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Esurance is a direct-to-consumer auto insurance company that bills itself as providing “insurance for the modern world”. We agree – it provides a consumer-friendly and useful smartphone app that policyholders can use to manage their accounts or file claims via photos or video on-the-go conveniently. Additionally, Esurance is a financially strong insurer with good repair service that customers generally like. For consumers focused on quotes, however, we’ve found that an Esurance policy can be on the pricier end of the spectrum for specific driver profiles we’ve looked at. You will find our review about Esurance's auto insurance policy and service highlights in the following paragraphs; near the end of the article we have included useful information, such as Esurance discounts and other products.

Features we like best about Esurance:

  • Great smartphone app to conveniently manage policy or claims, with photo and video submissions available
  • One of the best online user experiences for insurance shopping and policy management tools we've seen
  • Highly rated repair process: many customers laud the timeliness and quality of Esurance’s auto repair service

Considerations about Esurance:

  • Mixed reports on Esurance mobile app: consumers have both complained about and complimented the mobile app’s functionality and quality
  • Below average ratings on overall satisfaction: Esurance rated lower in terms of customer satisfaction around claim response, appraisal, and settlement

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Esurance Auto Insurance Quotes: a Comparison

To get a picture of Esurance’s auto insurance rates relative to other companies, we reviewed data from our California auto insurance study and the Department of Insurance in California. Rates reflected the policy premiums of basic liability insurance for 8 different driver profiles from Esurance as well as 3 other major auto insurance companies. All drivers operated a 2012 Toyota Camry. 

Driver Profile Esurance GEICO Progressive Farmers
Single Male, age 31 $1,065 $775 $712 $3,208
Sing Male, age 45 992 743 716 1,122
Sing Male, age 19 1,883 1,556 1,604 887
Single Female, age 31 1,061 762 692 2,203
Single Female, age 45 985 741 711 1,011
Single Female, age 19 1,866 1,606 1,222 887
Married Couple, late 20s 1,504 1,132 912 1,605
Married Couple, mid 60s 1,172 768 835 1,054

Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Esurance vs. other direct auto insurers: Overall, among Esurance, GEICO, and Progressive – all of which are direct car insurance providers – Esurance appeared to be the most expensive insurer for these specific driver profiles. Out of the different profiles, married couples in their late 20s received quotes from Esurance of approximately $1,504 a year, which was about 47% higher than the average quote from the two other direct providers. 

Esurance vs. car insurer with agents: Generally, direct insurance providers tend to quote more cheaply than insurance providers that mostly underwrite policies through agents, such as Farmers - that's because the direct carriers tend to have cheaper overhead costs, and pass these savings along to consumers. Among the California sample driver profiles, Esurance can be 3% - 67% cheaper than Farmers (except for our 19 year-old single drivers, who will find Farmers more affordable for them.) Keep in mind that when choosing between direct auto insurer and auto insurer with agents, you are also choosing between a more self-serve experience and a more personal assistance experience, respectively. The more personalized relationship might make the premium more worthwhile for consumers.

Quotes will vary by state and each person’s driving record. Note that, while it is always recommended that consumers compare quotes across at least three different auto insurers when shopping for a policy, we don’t recommend drivers to take price as the only factor when choosing an auto insurance policy.

Our Esurance Car Insurance Review

In our review of auto insurance policies at Esurance, we’ll focus on their geographical coverage, and the different protections offered in an auto insruance policy. We also review Esurance's mobile app features, which are unique and distinct advantages compared to other providers. 

Esurance Car Insurance Coverage Map

Currently, Esurance underwrites auto insurance in 43 states, with the exception of Montana, Wyoming, Vermont, New Hampshire, Delaware, Alaska, Hawaii, and DC. For consumers living in those states, Esurance will instead direct you to other auto insurance providers available in the region; note that, the insurers listed by Esurance do not necessarily have relations with it. The map shows where Esurance underwrites auto insurance: states that are blue in color are directly underwritten. States that are in grey are served by Esurance's partner companies.

