CSE Insurance Review

CSE Insurance Review


  • CSE's SAVE Program: Rewards and discounts for low annual mileage
  • Great for Civil and Public Employees - targeted discounts and policies; all occupations eligible for insurance
  • Very few complaints compared to other insurance companies, and high ratings from industry organizations


  • No readily apparent considerations

CSE Auto Insurance Rate Comparisons

We compared CSE's sample premium rates with two other companies in California to give consumers an idea of what the relative insurance costs for certain demographic profiles are. GEICO's quotes for married couples and singles were cheaper than those at CSE by about 6 - 12%. It's difficult to make a generalization about Allstate's quotes vs. CSE, however - depending on which driver profile readers fit more closely with, rates could be cheaper or more expensive.

Driver Profile CSE GEICO Allstate
Married Couple $1,129 $993 $1,171
Senior Married Couple 752 675 696
Single Male, age 30 621 582 628
Single Female, age 25 786 699 752

As always, readers should spot check with at least two other companies to make sure they're getting better rates. To see a list of the cheapest insurers in your area, enter your zip code below and click through to get a quote. 

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Currently Insured?

Auto Insurance Policy

CSE Insurance's auto insurance policies have the standard breadth of bodily injury liability, property damage, and personal injury protection. It also sells insurance for uninsured / underinsured motorist, collision, and comprehensive as needed. To supplement their standard insurance protection, CSE offers policyholders the option of medical payments protection, rental car / transportation expenses, and roadside assistance. The company insures the following types of vehicles: automobiles, motorcycles, all terrain vehicles, trucks, motor vehicles, mobile homes and recreational vehicles.

CSE has a great program called "SAVE" that rewards customers for driving fewer miles in their vehicle. Enrollment in the program automatically grants drivers a discount. At the beginning, consumers estimate their annual mileage and pay the required premiums. At the end of the policy, drivers can submit their actual mileage driven, if less than the estimate, and receive a refund of their previous premium payment as a reward. The subsequent policy premium is priced at this actual mileage driven. Even if motorists wind up driving more than estimated, they won't be that worse off - they'll simply receive a catch-up bill for the difference at the discounted rate. 

CSE Insurance underwrites and administers insurance policies in the southwestern region of America: Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah (Utah appears to be outsourced to another affiliate company). 

CSE Insurer Ratings

Metric Rating
AM Best Financial Strength Rating (2013) A- (Excellent)
Better Business Bureau (2013) A+
NAIC Complaint Index (2012) 0.37 (National Index 1.00)
Auto Direct Premiums Written (2012) $25.7MM

CSE Car Insurance Discounts

CSE Insurance was founded to provide insurance services for public and civil servant employees, including educators, law enforcement officers, and military or government employees. This covers teaching assistants, principals, probation officers, prison guards, and fire inspectors in addition to the typical civil service employees. Discounts amounts will vary depending on which of the four states insureds live in. 

Discount Type Amount
Multi-Vehicle Up to 24%
Good Driving (past three years) Up to 20%
Loyalty to CSE Up to 20%
Multi-Policy Up to 14%
Good Student (up to 25 years of age) Up to 14%
Occupation / Civil Servant Up to 10%

How to File a Claim with CSE Insurance

Online: CSE Insurance has a handy form online that you can file a claim at. 

Telephone Number: (800) 282-6848

  • Press 5 for Claims
  • Press 1 for Non-Glass Claims
  • Press 2 for Glass-Only Claims
  • Press 3 for Immediate Roadside Assistance and Tow claims

Customer Service representatives can be reached at 0

About CSE Insurance

The "CSE" in the company's name stands for Civil Service Employees. The CSE Insurance Group / CSE Safeguard Insurance Company was formed in 1949 to provide auto, homeowners, rental, and commercial insurance.

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