Mercedes-Benz Insurance: What it Costs, and How to Save

Mercedes-Benz Insurance: What it Costs, and How to Save

Find Cheap Mercedes-Benz Insurance Quotes

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The average cost for insurance on a 2019 Mercedes-Benz is $2,349. But you can pay as little as $1,105 for insurance if you buy from Progressive, which offered us the lowest quotes.

Additionally, the price of insurance for a Mercedes changes significantly based on the model you own. Mercedes-Benz SUVs like the GLA are the cheapest to insure, while convertibles like the SL Roadster cost the most. We also found a strong connection between the class of Mercedes vehicle and the cost of coverage: insurance for high-end S-Class vehicle costs 85% more, on average, than for an entry-level A-Class.

Who has the cheapest Mercedes-Benz Insurance?

Progressive offered the cheapest insurance for Mercedes-Benz cars and SUVs. The average price for Mercedes insurance from Progressive was $1,105, which is 52% cheaper than the overall average we found. It also offered the absolute lowest price for 25 out of the 29 models we looked at.

This image shows a graph of cheapest insurers for a Mercedes-Benz.

Find Cheap Mercedes-Benz Insurance Quotes

Currently insured?

State Farm had the second lowest prices in our study, with an average six-month price of $1,305 across all models; that's just $33 more per month than Progressive. It also had the lowest price for the four cars for which Progressive didn't offer the best price: the A-Class Sedan, CLS Coupe, S-Class Coupe and S-Class Cabriolet convertible.


Average cost of six-month policy
State Farm$1,305
Liberty Mutual$2,395

Costs are based on an average across all 2019 Mercedes-Benz Models.

{"alignsHorizontal":["left","right"],"alignsVertical":[],"columnWidths":[],"data":[["\u003C\/p\u003E\n\n\u003Cp\u003EInsurer","Average cost of six-month policy"],["\u003Cspan\u003E\u003Ca class=\"ShortcodeLink--root ShortcodeLink--black\" title=\"Progressive\" href=\"https:\/\/\/progressive-insurance-review\"\u003EProgressive\u003C\/a\u003E\u003C\/span\u003E","$1,105"],["\u003Cspan\u003E\u003Ca class=\"ShortcodeLink--root ShortcodeLink--black\" title=\"State Farm\" href=\"https:\/\/\/state-farm-insurance-review\"\u003EState Farm\u003C\/a\u003E\u003C\/span\u003E","$1,305"],["\u003Cspan\u003E\u003Ca class=\"ShortcodeLink--root ShortcodeLink--black\" title=\"Liberty Mutual\" href=\"https:\/\/\/liberty-mutual-insurance-review\"\u003ELiberty Mutual\u003C\/a\u003E\u003C\/span\u003E","$2,395"],["\u003Cspan\u003E\u003Ca class=\"ShortcodeLink--root ShortcodeLink--black\" title=\"Geico\" href=\"https:\/\/\/geico-insurance-review\"\u003EGeico\u003C\/a\u003E\u003C\/span\u003E","$2,556"],["\u003Cspan\u003E\u003Ca class=\"ShortcodeLink--root ShortcodeLink--black\" title=\"Allstate\" href=\"https:\/\/\/allstate-auto-insurance-review\"\u003EAllstate\u003C\/a\u003E\u003C\/span\u003E","$3,083"],["\u003Cspan\u003E\u003Ca class=\"ShortcodeLink--root ShortcodeLink--black\" title=\"Farmers\" href=\"https:\/\/\/farmers-insurance-review\"\u003EFarmers\u003C\/a\u003E\u003C\/span\u003E","$3,651"]],"footnote":"Costs are based on an average across all 2019 Mercedes-Benz Models.","hasMarginBottom":true,"isExpandable":true,"isSortable":false,"maxWidth":"1215","minWidth":"100%","showSearch":false,"sortColumnIndex":0,"sortDirection":"asc"}

First-Class Insurance from Mercedes and Liberty Mutual

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services (MBFS) also offers a specialized insurance program in collaboration with Liberty Mutual called First-Class Insurance. While Liberty Mutual's rates were slightly more expensive than the average we found, this special program allows you to login to your insurance policy using your Mercedes me login ID, as well as a few extra coverages like new car replacement and a multicar discount.

