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Safeco Auto Insurance is a standard auto insurance company with agents. It primarily offers auto insurance policies through independent agents and brokers in 45 states of the US, but consumers will be glad to hear that direct online quoting system is available as well. We found Safeco to be one of the cheaper auto insurance companies when it comes to younger and safer drivers under the age of 25, as we'll cover in our Safeco comparison below.

Features we like best about Safeco:

  • Strong financial stability, affiliated with and backed by Liberty Mutual Group
  • Policy features include accident-forgiveness and guaranteed repair
  • We found that Safeco is one of the more affordable auto insurers for young drivers

Considerations about Safeco:

  • Mixed reviews on overall auto insurance service

Table of Contents:

Safeco Car Insurance Quotes Comparison

How do Safeco’s auto insurance rates compare with other insurance companies? Generally speaking, we know that insurers assign higher risk factors to young drivers between the age of 16 and 25. However, based on our California car insurance study, single drivers who are younger than 25 will find Safeco one of their cheapest options compared to other major carriers. As for drivers of older age, it will be best to compare a couple of quotes to ensure that Safeco gets them good rates. We actually found that Safeco tended to quote slightly higher than average rates when it comes to more experienced drivers. The sample quotes shown in the table below are for 8 different driver profiles across 5 major insurers, including Safeco. All single motorists operate a 2012 Toyota Camry, while the married couples' quotes include a 2012 Toyota Camry as well as another 2012 model year vehicle.

Table 1: Sample Safeco Auto Insurance Rates in California

Driver Profile Safeco GEICO Progressive Farmers Allstate
Single Male, age 19 $1,482 $1,556 $1,604 $3,208 $2,380
Single Male, age 31 855 775 712 1,122 881
Single Male, age 45 856 743 716 887 837
Single Female, age 19 1,395 1,606 1,222 2,203 1,997
Single Female, age 31 866 762 692 1,011 894
Single Female, age 45 866 741 711 887 863
Married Couple, late 20s 1,461 1,132 912 1,605 1,212
Married Couple, mid 60s 1,262 768 835 1,054 726

Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Safeco for drivers below age 25: for our sample 19-year-old single drivers, Safeco’s quotes were one of the cheapest among our 5 insurers. Average quotes for these two drivers, one female and another male, were $2,046 and $1,685 a year, respectively. Our sample female 19-year-old driver found her Safeco quote $564 cheaper than average, while our male driver found his $289 lower.

Safeco for married drivers: on the other hand, Safeco's rates for our sample married drivers were one of the most expensive. Our 5 insurers on average quoted our two sample married couples – one in their late 20s, the other in their mid-60s – for $1,264 and $929 a year, respectively. Safeco’s quote was 16% higher than average for the married couple in their 20s and as much as 36% higher for the married couple in their mid-60s. While Safeco might rate you favorably based on your particular circumstances, we recommend getting a few other quotes before making a decision based on price.

Our Review of Safeco®

Our review of Safeco’s auto insurance includes highlights of both its policy coverage and features, which we found to be the main distinction of Safeco from other insurers. You will also find a map of Safeco’s US coverage immediately below.

Safeco’s Coverage Map

Currently, Safeco offers auto insurance in 45 states, with the exception of Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and DC. For consumers living in Alaska, to seek a quote from Safeco you must contact local independent Safeco agents, which you can search for here.

This map shows where Safeco directly underwrites auto insurance

Auto Insurance Policy Coverage Highlights

Consumers will find that Safeco offers a standard range of auto insurance coverages – basic liability coverage, physical damage coverage, and optional uninsured motorist coverage. Additionally, being a Safeco policyholder comes with several perks, such as a complimentary $100,000 first-aid reimbursement. An important coverage highlight is its accident forgiveness feature (covered in detail below).

Accident Forgiveness & Diminishing Deductible: premium increases from claims and out-of-pocket deductible expenses are two main auto insurance-related financial consequences that consumers should be aware of. While we have seen some insurers offering accident forgiveness and diminishing deductible as plan options (such as Travelers), Safeco has made these two features inclusive in their insurance policies. Basically, insured drivers, by staying 3 to 5 years accident-free as an active Safeco policyholder, will receive set numbers of accident forgiveness that exempt them from premium increases due to claims or accidents (specifics vary by state)! Diminishing deductible, on the other hand, means Safeco will reduce policyholders’ collision coverage deductible by $100 for every accident-free year, up to $500! In other words, Safeco policyholders could potentially be paying the coverage premium of collision coverage at $1,000 deductible (which is cheaper), but still enjoy the low payout of a $500 deductible coverage. To find out more about how deductible affects your collision coverage premium, click here.

