Cheap Auto Insurance in Maui, Hawaii

Cheap Auto Insurance in Maui, Hawaii

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The cheapest minimum coverage in Maui comes from Geico. The island-wide average is $649 per year, but policyholders from Geico pay just $270 — savings of $379 annually.

Minimum coverage in Maui is comparable to Hawaii as a whole. Residents pay $649 per year for auto insurance, while the statewide average is $644.

No matter what kind of auto insurance coverage you're looking for, the best way to score a good deal is to compare rates from different companies. Rates can differ by hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending what insurer you select.

For example, Geico is the most affordable insurer in Maui for minimum coverage, charging just $270. By contrast, State Farm, the most expensive insurer in Hawaii, charges over $1,000 more, with a minimum coverage policy costing $1,391 per year. If you want to avoid overpaying, be sure to shop around.

Cheapest minimum coverage car insurance policy in Maui

Geico offered the cheapest rates for a minimum coverage policy in Maui. Across the island, minimum coverage averages at $649 per year, but Geico charges 58% less — just $270.

Members of the military and qualifying family members who live in Maui should consider getting quotes from USAA, as well. At $326 per year, minimum coverage from USAA is only slightly more expensive than a policy from Geico. In fact, it's only $4 more on a monthly basis.

Cheapest car insurance companies in Maui

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Minimum coverage policies are very affordable, which is why many drivers prefer them to full coverage policies. Hawaii’s minimum coverage policies include the following three coverages:

  • Bodily injury liability: If you cause an accident, this coverage will pay for any injuries sustained by the other driver and their passengers.
  • Property damage liability: If you cause an accident, this coverage will pay for damage to the other driver's car or property.
  • Personal injury protection: This coverage pays for your own injuries — no matter who is at fault in the accident.
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Minimum coverage policies don't include any protection for your own car. That's why ValuePenguin recommends full coverage to most drivers, especially those who own high-value or new cars.
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Average annual rate
2Island Insurance$408
4State Farm$1,391

*USAA is not ranked because only military members (current and former) and their families are eligible.

Cheapest companies in Maui for full coverage insurance

Geico also has the most affordable full coverage insurance for Maui drivers. A full coverage policy costs $709 per year, making it $694 cheaper than Island Insurance, the next-cheapest option, and $1,055 cheaper than the island average of $1,764.

Average annual rate
2Island Insurance$1,343
4State Farm$3,620

*USAA is only available to current and former military members and their families.

On average, full coverage costs 172% more in Maui than minimum coverage does. Full coverage costs more because it includes collision and comprehensive coverage, which pay for damages to your own car in different circumstances.


Covers repairs to your car after you collide with another driver or object, or after events like driving into a ditch.


Covers repairs for circumstances beyond your control, like vandalism, a falling tree branch or animal damage.

Cheap car insurance for drivers with prior incidents

If you have some kind of incident on your driving record, you will likely pay more than someone with a clean record. This is because insurance companies view incidents as a sign that you're a higher-risk driver and increase your rates to account for that risk. Our rate research identified the most affordable insurance for Maui drivers who have:

Cheapest car insurance for drivers with prior accidents

Maui drivers looking for cheap insurance after an accident should start their search with Geico. Not only does Geico raise rates by less than other insurers after an accident, but it also charges the least overall. Full coverage from Geico for Maui drivers with an at-fault accident on their record is $1,042 per year — 56% cheaper than the island average of $2,359 per year.

Rate before accident
Rate after accident
2Island Insurance$1,343$1,798$455
4State Farm$3,620$4,382$762

*USAA is not ranked because only military members (current and former) and their families are eligible.

If your driving record changes, use it as an opportunity to shop around and compare quotes. Insurers raise rates to different degrees. For example, USAA increased rates by only $249, while Allstate raised rates by $1,178.

Discounts can help drivers get their rates down if an at-fault accident has raised them significantly. Insurance companies usually automatically roll in discounts for things like anti-theft and safety devices, but you may be able to get more if you ask.

Cheapest car insurance for people with a speeding ticket: Geico

Insurance rates go up by 16%, from $1,764 per year to $2,047 per year, after a speeding ticket for Maui drivers. That breaks down to $283 more per year, or about $24 more each month.

Once again, Geico had the cheapest coverage for Maui drivers with a speeding ticket on their records. Rates are $709 per year, which is 65% cheaper than the island average.

Annual rate
2Island Insurance$1,458
4State Farm$4,001

Cheapest car insurance for drivers with a DUI: Progressive

Insurers raise rates by 220% in Maui after an at-fault accident, making it by far the most costly of the incidents we looked at. The average annual cost of insurance is $5,652 per year, or a whopping $471 per month.

The cheapest rates for Maui drivers with a DUI on their records came from State Farm. Annual full coverage costs $4,001, making it 29% cheaper than the island average.

Annual rate
1State Farm$4,001
4Island Insurance$11,525

Cheapest full coverage auto insurance for young drivers

Rates for a sample 18-year-old Maui driver averaged $1,781 a year, making them only $18 higher than average rates for a 30-year-old driver. This is unusual given that most insurers charge teen drivers premiums that are significantly higher than adult drivers to account for the risk their relative inexperience on the road poses.

Geico had the best rate for teen drivers in Maui, charging just $799 per year. That's 55% less than the island-wide average.

Average annual rate
2Island Insurance$1,343
4State Farm$3,620

*USAA is not ranked because only military members (current and former) and their families are eligible. Our sample driver is an 18-year-old man.

Teen drivers shopping for auto insurance should always compare rates. However, there are other strategies these young drivers can use to help keep rates affordable:

  1. Ask your insurance company if they have a good student or student away from home discount, or if there are any other steps you can take to get a discount.
  2. Ask your parents if they'll allow you to stay on their plan.

Our rate analysis found that it costs about half as much for a teen driver to stay on their parents' policy as it does for them to take out their own policy. Given the significant savings to be gained, we strongly recommend staying on your parents' policy as long as you can.

Best car insurance companies in Maui, by customer service

Everyone likes affordable car insurance, but not even cheap rates can make up for a company’s unreliable claims service and lack of customer support. With that in mind, we identified the top insurance companies in Hawaii based on customer satisfaction with recent claims.

USAA, State Farm and Allstate had the highest percentages of customers nationwide who said they were "extremely satisfied" with their most recent claims.

Minimum car insurance requirements in Hawaii

Hawaii requires all drivers to carry car insurance, and all policies must include the following state-mandated minimum coverages:

Minimum coverage
Bodily injury (BI)$20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident
Property damage (PD)$10,000 per accident
Personal injury protection$10,000 per accident

As a general rule, ValuePenguin urges drivers to carry more than the state-mandated minimum coverages, which only protect the other driver's car and any injuries resulting from the accident. Collision and comprehensive coverages also ensure your own car is protected.


Unless otherwise noted, our sample driver for this analysis is a 30-year-old man with an average credit score and no accidents on his record. He drives a 2015 Honda Civic EX and has the following coverages on his policy:

Coverage type
Study limits
Bodily liability$50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Personal injury protection$10,000
Property damage$25,000 per accident
Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury$50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Comprehensive and collision$500 deductible

ValuePenguin used insurance rate data from Quadrant Information Services. We used all the ZIP codes in Maui for which Quadrant had data. These quotes are publicly sourced from insurer filings. They should be used only for comparative purposes, since your own rates will likely differ.

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the author’s opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.