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Known for their coffee obsession and the giant Space Needle, Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest. And while the percentage of people who bike to work is up 50% in the last 10 years, almost 45% of Seattleites who work downtown get there using their car, truck or van. And if you're one of those 45% you are required by Washington state law to have an insurance policy on your vehicle. Fortunately, the citizens of Washington already have one of the lowest average car insurance premiums in the country, but how did the city of Seattle fare?

ValuePenguin recently conducted a study of auto insurance premiums in Seattle to give drivers a feel for what insurance rates are like in different parts of the city. Below we've put together a thorough analysis on which areas of Seattle are the cheapest and costliest, and which companies offer the best rates in the Emerald City. Even though the city's land size is only about 83 square miles, annual premiums can vary up to 50% based on location alone. This is why consumers should shop around to get the right rates for themselves. Enter your zip code below to start shopping for the best rates among the top insurers in your neighborhood.

Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Cost of Car Insurance In Select Seattle Neighborhoods

We looked at 12 different Seattle neighborhoods to give you the best insight into what rates may be in your area. Those neighborhoods in alphabetical order are as follows: Ballard, Burien, Capitol Hill, Columbia City, Georgetown, Greenwood, Kirkland, Madrona, Queen Anne, Ravenna, South Lake Union, and West Seattle. Here's a peek at the average cost of car insurance in Seattle for the above mentioned neighborhoods.

Ranking Cost of Car Insurance

Most Expensive Areas


Georgetown, WA is the oldest neighborhood in Seattle and also the most expensive. At $847 annually, car insurance in Georgetown is 5% pricier than the 2nd most expensive part of Seattle and almost 30% more on average than the cheapest neighborhood.


Located in east central Seattle, Madrona is the 2nd most expensive neighborhood for auto insurance in the city. GEICO plans can be had for as little as $552 per year while a similar insurance plan from MetLife will cost $1,152 annually...more than twice as much.

Least Expensive Areas


The northwest Seattle neighborhood of Ballard wins the award for cheapest auto insurance rates in the city. Average annual premiums in this area were $667, or 21% cheaper than in Georgetown


Positioned to the east side of Lake Washington, Kirkland boasts the 2nd cheapest car insurance rates in Seattle at $684 per year on average.

Map of Neighborhoods

Here are the twelve neighborhoods we surveyed represented by their numerical rank. Number one has the cheapest auto insurance rates in Seattle while number 12 is the most expensive:

Map of Neighborhoods

Best Auto Insurance Rates in Seattle

Here's a look at the average annual rate for 7 auto insurance companies that offer coverage in Seattle. The companies we looked at were GEICO, State Farm, Farmers Insurance, Allstate, California Casualty, National General, and MetLife:

Best Auto Insurance Rates in Seattle

Most Expensive Insurer in Seattle

**MetLife **- On average, MetLife rates came in as the most expensive at $884 per year. However, in Ballard and Burien, MetLife wasn't the most expensive...that title belonged to National General.

Cheapest Auto Insurance Company in Seattle

**GEICO **- At $548 per year, GEICO's average rate was the cheapest of any company we looked at. Not only were they the cheapest overall, GEICO was the most affordable option in all 13 neighborhoods.

Auto Theft Statistics in Washington State

On a statewide basis, Seattle ranks very well in number of automobile thefts per year. The most recent data from 2010 shows Seattle only had 5.84 car thefts per 1,000 vehicles. That's almost half of what Spokane experienced and lower than any city besides Bellevue, WA.


PopulationCar TheftsThefts per 1,000
















Sample car insurance rates assume the drivers are a 40 year old married couple who owns their vehicle, has excellent credit, and opts for minimum liability coverage as required by the state of Washington. The couple drives a 2010 Toyota Camry and puts between 10-15k miles per year on the car which is primarily used for commuting to and from work. Additionally, the driver has no moving violations or accidents in the past 5 years.

Surveyed auto insurance costs in the city of Seattle are for illustrative purposes only and actual quotes will vary based on your physical residence, driving history, and other factors.

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