Other Service Highlights: President’s Guarantee™ & Safelite Solutions

A good auto insurance company should include everything from a good variety of policy coverages, competitive rates, to services that come along with being a policyholder. We have found Safeco to offer a good scope of exclusive auto-repair related services and features. Specifically, there are two that we would like to highlight:

President’s Guarantee™: Safeco promises that if the auto repair work proves insufficient, as long as the problem is not caused by normal wear, weather condition or improper maintenance, Safeco will guarantee fixing it till it is perfect, with no additional charge. To fall under the PG protection, your vehicle’s repair work must have been done by one of the partner network in the following categories:

  • Glass: Safelite® Solutions
  • Audio: Premier Services
  • General Auto Body Repair: Guaranteed Repair Network

Safelite® Solutions: Safeco partners with Safelite® Solutions as its preferred provider of glass-only auto repair. Why do we think this is unique? If a Safelite repair shop is able to restore your windshield damage without replacing the whole glass, your collision deductible is waived.

Industry Ratings of Safeco

Safeco is highly rated for its financial strength in terms of the ability to fulfill its insurance financial commitments. In 2014, the NAIC rated its complaint ratio equal to that of the market average.

Metric Rating
A.M. Best A
NAIC 1 (equal to the market average of 1)

*the BBB rating is based on Liberty Mutual Group, the parent company of Safeco

Safeco Auto Insurance Claims

In order to file a Safeco auto insurance claim, both policyholders and third-party must call its claims number (listed below). In addition, we have also covered other claims assistance features that Safeco provides, such as online claims status tracking, and preferred network of other auto repair services apart from auto body repair.

Claim number: 1 (800) 332 - 3226

Report a Safeco Loss Claim

  • Press 1 for auto insurance
  • Press 1 for claim or to speak to your adjuster
  • Press 2 for new claim
  • Press 2 for auto body damage
  • Press 2 to decline survey -> connects to representative

Report a Safeco Glass or Stereo Claim

  • Press 1 for claim or to speak to your adjuster
  • Press 2 for new claim
  • Press 1 for glass, stereo claim -> transfers to Safelite service center

To track existing claim status online, login here

Other Features of Safeco Claims

Apart from glass repair service provided by Safelite® (covered in the Other Service Highlights section) Safeco also has a special preferred repair network specifically for car stereo repair and replacement, Premier Services. There is its Guaranteed Repair Network (or PACE OneStop® for residents of Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island). Repair done by any shop in all three networks will fall under the protection of Safeco’s President’s Guarantee™. You can find the links to Safelite and Premier Services below:

Online Glass Claim & Repair Login: Safelite® Solutions

Car Stereo Repair and ReplacementPremier Services

Safeco Car Insurance Discounts

Other than a basic range of common car insurance discounts, Safeco also offers several unique discounts that consumers can take advantage of. As an example, drivers of recognized professions, such as scientists and engineers or members of financial institutions, could benefit from up to 10% discount on most of their coverages! Below is a table of available Safeco discounts as well as applicable coverages under each discount, and the discount amount:

Discount Type Discounted Coverage Discount %
Good Driver All 20
Mature Driver BI, PD, MED, UMBI, UMPD 5
Good Student BI, PD, UM, UMPD, MED, Comp, Coll 2
Student Away at School BI, PD, UM, UMPD, MED, Comp, Coll 10
Multi-Policy BI, PD, UM, UMPD, MED, Comp, Coll 10-25*
Mutli-Car BI, PD, MED, UMBI, UMPD 20
Airbag MED 2
Affinity Group^ BI, PD, UMBI, UMPD, MED, Comp, Coll 3 ~ 10
Alumni of Recognized 4-year College BI, PD, UMBI, UMPD, MED, Comp, Coll 10

*10% discount when insured has auto and umbrella policy, 15% when insured has auto and home, farm, condominium, or renter’s policy. These two discounts are accumulative.
^including Scientists and Engineers, Educators, members of Safeco Insurance Teensurance, or members of California Medical Association or one of the qualifying financial institutions.

About Liberty Mutual Group

Safeco was founded in Seattle, WA in 1923, originally under the name General Insurance Company of America. Later it was renamed SAFECO Corporation, which stands for Selective Auto and Fire Ensurance Company of America. It was then acquired by Liberty Mutual Group in 2008. Prior to Liberty Mutual’s acquisition, Safeco was mostly offering life and business insurance. Since 2008, it has been focusing on providing personal line of property & casualty insurance products through Liberty Mutual’s existing nationwide independent agent network.

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