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We compared car insurance quotes in New Hampshire to let consumers know who had the best rates by city and company. Our data included local quotes from 10+ insurers for a sample 30 year old man across more than 37 cities to determine the cheapest auto insurance companies in the Granite State. Depending on where drivers live and who they insured with, annual premiums in New Hampshire could vary widely. For example, in two of our most expensive cities, Salem and Manchester, the difference in cost between the costliest and cheapest auto insurance companies was greater than $1,100 on average. This emphasizes the need for consumers to get at least three quotes—read more below, or type your zip code above for a list of insurance companies near you to start shopping.

Cheap Car Insurance in New Hampshire

Which companies had the cheapest auto insurance rates in New Hampshire? Our graph below shows the five companies in New Hampshire that ranked with the best quotes based on the data for our sample 30 year old man living and driving in 37 cities in New Hampshire.

This chart shows which companies in New Hampshire have the lowest annual premiums for auto insurance

Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Concord, Patriot Insurance, GEICO, Vermont Mutual, and Commerce Insurance had the five lowest auto insurance costs in New Hampshire on average. In aggregate, the average annual premium at these companies was $857, or about 29% cheaper than what the typical insurer charges for vehicle liability protection in New Hampshire. Concord Insurance had the cheapest rates in New Hampshire for the most part. Our local driver could save more than 50% in the Granite State by switching to Concord. Annual rates at Patriot Insurance, an agent-based company in New England, were about 33% lower on average. At GEICO, Vermont Mutual, and Commerce Insurance, average annual rates were about 20% lower than the statewide composite.

Your quotes will ultimately depend on circumstances specific to you, such as what vehicle you drive, whether you’ve had any accidents or moving violations in the past five years, and what liability coverage limits you choose to be insured for. For more specific results, type in your zip code above for a list of companies near you to start your search for good rates. Here is a list of the 11 carriers we analyzed for our sample motorists, who had great driving records and credit histories:

RankCompanyAverage Annual Premium
2Patriot Insurance$809
4Vermont Mutual$986
5Commerce Insurance$1,061
6State Farm$1,083

Cheap Car Insurance in New Hampshire: by City

What drivers pay for car insurance varies in part due to where they live and drive, in addition to other factors. This table below lists the top three auto insurance companies in city along with the average cost for a single 30 year old man.

CityCompanyYearly Rate
Patriot Insurance$732
Patriot Insurance$792
Patriot Insurance$780
Patriot Insurance$804
Patriot Insurance$852
Patriot Insurance$780
Patriot Insurance$804
Patriot Insurance$780
Patriot Insurance$936
Patriot Insurance$852
Patriot Insurance$780
Patriot Insurance$804
Patriot Insurance$792
Patriot Insurance$780
Patriot Insurance$744
Patriot Insurance$852
Patriot Insurance$792
Patriot Insurance$792
Patriot Insurance$960
Patriot Insurance$708
Patriot Insurance$744
Patriot Insurance$780
Patriot Insurance$912
Patriot Insurance$744
Patriot Insurance$732
Patriot Insurance$852
Patriot Insurance$780
Patriot Insurance$960
Patriot Insurance$720
Patriot Insurance$864
Patriot Insurance$840
Patriot Insurance$768
Patriot Insurance$744
Patriot Insurance$900
Patriot Insurance$840
Patriot Insurance$888
Patriot Insurance$744

Manchester, NH

With 110,000 residents, Manchester is the largest city in the Granite State and the second most expensive for auto insurance. Nicknamed the Queen City, Manchester has recently undergone a revitalization effort and reinvested heavily in human and economic capital. It’s here in Manchester that the first credit union in America was founded – right on Notre Dame Avenue and Amory Street, where America’s Credit Union Museum now stands.

It costs $1,506 a year to insure a car in Manchester – that is 25% higher than the state average and the costliest in the Granite State. For cheap car insurance in Manchester, GEICO, Patriot, and Concord were the top three companies with the lowest quotes. On average, the annual premium at these three companies was $867, which is a reduction of $639 and 28% compared to the citywide average. At these rates, drivers in Manchester could be paying premiums even less than, or on par with what drivers in our cheapest city, Keene, shell out..

Here are the five cheapest companies for auto insurance in Manchester, NH, based on composite averages:

This graph displays the top five cheapest companies in Manchester with the cheapest annual rates

Nashua, NH

Bordered by the Merrimack River to the east and the state of Massachusetts to the south, Nashua measures 32 square miles in size. 86,000 people call Nashua home, which makes it the second largest city in the Granite State. With attractions ranging from the Mine Falls Park and FunWorld to Holman Stadium and the Verizon Wireless Arena, there’s something for everyone in Nashua.

