How Much Does Dodge Challenger Insurance Cost? Which Insurer Is Cheapest?

How Much Does Dodge Challenger Insurance Cost? Which Insurer Is Cheapest?

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The average cost of insurance for a Dodge Challenger is $3,238 per year. However, the price you'll pay to cover this American muscle car varies widely by insurance company. State Farm is the cheapest insurer for Dodge Challengers, charging $1,853 per year.

Who has the cheapest insurance for a Dodge Challenger?

State Farm offers the cheapest price overall for Dodge Challenger insurance, with an average quote of $1,853 per year. That's 43% cheaper than the average price we found for Challenger insurance and $486 per year cheaper than the next-best option, USAA.

Chart showing the costs of insurance for a Dodge Challenger from five different insurance companies

Find Cheap Dodge Challenger Insurance Quotes

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Annual cost
State Farm$1,853

Progresive is the most expensive insurer, with an average rate of $4,759 per year for a 30-year-old driver.

We always recommend that drivers collect several quotes when buying a new car insurance policy. We found a difference of $2,906 per year between the cheapest and most expensive prices for Dodge Challenger insurance. Checking with multiple insurers is the most effective way to get the lowest rates.

Younger drivers pay much more for Challenger insurance

We collected sample quotes for younger drivers between the ages of 17 and 24. Teen drivers can expect to pay a lot more for Challenger sports car insurance coverage than older drivers. Seventeen-year-olds pay the most by far — $13,109 per year for coverage, or about four times more than a typical 30-year-old would.

For the most part, younger drivers will likely find the best rates for Challenger insurance from our overall cheapest pick, State Farm, or USAA, which is not available to all drivers.

One way for younger drivers to save on insurance is to share a plan with an older family member. Whether it's a parent or someone else you live with, sharing a policy typically results in much cheaper prices for coverage.

Driver age

State Farm

More powerful Challenger models cost more to insure

The Dodge Challenger is available in several trim levels, and, unsurprisingly, the more expensive models generally cost more to insure. Besides simply having a higher price, premium Challenger models also have additional horsepower and torque, which often lead to higher insurance costs. For example, the 2022 Challenger SRT Hellcat has 717 horsepower and a top speed of 203 MPH. By comparison, the R/T has 372 horsepower, and the standard SXT has 303 horsepower.

Model/trim level
Average six-month Insurance cost
SRT Hellcat$4,683$64,743
SRT Demon$5,314$84,995

MSRP is the starting price for a 2022 model, except for the Demon, which was most recently available for purchase in the 2020 model year.

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Dodge's nomenclature for different models of Challengers has changed over time. Prior to 2015, the high-performance model SRT was known as the SRT8. After 2015, the model was renamed the SRT Hellcat. Additionally, the SXT base model was called the SE in the U.S. prior to 2012.

Dodge Demon: a limited-edition car with high-priced coverage

In 2018, Dodge released an ultra-powerful, special edition of the Challenger called the Dodge Demon. The car's starting price was $83,295 — nearly triple that of the base Challenger model — and they now regularly sell for more than six figures. Car insurance for the Dodge Demon is $5,314 per year, which is 64% more expensive than insurance for a Challenger SXT.

New Dodge Demons are no longer available for purchase. Drivers looking for a Demon will have to turn to the used market, where Demons typically sell for well above the MSRP.

Cost of Challenger insurance by model year

The cost of car insurance for a Dodge Challenger drops the older the vehicle is. A 2012 base model costs 35% less than a 2022 model.

Car Model Year
Average Cost

It's not always cheaper to insure used cars. While the cost to repair an older car may go down as parts get cheaper, newer cars often come with more advanced safety features that can lower rates significantly. It's worth noting, though, that every Dodge Challenger analyzed received a five-star overall safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the highest score available.


We collected thousands of quotes from across Texas from five of the largest insurers for our in-depth analysis of insurance rates for Dodge Challengers for the 2012-2022 model years. In addition to the base model, we also collected quotes for the 2022 models of the R/T and SRT Hellcat and the 2020 Dodge Demon (2018 only).

Our main sample driver was a 30-year-old man. For the purposes of age comparison, we also collected quotes for male drivers ages 17, 19, 21 and 24. All drivers received their driver's license at age 16 and have no accidents or driving infractions.

All car insurance quotes included the following coverages:

Bodily injury liability$50,000 per person/$100,000 per incident
Property damage liability$50,000 per incident
Collision coverageIncluded/$500 deductible
Comprehensive coverageIncluded/$500 deductible
PIP/medical paymentsNot included
Uninsured motorist coverageNot included
All other coveragesNot included

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