This map shows where Esurance's primary coverage areas are

Auto Insurance Policy Coverage

Esurance offers a standard set of auto insurance coverages – liability coverage, physical damage coverage, personal injury protection/medical payments, and uninsured motorist coverage. Other optional coverages, such as emergency roadside service (or towing) coverage and customized parts & equipment coverage, are also available to drivers. Esurance’s promotes that its online quoting system – CoverageMyWay™ – provides consumers with a few suggested Esurance policy coverage options based on the information obtained. While not highlighted by other companies, we have seen most online auto insurance providers with similar practices.

Service Highlights: Photo Claims & Video Appraisal

It is common for a direct auto insurer to have a comprehensive website and some complementary mobile apps to help their customers review their policies. For example: Allstate developed a mobile app for its insured drivers to submit photos and necessary documents digitally during a claim filing process. However, seldom have we seen an insurance app that not only allows claim filing and tracking, but also shows repair estimates and tracks repair progress. The Esurance Mobile App does all that, despite some customers’ complaints about how the functions aren’t as “problem-free” as the company advertises. 

Technical problems aside, there are two particular features that we believe are great from Esurance: photo claims and video appraisals. We like that they’re innovative uses of existing smartphone technology that can really help reduce wait time, logistics, and speed claims processing up.

Photo Claims: this allows policyholders to get a claim estimate of their vehicle damage just by submitting photos of the damaged parts. Usually, the process from filing a claim, getting an inspection, to repairing the actual damage would take days and even weeks. With Esurance, some policyholders have stated that photo claim allows them to be in and out of the repair shop within as fast as 40 minutes.

This screen snapshot shows policyholders how to submit claims online with Esurance

Video Appraisal: this is one of the most useful claims assistance tools in our opinion. When the situation is complicated enough that you can’t get an estimate by photos, and getting an in-person appraisal/inspector will take much longer to schedule, being able to video chat a human inspector and instantaneously settle the matter in front of your car is definitely a plus! 

Industry Ratings for Esurance

Overall, Esurance is decently rated among independent industry rating systems. In particular, Esurance is highly rated for its financial ability to fulfill obligations regarding written insurance policies (including both vehicle and property insurance,) while its complaint ratio appears to be just below average (less than average insurance company complaints filed). 

Industry Reviewer Rating
NAIC Complaint Index 0.86*
AM Best Financial Rating A+
BBB Rating A -
JD Power Auto Insurance Rating 2.6 (Above Average)

How to File Esurance Claims: Online & Phone

As mentioned earlier, Esurance’s claim filing process is one of the most streamlined ones we have seen. The key here is their Esurance Mobile app, plus all the other subsequent tools that help the insured drivers along the claim process and make things more convenient. Drivers may handle everything through their Esurance account, including submitting claims with necessary information, track claims and scheduling and tracking repair work. There are two ways to file an Esurance claim, whether that be a glass claim, rental car claims, or – in an unfortunate case – hit-and-run claims:

Esurance Online Claim: Online claim filing is only available to Esurance policyholders, who can access their account either online or through their mobile app

Esurance Claims Phone Number: 1 (800) 378 - 7262: Whether you are making a third-party claim or as an Esurance policyholder, you can file a claim through the customer service number in the following steps:

  • Press 2, to either report a new claim or get help with existing claim
  • Press 1 for emergency roadside service, or 2 for glass-only claim, or 3 for an existing claim, or 4 for a new claim

After Filing a Claim The Esurance Mobile app comes in handy with these perks to assist Esurance policyholders through the claims process:

  • Photo Claims – get estimates of physical damage repair claims by submitting car damage snapshots through the Photo Claims app. No appointments needed.
  • E-star® Repair Program - Esurance has reviewed and partnered with local repair shops in all states that it covers. Going to one of these shops allow drivers to access their vehicles’ repair progress through RepairView, and email the shop directly. All of these repair shops guarantee quality repair work. Use this link to go to Esurance's E-star shop locator.
  • RepairView® - allows drivers to keep an eye on the progress and quality of their car’s repair progress, either online or through the mobile app. This only applies if you are using one of Esurance’s partner repair stores (E-star Direct Repair Program participants.)
  • Video Appraisal – schedule a video chat with one of Esurance’s online video appraisal and communicate claim estimates on the spot.

