How Auto Insurance Costs Differ by City in Louisiana

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Where a driver lives and parks their car can greatly impact their auto insurance rates beyond their own history of accidents and claims. We analyzed costs using four sample drivers as a benchmark to show Louisianians just how much rates could vary based solely on where they live. The four drivers were: a single 21-year-old man and woman who have had accidents, a 30-year-old married man, and 60-year-old married woman. We compared their average costs across 14 cities in Louisiana, and found that motorists’ rates can almost double, from the cheapest to the most expensive city.

Part I: Least Expensive Places

In the most affordable cities and towns in the state of Louisiana, our example drivers saw rates that were 9% lower than the state mean. These places are scattered across the state and tend to be smaller in terms of population compared to the most expensive cities.


PlaceAverage Annual RatesChange vs. State Average






New Iberia3,422-7%




Lake Charles3,441-7%

Shreveport, LA

Shreveport ranks as the best city when it comes to auto insurance in Louisiana: it places with the lowest costs per year for our four sample drivers that were 12% more affordable than elsewhere in the state. Shreveport is the third largest city in the state with almost 200,000 residents. It is also the center of where Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas meet, and is a strategically located center of commerce and culture. Shreveport was once an oil giant but has now become a service-dominated economy with gaming, gambling, shopping and entertainment. Some of the largest employers in the city are Barksdale Air Force Base, Caddo Public Schools, and the State of Louisiana.

Monroe, LA

Next on our list of places with the cheapest auto insurance is Monroe. Our benchmarked drivers pay an annual average cost of $3,339, which is 10% lower than the LA average for the same group. This town was originally called Fort Miro and derived its current name from a steam-powered paddle-wheeler named James Monroe, after the fifth President of America. This boat allowed the town to develop from a remote army training ground to a more well-rounded place to live. Joseph A. Biedenharn, the person to bottle Coca-Cola, and one of the founders of Delta Air Lines, resided in Monroe. The house he lived in is now the Biedenharn Museum and Gardens, which showcases historical Coca-Cola items.

New Iberia, LA

With over 30,000 residents, New Iberia is the third best spot in Louisiana for car insurance. Our sample drivers saw rates here that were 7% less compared to the state average. This city has many events and festivals from a monthly Food Truck Festival to an annual Sugar Cane Festival. The Food Truck Festival features fresh produce from local farms as well as food carts with a diverse selection of foods. Every September, New Iberia hosts the Louisiana Sugar Cane Festival to celebrate the city’s main crop and the beginning of the sugar cane harvest season.

Slidell, LA

A suburb of New Orleans, Slidell ranks with the fourth best auto insurance rates for our study's drivers - 7% lower at $3,425 a year versus the state mean. In the 1960s, NASA opened the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans and a NASA computer center in Slidell, greatly increasing the population. However, like many places in the area, the city was impacted by Hurricane Katrina; heavy rains, a storm surge, and flooding caused many broken bridges and power outages. Slidell since rebuilt itself and is now home to over 27,000 residents.

Lake Charles, LA

Rounding out our list is Lake Charles. Our sample drivers paid an average annual quote of $3,441 a year, making it the fifth cheapest city in Louisiana for them to insure a car. Home to 72,000, Lake Charles has the largest casino market in the state and throws many festivals that celebrate the city’s vibrant culture. One of the most popular festivals is Contraband Days, a 12 day annual celebration in the beginning of May. The name refers to the city’s history with pirates and contraband, and the festival begins with pirate Jean Lafitte capturing the city and making the mayor walk the plank. Cajun food and entertainment can be found for the whole family.

Part II: Most Expensive Places

The majority of the places with the most expensive rates for auto insurance are located in the southeast corner of Louisiana. Our four example motorists in these locations netted an average premium about 19% higher (at $4,376 a year) compared to their state average.


CityAverage Annual RatesChange vs. State Average




New Orleans4,77830%




Baton Rouge3,8183%

Chalmette, LA

Chalmette ranked with the highest car insurance costs in our Louisiana study. The benchmark drivers had some of the highest rates here, which came out to be 31% more expensive than if they lived elsewhere in the Bayou State. This census-designated area once had a population over 32,000 residents, however after Hurricane Katrina, the population drastically decreased to over 17,000. The town was flooded and many buildings were deemed unsalvageable, especially since there was a large oil spill from Chalmette’s Murphy Oil facility. Since then, the city has made a gradual recovery as businesses, schools, and homes are being rebuilt.

New Orleans, LA

Home to about 344,000 people, Tulane University and the University of New Orleans, the Big Easy is the largest city in Louisiana and the second most expensive city on our list. The motorists we studied here paid about 30% more versus the typical spot in Louisiana. Named after the Duke of Orleans, New Orleans is most known for its diverse culture, festive celebrations, and food. Perhaps the most popular one is Mardi Gras, an annual Carnival celebration with parades, balls, and parties. During this five day celebration, floats are paraded around town with people throwing beads, toys, and other trinkets.

Metairie, LA

The third most expensive city for the study's four motorists to get coverage in is Metairie, whose rates were $4,059 and 10% higher compared to the LA average. Popular comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and actress Reese Witherspoon were born in this city, which 138,000 people call home. Walking or driving around town, you may also bump into some of the New Orleans Saints football players - their training facility is located right here in Metairie.

Baton Rouge, LA

The second largest city and the capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge ends our most expensive city list, costing 3% more than the state average for the group of drivers we used as a benchmark. Baton Rouge draws tourists from all over the country with its great architecture, which ranges from antebellum to Italian Renaissance. Some other attractions include the Louisiana State Archives’ Main Research Library, which has records of family histories and immigration schedules, and the two largest malls in the state: Mall at Cortana and Mall of Louisiana. It is also home to Louisiana State University and Southern University.

Cost of Auto Insurance by Place

Below is a list of all the 14 cities included in our study. They are ranked from the cheapest to the most expensive locations in Louisiana, based on the benchmark of four drivers. These include two young men and women in their early 20s who've been in accidents, and a 30 year old married man, and a 60 year old married woman.

This graph ranks the 14 Louisiana cities and towns included in our auto insurance study from the cheapest costs to the most expensive based on four specific drivers

How We Conducted the Study

We analyzed car insurance rates from the Louisiana Department of Insurance for four profiled drivers: single male and female age 21, a married male age 30, and a married female age 60. All motorists drove 15,000 miles a year, except the married 60-year old woman, who was on the road for 5,000 miles annually. The 21 year-olds have had two at-fault accidents with a 2011 Toyota Camry, which resulted in much higher auto insurance rates, while the married drivers had great driving records in their 2014 Toyota Camry.

The auto insurance coverage included liability protection, uninsured and underinsured bodily injury, and physical damage.

Coverage Type

State Minimum RequirementsStudy Assumptions

Bodily Liability (BI)

$15,000 per person / $30,000 per accident$15,000 per person / $30,000 per accident

Property Damage (PD)


Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury (UMBI)

Optional$15,000 per person/ $30,000 per accident

Comprehensive / Collision

Optional$500 deductible

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