However, none of these coverages are unique to the First-Class program, and you may be able to find the same coverages elsewhere for a lower price.

Mercedes-Benz auto insurance prices

The average price to insure a Mercedes-Benz is $2,349 for a six-month policy. However, what you'll actually pay will vary greatly based on what car you buy: The cheapest model to insure (the A-Class sedan) was 61% cheaper than the most expensive (the AMG GT Roadster).

Insurance rates may also vary by location and driver profile, so always check with multiple insurance companies to find the lowest price.

Mercedes-Benz Insurance Costs

Model and Trim Level
Average Cost of Insurance
SedanA-Class Sedan A 220$1,540$32,500
C-Class Sedan C 300$1,825$41,400
E-Class Sedan E 300$1,842$53,500
S-Class Sedan S 450$2,845$91,250
Mercedes-Maybach S 560$3,103$170,750
CoupeCLA Coupe CLA 250$1,925$33,100
C-Class Coupe C 300$1,780$43,800
E-Class Coupe E 450$2,074$59,800
CLS Coupe CLS 450$2,339$69,200
S-Class Coupe S 560$3,170$125,950
Mercedes-AMG GT 53 4-door Coupe$3,606$99,000
Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe$3,168$112,700
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{"alignsHorizontal":["left","left","right","right"],"alignsVertical":[],"columnWidths":[],"data":[["Type","Model and Trim Level","Average Cost of Insurance","MSRP"],["Sedan","A-Class Sedan A 220","$1,540","$32,500"],["^^^","C-Class Sedan C 300","$1,825","$41,400"],["^^^","E-Class Sedan E 300","$1,842","$53,500"],["^^^","S-Class Sedan S 450","$2,845","$91,250"],["^^^","Mercedes-Maybach S 560","$3,103","$170,750"],["Coupe","CLA Coupe CLA 250","$1,925","$33,100"],["^^^","C-Class Coupe C 300","$1,780","$43,800"],["^^^","E-Class Coupe E 450","$2,074","$59,800"],["^^^","CLS Coupe CLS 450","$2,339","$69,200"],["^^^","S-Class Coupe S 560","$3,170","$125,950"],["^^^","Mercedes-AMG GT 53 4-door Coupe","$3,606","$99,000"],["^^^","Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe","$3,168","$112,700"],["SUV\/wagon","GLA 250","$1,641","$33,950"],["^^^","GLC 300","$1,628","$40,700"],["^^^","GLC 350e Hybrid","$2,015","$50,650"],["^^^","GLC 300 Coupe","$1,626","$47,300"],["^^^","GLE 43","$2,136","$56,200"],["^^^","AMG GLE 43 Coupe","$2,234","$71,350"],["^^^","E-Class Wagon E 450","$2,227","$64,200"],["^^^","GLS 450","$2,111","$70,150"],["^^^","G-Class G 550","$2,818","$124,500"],["Convertible","C-Class Cabriolet C 300","$2,041","$51,850"],["^^^","E-Class Cabriolet E 450","$2,113","$67,300"],["^^^","S-Class Cabriolet S 560","$3,694","$134,300"],["^^^","SLC Roadster SLC 300","$1,888","$48,950"],["^^^","SL Roadster SL 450","$2,688","$89,150"],["^^^","Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster","$3,917","$124,700"]],"footnote":"","hasMarginBottom":true,"isExpandable":true,"isSortable":false,"maxWidth":"1215","minWidth":"100%","showSearch":false,"sortColumnIndex":0,"sortDirection":"asc"}

The cheapest and most expensive Mercedes-Benz models to insure

The cheapest Mercedes-Benz car to insure is the A-Class sedan A 220, with a cost of $1,540 for six months of insurance coverage. The A 220 is also the most affordable Mercedes car to buy, so drivers looking to own a Mercedes without spending too much money should start with the A-Class.

The most expensive Mercedes luxury car to insure is the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster, at $3,917 for six months of coverage. This high-end convertible has a powerful engine and hardtop roof. Both of these features can contribute to higher insurance rates.