In spite of its status as the second largest city, Nashua’s local auto insurance costs are not the second most expensive. With annual premiums of $1,251 Nashua ranks as the 9th most expensive and just 4% higher than the typical Granite State city. If you’re looking to save on auto insurance costs near you, add GEICO, Patriot, and Concord to your list of companies to get quotes from. These three companies had the lowest auto insurance costs in Nashua of $777 on average, which equates to 38% lower than the citywide average.

This graphic displays the companies with the best car insurance rates in Nashua, NH

Concord, NH

The second most affordable city in New Hampshire for car insurance is Concord, the state capital. Concord’s State House is the oldest continually used capitol in the nation by the state legislature. On lighter notes, Concord is also where the first alarm clock was invented, the first private citizen in space was from, and one of world’s largest meatballs was created.

The cost of auto insurance for locals is a low $1,106 a year, which is about 8% lower than the state average. For low-cost car insurance, we recommend including GEICO, Patriot, and Concord in your list of companies when getting quotes. That’s because these three had the lowest rates in Concord – lower by about 36% compared to the typical underwriter – with an average annual premium of $710 in our analysis.

This column chart ranks the auto insurance companies with the lowest annual premiums in Concord, and compares them to the city average

Derry, NH

Derry is home to 33,000 residents, and was the birthplace of the first American astronaut in space, which gave rise to the nickname “Spacetown”. Centrally located between Boston, the seacoast, and the White Mountains, Derry is a great spot with multiple road trip options to commence from. It measures 36 square miles in size, and is dotted with a number of lakes, ponds, and streams. The mean annual premium in Derry is $1,316. Derry drivers pay on average 9% higher than their counterparts elsewhere in New Hampshire. Affordable car insurance in Derry can be had at GEICO, Patriot, and Concord – the three insurers with the lowest costs. Their annual premiums averaged $839 among these three companies, which is about 36% more savings compared to what the average amount charged by auto insurance companies in Derry. Progressive and Vermont Mutual round out the top five affordable insurance providers in Derry.

This graph displays five of the cheapest insurers in Derry, and ranks them by their annual car insurance rates

Dover, NH

Located in the heart of the New Hampshire Seacoast region is the city of Dover. The state is criss-crossed by the Cochecho and Bellamy Rivers, along with the main transportation artery of Spaulding Turnpike, and a number of New Hampshire Routes. It ranks as the 5th most populated city with 31,000 residents, and the 8th most expensive for auto insurance costs in New Hampshire.

The average annual premium in Dover is $1,167 for car insurance. Compared to other New Hampshire cities, local Dover drivers do pay about 3% less generally speaking. Looking for cheap auto insurance near you in Dover? We found the lowest costs for auto coverage at GEICO, Patriot, and Concord. Together, these three providers had a mean annual premiums of $749, which is 36% cheaper than what the average auto insurance company charges in Dover.

This graph shows the five cheapest companies in Dover, NH for auto insurance, and ranks them by their cost

Rochester, NH

It’s easy to commute and drive around in Rochester. The city is served by a network of highways, including New Hampshire Route 16 (the Spaulding Turnpike), New Hampshire Route 125, and U.S. Route 202. Each year in September, the city hosts the Rochester Fair, and fair grounds are packed with an Expo Wheel, race tents, show and pulls, demolition derbies, and other exhibitions.

Drivers in Rochester pay on average $1,145 to insure their cars with protection from accident liability. It costs just 4% more than what the typical New Hampshire resident pays on average, but there are opportunities to save in Rochester with some comparison shopping. Based on the quotes we analyzed, the three cheapest car insurance companies in Rochester were GEICO, Patriot Auto, and Concord. That’s based on an average annual cost of $693, which equates to a 39% decrease versus the citywide average, and $452 more in one’s pocket. Vermont Mutual and Commerce Insurance also ranked on the cheaper end and help to round out the top five affordable companies in Rochester.

This graph shows the top five companies in Rochester for affordable auto insurance, and lists their average annual premiums

Salem, NH

This town of 29,000 residents takes the third most expensive spot for auto insurance in New Hampshire. Salem is home to attractions such as Canobie Lake Park, a theme park and entertainment center, as well as America’s Stonehenge, a site speculated to be the oldest man-made construction in America with astronomical alignments to solstices.