Esurance Auto Insurance Discounts

Although it is relatively more expensive than other direct auto insurance companies, Esurance offers a decent number of common auto insurance discounts to qualifying policyholders. Among those discounts, there are three that are unique to Esurance: DriveSense™, Fast 5®, and the Pac-12 discount (covered below). 

DriveSense™ (5% - 40%): Esurance’s version of usage-based discount program. It is similar to Allstate’s DriveWise® and Progressive’s Snapshot® program, in which plugging a data-collecting device into your car can cut your premium by as much as 30%, based on your driving behavior. There is a 5% - 10% discount just for signing up.  

Fast 5® Discount (5%): get 5% off your first term premium when you get a quote online.

Pac-12 Discount (up to 15%): This is a membership discount available to alumni and current students – who also reside in Arizona, Colorado, Oregon or Utah – of any of the Pac-12 schools, such as UC Berkeley, University of Oregon, and University of Arizona. For drivers living in California, a reduced rate for being Pac-12 students may be available too. 

Here is a table of currently available Esurance discounts, discount amount and the insurance coverage(s) that each applies to. Note that discount amount and availability often vary by state.

Discount Type Discounted Coverage(s) Discount Amount
Accident Prevention Course BI, PD, PIP, Coll 10%
Good Student BI, PD, PIP, Coll 5
Anti-Lock Brake BI, PD, PIP, MED, Coll 5
Daytime Running Lamps BI, PD, PIP/MED, Coll 3
Safety Device: Automatic Seatbelts PIP/MED 10
Safety Device: Driver Airbag PIP/MED 10
Safety Device: Dual Airbags PIP/MED 10
Anti-Theft Device: Alarm only Comp 5
Anti-Theft Device: Active Comp 5
Anti-Theft Device: Passive Comp 5
Anti-Theft Device: Homing Comp 15
VIN Etching Comp 5
Paperless Bill BI, PD, PIP/MED, Comp, Coll 3
Claim/Accident-Free BI, PD, PIP/MED, Comp, Coll 10
Multi-Policy - Auto+Motorcycle^ All 1
Full Pay BI, PD, PIP up to 10
Fast 5 All 5*
Pac-12 BI, PD, PIP/MED, Coll up to 15
Switch & Save® All 5**
DriveSense™ Program BI, PD, PIP/MED, Coll 5-40***

*applies only on your first policy term
**applies only on your first 2 policy terms
***the maximum 40% discount included the 5-10% sign-up discount
^Motorcycle Insurance is only available in AR, CA, FL, IL, IN, MN, OH, PA, TN, TX, and WI

Other Esurance Vehicle and Property Insurance Products

Apart from personal auto insurance, consumers may also purchase motorcycle insurance, homeowners insurance, and/or renters insurance from Esurance. However, these other coverages are available in considerably fewer states. For other vehicle and property insurance products listed, the insurance policy is underwritten by one of Esurance’s partner companies. Note that even if you get a quote and policy for one of the following insurance types through Esurance, all the customer services and claims will be processed by the underwriting partner company.

Vehicle Insurance Product From Esurance Partner Company
Motorcycle x
Classic Car Hagerty
Boat Answer Financials
Commercial Auto Allstate
Snowmobile x Answer Financials
Property Insurance Product From Esurance Partner Company
Renters x
Homeowners x
Condo Answer Financials | Security First Insurance (FL)
Flood National Flood Insurance Program
Umbrella Insurance US Liability Insurance Group

About Esurance Insurance Company

Esurance is a direct-to-consumer personal auto insurance provider (as opposed to an insurance company with agents) that is wholly owned by the Allstate Corporation. The Esurance brand consists of 24% of the total 2013 Allstate Corporate premium earnings. It has 17 nationwide local offices, stationed with 3,000 associates. The company is currently insuring over 5 million vehicles. Apart from vehicle and property insurance, Esurance also partners with other insurance companies to provide health insurance, pet insurance, life insurance and others. 

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