What Are the Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Illinois?

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AARP/UnitedHealthcare (UHC) offers the best Medicare Supplement plans in Illinois because its popular Plan G has good customer service at affordable prices. Plan G has the best Medigap coverage for new Medicare enrollees.

However, if you don't mind sacrificing some coverage for a lower cost, you should consider Plan N from Aetna.

Medicare Supplement coverage doesn't change with different companies. That means a Plan G policy will have the same coverage regardless of which company you buy it from, and the same is true of Plan N. When shopping for a Medigap plan in Illinois, you should look at the Medigap provider's rates and customer satisfaction record.

What's the best Medicare Supplement company in Illinois?

AARP/UnitedHealthcare is the best Medicare Supplement company in Illinois because it has low rates and high customer satisfaction levels.

You could save $192 per year with a Plan G policy from AARP/UnitedHealthcare compared to the Illinois state average.

Although it's not the absolute cheapest Medigap provider in Illinois, AARP/UnitedHealthcare has strong customer service, which makes it a better choice than other companies like Aetna. You might pay less with Aetna, but you could risk significantly worse customer experiences.

Top Medicare Supplement companies in Illinois

Plan G cost
Customer satisfaction (out of 5)
Mutual of Omaha$1224.0
State Farm$1252.5
Health Care Service Corp. (HCSC)$1282.5

Monthly rates are for a 65-year-old woman who doesn't smoke.

More than half of all Illinois Medigap customers have Plan F because it offers the most complete coverage of any Medicare Supplement plan. However, you can't buy a Plan F policy if you became eligible for Medicare on or after Jan. 1, 2020.

Plan G is the most popular policy for new Medicare enrollees because it has the same coverage as Plan F except for your $226 annual Medicare Part B deductible.

You must sign up for AARP before you can buy an AARP/UHC Medicare Supplement policy. Annual membership costs just $16 and comes with discounts for a wide range of products and services including flights, hotels, restaurants, gas, groceries and more.

If you don't want to sign up for AARP, Mutual of Omaha is another good option because it also has cheap Plan G rates and a low number of customer complaints.

Best company for Plan G: AARP/UnitedHealthcare

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Average cost of AARP/UHC Medigap in Illinois:

  • Plan K: $56
  • Plan A: $85
  • Plan L: $88
  • Plan N: $114
  • Plan G: $122
  • Plan B: $125
  • Plan F: $159
  • Plan C: $159

AARP/UnitedHealthcare has cheaper-than-average rates for most Medigap plan types. Its Medigap plans are 20% more affordable than the Illinois average. AARP/UHC also sells the second-cheapest Plan G in Illinois.

In addition to its low prices, AARP/UHC has a strong reputation for customer satisfaction. It gets 61% fewer complaints than an average Medigap provider its size.

Choosing a Medigap provider with a reputation for good customer service can prevent headaches down the road. Common reasons for complaints include slow claims processing and poor service. Some complaints may reflect wrongfully denied claims.

These sorts of mistakes can cost you time, money and peace of mind.

AARP/UHC's low rates and strong customer service may be one reason why it's the second-largest Medigap provider in Illinois and the largest nationwide.

Best selection of Medigap plan types: Colonial Penn

Average cost of Colonial Penn Medigap plans in Illinois:

  • Plan K: $67

  • Plan N: $127
  • Plan D: $137
  • Plan L: $169
  • Plan C: $184
  • Plan M: $184
  • Plan G: $195
  • Plan B: $203
  • Plan F: $267
  • Plan A: $279

You should consider Colonial Penn if you want a less commonly offered plan. For example, Colonial Penn sells Plan K, which covers half your out-of-pocket costs, and Plan L, which covers 75% of your costs.

Colonial Penn is the best option if you want a less popular Medigap plan, such as Plan D, K or M. Most insurance companies only offer a few of the most popular Medicare Supplement plans like F, G, N and C.

Colonial Penn is the only Medigap provider in Illinois to offer all 10 Medigap plans.

It's also one of the few Medigap providers to sell Plan D. Plan D pays for all of your Part A deductible and Medicare coinsurance and 80% of your foreign travel emergencies up to $50,000.