$1,392 is the average annual cost for car insurance in Salem, which works out to be 15% pricier than what the drivers pay elsewhere in New Hampshire. In Salem, the cheapest local auto insurance companies were GEICO, Patriot Insurance, and Concord. They ranked at the lower end of costs with mean premiums of $849 a year, which was 39% lower than the Salem average.

This graphic shows the five most affordable car insurance companies in Salem,NH

Merrimack, NH

Merrimack occupies an area 33 square miles in size, and houses one of Anheuser-Busch’s smallest plants and one of the stables for the Budweiser Clydesdales horses. The town has easy access to Boston and other neighboring cities in New Hampshire through the Daniel Webster Highway and the Everett Turnpike. Residents pay an average of $1,228 a year to insure their vehicles in Merrimack, which is just 1% shy of the state’s average. On the cheaper end of auto insurance in Merrimack are GEICO, Patriot Auto, and Concord. Drivers can see average annual quotes of $738 at these companies, which would save them roughly 40% compared to Merrimack’s typical insurer.

This graph displays the annual premiums for the five cheapest auto insurers in Merrimack, NH, and compares them to the city average

Hudson, NH

Hudson’s auto insurance costs are middle-of-the-road for New Hampshire. The town is located in Hillsborough County, and has been described as a bedroom community for its close driving distance to the Greater Boston metropolitan area via the Interstate Highway 93.

Looking for auto insurance companies with the lowest costs in Hudson, NH? We suggest getting quotes from GEICO, Patriot, and Concord, which were the three companies with the lowest annual premiums for our sample drivers. To give you a sense of the savings, the average annual cost of insurance in Hudson was $1,259 but $774 at these three providers. That’s $485 more in Hudson drivers’ pockets, and a 39% discount to the citywide average.

The five auto insurance providers in Hudson, NH with the cheapest annual premiums

Londonderry, NH

It’s in Londonderry that the first potato took root, and the first alarm clock ever rang. Today, the town is home to 24,000 residents, and is better known for Stonyfield Farms and a host of apple orchards, including Elwood Orchards and Sunnycrest Farms.

The mean cost of car insurance in Londonderry is $1,272 per year. That’s just 5% more than what the typical New Hampshire driver pays. Drivers looking to save more in Londonderry would do well to consider GEICO, Patriot Auto, and Concord when comparing insurance quotes. These three ranked as the most affordable car insurance companies in Londonderry, with average rates of $762 that were 37% cheaper than what the typical insurer charged.

This graph shows which companies in Londonderry have the cheapest quotes for car insurance

Keene, NH

Ranking at the top of our best cities list for auto insurance is Keene, NH, a city of 23,000 residents. It’s home to Keene State College and Antioch University New England, as is a regular holder of a Guinness World Record title for most jack-o-lanterns lit. Their Pumpkin Fest regularly attracts about 80,000 visitors to Keene each fall. Drivers in Keene enjoy the lowest car insurance rates in New Hampshire of $1,050 a year. That already places Keene’s insurance costs 13% cheaper than elsewhere in the Granite State. For those commuters looking for cheaper car insurance in Keene, GEICO, Concord, and Patriot ranked with three of the lowest costs in our analysis. Compared to the typical insurer, annual costs of $676 at these three companies were $374 or 44% cheaper per year.

This graph shows the annual premiums for car insurance from the cheapest companies in Keene alongside the city's average

Windham, NH

The fourth most expensive spot on our list is Windham, a town located in Rockingham County about 40 miles away from Boston, MA. It is an exurb community numbering 14,000 residents that was reportedly named after the original founding petitioner’s homeland.

The average cost of auto insurance in Windham is $1,362 a year, which is 13% higher than the typical NH city. For cheap auto insurance in Windham, get quotes from GEICO, Patriot Auto, and Concord – these three insurers had the lowest rates in the town by 34%. Their average was $802, which is $560 less than what the typical insurer was quoting.

This graph lines up the car insurance providers in Windham with the lowest annual rates, and compares them to the city average

Lebanon, NH

Nestled in the Connecticut River Valley, Lebanon is home to the largest medical facility in Northern New England: the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and the Norris Cotton Cancer Center. The city measures 41 square miles in size and is home to 13,000 citizens.

Auto insurance in Lebanon costs on average $1,119 a year. It’s just $9 less than the state average, but there is further room for savings with a bit of comparison shopping. So, which companies have the lowest rates for auto insurance in Lebanon? We found them at GEICO, Patriot Auto, and Concord, which together had an average annual cost of $701. This amount was 37% less than what the general auto insurance company in Lebanon was charging the city’s drivers.

