced Care 11$367$734$954
JonesSoloCare Silver PPO 40017 Barrow/Jackson/Macon$425$849$1,104
LamarAmbetter Balanced Care 12$419$837$1,088
LanierAnthem Silver Pathway X HMO 6000$766$1,532$1,991
LaurensAmbetter Balanced Care 11$367$734$954
LeeAmbetter Balanced Care 11$437$875$1,136
LibertyAmbetter Balanced Care 11$403$805$1,046
LincolnAnthem Silver Pathway X HMO 6000$491$982$1,276
LongAmbetter Balanced Care 11$403$805$1,046
LowndesAnthem Silver Pathway X HMO 6000$766$1,532$1,991
LumpkinCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$486$971$1,262
MaconAmbetter Balanced Care 11$408$816$1,060
MadisonAmbetter Balanced Care 11$385$769$1000
MarionAmbetter Balanced Care 11$408$816$1,060
McduffieAnthem Silver Pathway X HMO 6000$491$982$1,276
McintoshAmbetter Balanced Care 11$378$757$983
MeriwetherAmbetter Balanced Care 11$408$816$1,060
MillerAmbetter Balanced Care 11$386$772$1,003
MitchellAmbetter Balanced Care 11$437$875$1,136
MonroeSoloCare Silver PPO 40017 Barrow/Jackson/Macon$425$849$1,104
MontgomeryAmbetter Balanced Care 11$367$734$954
MorganAmbetter Balanced Care 11$385$769$1000
MurrayAmbetter Balanced Care 11$414$827$1,075
MuscogeeAmbetter Balanced Care 11$408$816$1,060
NewtonAmbetter Balanced Care 12$419$837$1,088
OconeeAmbetter Balanced Care 11$385$769$1000
OglethorpeAnthem Silver Pathway X HMO 6000$572$1,144$1,486
PauldingAmbetter Balanced Care 12$419$837$1,088
PeachSoloCare Silver PPO 40017 Barrow/Jackson/Macon$425$849$1,104
PickensAmbetter Balanced Care 11$375$749$973
PierceAmbetter Balanced Care 11$378$757$983
PikeAmbetter Balanced Care 12$419$837$1,088
PolkSoloCare Silver PPO 40017 Chattooga$517$1,033$1,342
PulaskiAmbetter Balanced Care 11$435$870$1,130
PutnamAmbetter Balanced Care 11$435$870$1,130
QuitmanAmbetter Balanced Care 11$408$816$1,060
RabunCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$486$971$1,262
RandolphAmbetter Balanced Care 11$437$875$1,136
RichmondAmbetter Balanced Care 11$401$802$1,043
RockdaleAmbetter Balanced Care 12$419$837$1,088
SchleyAmbetter Balanced Care 11$437$875$1,136
ScrevenAmbetter Balanced Care 11$403$805$1,046
SeminoleAnthem Silver Pathway X HMO 6000$766$1,532$1,991
SpaldingAmbetter Balanced Care 12$419$837$1,088
StephensCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$486$971$1,262
StewartAmbetter Balanced Care 11$408$816$1,060
SumterAmbetter Balanced Care 11$437$875$1,136
TalbotAmbetter Balanced Care 11$408$816$1,060
TaliaferroAnthem Silver Pathway X HMO 6000$491$982$1,276
TattnallAmbetter Balanced Care 11$403$805$1,046
TaylorAmbetter Balanced Care 11$408$816$1,060
TelfairAmbetter Balanced Care 11$367$734$954
TerrellAmbetter Balanced Care 11$437$875$1,136
ThomasAmbetter Balanced Care 11$386$772$1,003
TiftAnthem Silver Pathway X HMO 6000$766$1,532$1,991
ToombsAmbetter Balanced Care 11$367$734$954
TownsCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$486$971$1,262
TreutlenAmbetter Balanced Care 11$367$734$954
TroupAmbetter Balanced Care 11$408$816$1,060
TurnerAmbetter Balanced Care 11$386$772$1,003
TwiggsSoloCare Silver PPO 40017 Barrow/Jackson/Macon$425$849$1,104
UnionCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$486$971$1,262
UpsonAnthem Silver Pathway X HMO 6000$596$1,191$1,548
WalkerAmbetter Balanced Care 11$423$846$1,100
WaltonAmbetter Balanced Care 12$419$837$1,088
WareAmbetter Balanced Care 11$378$757$983
WarrenAnthem Silver Pathway X HMO 6000$491$982$1,276
WashingtonAmbetter Balanced Care 11$370$740$961
WayneAmbetter Balanced Care 11$378$757$983
WebsterAmbetter Balanced Care 11$408$816$1,060
WheelerAmbetter Balanced Care 11$367$734$954
WhiteCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$486$971$1,262
WhitfieldAmbetter Balanced Care 11$414$827$1,075
WilcoxAmbetter Balanced Care 11$435$870$1,130
WilkesAnthem Silver Pathway X HMO 6000$491$982$1,276
WilkinsonAmbetter Balanced Care 11$370$740$961
WorthAmbetter Balanced Care 11$437$875$1,136

Average cost of health insurance by family size in Georgia

If you're purchasing a health insurance policy to cover your family, each person covered by the plan will increase the cost of coverage based upon their age, though children will be priced at a flat rate until they reach age 15. So, for instance, a 40-year-old couple in Georgia with two children would pay $623 more per month for a Silver health plan that covers their family of four than they would pay to cover just themselves. This is because each child costs an average of $311 to add to a Silver health insurance policy.

Family sizeAverage monthly cost of health plan
Individual + child$832
Couple age 40$1,041
Family of three (Adult couple and a child)$1,352
Family of four (Adult couple and two children)$1,664
Family of five (Adult couple and three children)$1,975
Adults are assumed to be 40 years old. Sample rates are based on the average cost for a Silver plan in Georgia.

Health insurance rate changes in Georgia

Health plan premiums are set by individual health companies. Once an insurer has decided on rates for the upcoming year, these are sent to the Georgia health insurance exchange for approval.

In Georgia, the average cost of a health plan is 13% lower in 2020 than 2018, though rates did rise for Catastrophic policies by 1%. Gold health insurance plans saw the most significant decrease in pricing — rates are 29% lower than two years ago, or $225 cheaper per month for the average 40-year-old.

Metal tier2018 premium2020 premium% change
Expanded BronzeNot applicable$443Not applicable
Rates are based on a 40-year-old adult.


The rates and terms for health insurance plans referenced in this analysis were sourced from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) government website. ValuePenguin calculated the average cost of a policy by metal tier, family size and region by referencing data from CMS's Public Use Files (PUF).

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