The cheapest Mercedes-Benz models to insure

Cost to insure
Cheapest overallA-Class Sedan A 220$1,540
Cheapest sedanA-Class Sedan A 220$1,540
Cheapest coupeC-Class Coupe C 300$1,780
Cheapest SUVGLC Coupe GLC 300$1,626
Cheapest convertibleSLC Roadster SLC 300$1,888
{"alignsHorizontal":["left","left","right"],"alignsVertical":[],"columnWidths":[],"data":[["","Model","Cost to insure"],["\u003Cstrong\u003ECheapest overall","A-Class Sedan A 220","$1,540\u003C\/strong\u003E"],["Cheapest sedan","A-Class Sedan A 220","$1,540"],["Cheapest coupe","C-Class Coupe C 300","$1,780"],["Cheapest SUV","GLC Coupe GLC 300","$1,626"],["Cheapest convertible","SLC Roadster SLC 300","$1,888"]],"footnote":"","hasMarginBottom":true,"isExpandable":true,"isSortable":false,"maxWidth":"1215","minWidth":"100%","showSearch":false,"sortColumnIndex":0,"sortDirection":"asc"}

How body type and class impact Mercedes insurance costs

The cheapest type of car from Mercedes to insure is an SUV, with an average price of $2,049 for a six-month policy. That's $347 cheaper than the overall average. Sedans are second cheapest, with coupes and convertibles costing the most.

Column chart showing the relative costs of different Mercedes vehicles by body type

However, the style of Mercedes car you buy is not the only contributing factor to higher insurance costs. Mercedes sells its vehicles in four main classes, with increasing features (and prices): A-Class, C-Class, E-Class and S-Class. You can expect to pay up to 85% more for insurance on an S-Class model ($2,851 for a six-month policy) than on an A-Class of the same body type ($1,702).

Higher-class Mercedes cars offer more powerful engines, more room for passengers and gear, and more luxurious features such as massaging seats. All of these extras contribute to higher repair costs, making them more expensive to insure.

Chart comparing the costs of insurance for Mercedes-Benz cars and SUVs, separated by vehicle class

For the purposes of this analysis, we included coupe, SUV and convertible models as part of their respective classes, though they are not explicitly designated as such by Mercedes-Benz. For example, the CLA Coupe is in the A class, while the GLS SUV is in the S class. Additionally, any class that doesn't apply to every body type, such as the G-Class SUV, were exempt from this quotes comparison.


We collected 174 insurance quotes for 29 Mercedes-Benz models across 6 of the largest nationwide insurers: Allstate, Farmers, Geico, Liberty Mutual, Progressive and State Farm. Our sample driver is a 30-year-old man who lives in the San Antonio, TX area. He has no recent accidents or infractions and has been licensed in the U.S. since he was 16. The policies included the following limits:

Liability - Bodily Injury$50,000/$100,000
Property Damage Liability$50,000.00
Uninsured Motorist / Under Insured Motorist BINo coverage
Uninsured Motorist / Under Insured Motorist PDNo coverage
Medical CoverageNo coverage
Personal Injury ProtectionNo coverage
Comprehensive$500 deductible
Collision$500 deductible
All other coverages (e.g. towing, loss of use)No coverage
{"alignsHorizontal":["left","right"],"alignsVertical":[],"columnWidths":[],"data":[["Coverage","Limit"],["Liability - Bodily Injury","$50,000\/$100,000"],["Property Damage Liability","$50,000.00"],["Uninsured Motorist \/ Under Insured Motorist BI","No coverage"],["Uninsured Motorist \/ Under Insured Motorist PD","No coverage"],["Medical Coverage","No coverage"],["Personal Injury Protection","No coverage"],["Comprehensive","$500 deductible"],["Collision","$500 deductible"],["All other coverages (e.g. towing, loss of use)","No coverage"]],"footnote":"","hasMarginBottom":true,"isExpandable":true,"isSortable":false,"maxWidth":"1215","minWidth":"100%","showSearch":false,"sortColumnIndex":0,"sortDirection":"asc"}

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