This graph organizes the five cheapest auto insurers in Lebanon by average annual premiums alongside the city average

Hanover, NH

Just six miles away from Lebanon is the city with the second lowest auto insurance costs in New Hampshire: Hanover. Hanover is home to institutions such as the Dartmouth College and the US Army Corps of Engineers Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, along with 11,000 residents.

It costs $1,123 a year for drivers to insure their vehicles in Hanover. That’s 7% cheaper than elsewhere in the states, and rates will likely be even lower at one of these three companies: GEICO, Patriot, and Concord. Out of the insurers we surveyed, these three ranked with the cheapest auto insurance in Hanover. Their rates averaged $713 a year, which was a discount of 41% compared to the city composite.

This chart compares the average annual premiums from five of Hanover's cheapest auto insurance companies against the city average

Peterborough, NH

Ranking at the sixth cheapest spot for auto insurance is Peterborough, NH, a town of 6,000 in Hillsborough County. One of the oldest basket manufacturers is located here, as well as the first Brookstone store. It’s here that the first public library in the United States was established.

The average annual cost of auto insurance in Peterborough is $1,128. The top three companies with the lowest rates for auto insurance in Peterborough were GEICO, Patriot, and Amica, which collectively averaged $697 a year. Compared to the state average, this composite is $431 or 42% less. State Farm and Vermont Mutual round out the top five cheapest insurers in Peterborough.

This chart lines up five of the cheapest car insurance providers in Peterborough based on their annual costs

Kingston, NH

Kingston was the fifth community to be established in New Hampshire, and where the second signer of the Declaration of Independence hailed from. The town is home to 6,000 residents, and measures 21 square miles in size.

It’s also the third most expensive spot in the Granite State for auto insurance to the tune of $1,367 annually. This premium is almost a quarter more than what drivers pay in the typical New Hampshire city. For cheaper auto insurance in Kingston, we suggest checking out quotes from GEICO, Patriot Auto, Concord. The average annual premium at these three companies runs about $822 a year, and is 32% more affordable compared to the citywide average.

This graph shows that not all insurance companies in Kingston are expensive; it ranks five auto insurers by their lowest annual rates

Average Cost of Car Insurance in New Hampshire

Our study looked at the rates for thirty seven cities in the Granite State. In aggregate, the average cost of auto insurance in New Hampshire was $1,208 a year. Generally speaking, the same driver’s annual car insurance premiums can range from $1,050 to $1,506 depending on whether he lived in Keene, or Manchester, respectively.


CityAverage annual auto insurance rate

Best Car Insurance Companies in NH

We calculated a complaint ratio for each company to find the best auto insurers in New Hampshire. Doing so allows consumers to compare how many complaints each insurer gets while taking into account the amount of auto insurance business they have in the state. The lower the ratio, the happier drivers are with their provider. By dividing an insurer’s complaints with their premiums per million, we found that the best car insurance companies in the Granite State are Concord General Mutual, Hanover Insurance and Progressive.

Car Insurance Company

Direct PremiumsComplaintsComplaint Ratio
Concord General Mutual Insurance$27,448,00000.00
Hanover Insurance21,678,00010.05
State Farm88,983,00060.07
Liberty Mutual83,602,000110.13

New Hampshire Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

In New Hampshire, auto insurance is not a requirement, which is the case in most states. However, it is still recommended that you carry it to protect yourself and your assets if you are held liable for damages you cause in an accident. Drivers that do purchase auto insurance are required to have the following coverages:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability coverage: $25,000 per accident
  • Uninsured/Underinsured bodily injury liability coverage: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident
  • Medical payments coverage: $1,000 per accident


We took a look at auto insurance rates for a single 30 year old male who drove their 2011 Toyota Camry about 12,000 miles a year. Homeowners with good credit who have paid their cars off in full, our sample drivers have also had a great half of a decade on the road: no accidents or moving violations on his record.

The analysis includes costs across thirty seven cities from eleven insurers, including some of the largest groups underwriting in the state: State Farm, Progressive, GEICO, and Nationwide. Here are the policy limits that the rates are based on, and how they compare to the minimum liability requirements in New Hampshire:

Liability Type

Study Assumptions
Bodily Liability (per person / accident)$50,000 / $100,000
Property Damage$25,000
Uninsured Motorist$50,000 / $100,000
Medical Payments$1,000
Collision / Comprehensive deductible$500

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