Car Insurance in Canton, Michigan

Located outside of Detroit is Canton, Michigan. Like many Michigan cities, residents of Canton rely on a vehicle to get to work, meaning car insurance is a mandatory monthly expense. Though one of the cheaper cities in the state, Canton car insurance still costs over $2,500 per year for a 30 year old male. Still, it doesn't mean one can't find ways to save. We took a look at numerous quotes from several companies, to see who had the most affordable car insurance in Canton. 

Cheapest Auto Insurance in Canton, MI

We used a sample of a 30 year old male driver of a 2011 Toyota Camry and obtained quotes from 22 companies in Canton. MetLife provided the best rates, and cost less than half the city average for our sample driver in Canton. The graph below shows the five best car insurers and how they relate to the city average price. 

Graph shows the five cheapest insurers in Canton Michigan

Larger companies like Nationwide and Allstate actually ranked toward the bottom of the list as some of the most expensive insurers in Canton. Just because a company is brand recognizable, it doesn't mean it will always have the best price. The numerous companies in Canton should give you several options to choose from until you get the best rate for your budget. Below is a list of the top ten insurers for our sample 30 year old driver.  

Company Annual Rate
MetLife $1,020
Hastings Mutual $1,440
Pioneer State Mutual $1,464
SECURA $1,668
Chubb $1,692
MEEMIC $1,872
Auto Owners $2,016
Frankenmuth $2,136
Auto Club Group $2,172
Grange Insurance $2,316

Car Insurance Agents and Agencies in Canton 

The table below lists a few auto insurance agents and agencies in the Canton area. Some companies require you purchase a plan through an agent, while other companies can be purchased exclusively online. As we discuss here, going with an agent can be a smart financial move for the future. 

AgencyAgentAddressPhone Number
Conrad Insurance Agency
8518 N Canton Center Rd
(734) 416-8280
Loyalty Insurance Services Inc
41575 Joy Rd #100
(734) 454-5450
No-Fault Auto Insurance
44946 Ford Rd
(734) 454-1062
Allstate Insurance Jill Gale Underwood
8130 N Canton Center Rd
(734) 454-8888
Bruce Lamb
1722 S Lilley Rd
(734) 844-7000
State Farm Doug Parrish
4211 Old Canton Center Rd
(734) 398-7900
Steve Virant
5773 N Canton Center Rd #15
(734) 459-7500
Farmers Insurance Scott Burek
44978 Ford Rd Ste B
(734) 274-2800

Car Insurance Requirements

Getting insurance in Michigan and Canton is unlike any other in the country because of its required minimum car insurance. As a no-fault state, personal injury protection (PIP) is mandated, but unlike in any other state, it is limitless. Michigan also requires drivers to hold personal property insurance (PPI). These extra requirements make paying for auto insurance in Michigan one of the most expensive in the country. Below you can see all the required limits by the state of Michigan. 

Type of CoverageLimits
Bodily Injury Liability (BI) $20,000 per person/ $40,000 per accident
Property Damage Liability (PD) $10,000 per accident
Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Unlimited
Property Protection Insurance (PPI) Up to $1 million 

Personal Injury Protection 

PIP is great to have as a protection for drivers, but it comes with a high price tag. It is good because PIP ensures if you are injured in a car accident, you will be able to pay your medical bills, regardless of who was at-fault. PIP is unlimited in Michigan, so if all your specialist and hospital bills get as high as $1 million, they would still be covered. PIP also pays for lost wages due to missing work after a car accident up to three years in Michigan. 

The downside to mandatory unlimited PIP is that it makes rates more expensive, and it's one of the reasons insurance costs so much in Michigan. To reduce your premium however, you may coordinate your health insurance plan with your PIP. If you choose to do so, your health plan will cover all of your injuries while PIP will cover lost wages. Unfortunately, if you are on Medicaid or Medicare, you won't be able to coordinate. 

Driving Statistics for Canton, Michigan 

We compiled some driving related statistics about Canton, Michigan: 

Days Above 0.01 Inches of Rain or Snow 82
Car Thefts 200
Number of Fatal Car Accidents (2011-2015) 13
Average Commute Time 28.5 minutes
Percent of Pop. That Commutes by Car 87.2%

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