Medicare Supplement Plan D has the same coverage as Plan N except Plan N has extra copays for some visits to the doctor's office and emergency room. You'll pay lower monthly rates for a Plan N policy compared to a Plan D policy.

Colonial Penn charges rates higher than the Illinois state average. It also gets significantly more complaints than a typical insurance company its size. If you don't need a less popular Medigap plan, you choose another Medigap provider.

Cheapest plan N: Aetna

Average cost of Aetna Medigap plans in Illinois:

  • High-deductible Plan G: $44
  • Plan N: $85
  • Plan A: $107
  • Plan B: $115
  • Plan G: $120
  • Plan F: $144

Aetna sells the cheapest Plan N policies in Illinois among major Medigap providers. A 65-year-old woman who doesn't smoke can expect to pay just $85 a month for Plan N coverage from Aetna. That's nearly 25% less than the state average.

Mutual of Omaha is a good option if customer service is a high priority and you don't mind paying slightly more. The average Mutual of Omaha Plan N policy costs just $2 more per month than Aetna's average Plan N rate, and the company receives 35% fewer complaints compared to an average Medigap provider its size.

You can save $348 per year by buying a Plan N policy from Aetna instead of Health Care Service Corp. (HCSC) or AARP/UHC.

Aetna's low prices are offset by its large volume of customer complaints. It has the highest rate of complaints of any major Illinois Medigap provider. However, if you care about low rates more than customer service, you should consider Aetna's Plan N policy.

Aetna offers a high-deductible Plan G policy, which lets you save on your monthly rate. But, you will have to pay a $2,700 deductible before most coverage starts.

Plan N offers mostly the same coverage as Plan G. However, it does not pay for the difference between what your doctor charges and what Medicare will pay for a service, usually called excess charges. It's important to note that only 2% of Medicare-approved doctors are allowed to make excess charges.

You're responsible for a $20 copay for each doctor's visit and a $50 copay for each emergency room visit with a Plan N policy. Other Medigap plans do not have these copays. A Plan N policy might not be for you if you visit the hospital frequently since these charges can add up quickly.

How much does a Medigap plan cost in Illinois?

The average cost of a Medigap Plan G policy in Illinois is $138 per month.

chart of medigap costs in illinois

Review Medicare plan options with licensed insurance agents near you

Illinois Medicare Supplement plans

Plan type
Plan F$17151%
Plan G$13836%
Plan N$1127%
Plan C$2062%
Plan D$1532%
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Enrollment percentages for Plans F and G include the high-deductible versions. Monthly rates are based on a 65-year-old female nonsmoker in Illinois.

Nearly half of all Illinois Medigap customers choose Plan F because it provides the most coverage of any Medicare Supplement policy. However, it's not the best deal.

Plan G offers the same coverage as Plan F except for the $226 Part B annual deductible. For a 65-year-old woman who doesn't smoke, an average Plan F policy is $396 per year more expensive than Plan G.

That means you would save $170 per year with Plan G even if you had to pay your entire Part B deductible.

You should consider Medigap Plan G if you want the best coverage at the lowest cost.

Plan G is also the better option for 75- and 85-year-olds. After paying the $226 Part B Medicare deductible, the average 75-year-old will save $290 per year with a Plan G policy compared to a Plan F policy. An 85-year-old in Illinois will save $422 per year.

Plans F, G and N account for 94% of all Medigap plans sold in Illinois. These three plans are popular because they offer high levels of coverage. However, if you're willing to sacrifice coverage for a lower monthly rate, you should consider Medigap Plan K.

Plan K covers just half of the costs you're responsible for under Medicare. In addition, it doesn't pay for some things that other Medigap plans cover. For example, Plans F, G and N pay for up to 80% of your emergency medical costs when traveling outside the country. Plan K coverage is limited to the U.S.

Can you buy a Medigap plan if you have Medicare Advantage in Illinois?

You cannot buy a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan if you have Medicare Advantage in Illinois or anywhere else in America. You can only buy a Medigap plan if you have Original Medicare.

Medicare Advantage is insurance sold by private companies that has at least the same coverage as Medicare Parts A and B (Original Medicare). Many Medicare Advantage plans offer extra coverage. For example, a Medicare Advantage plan might pay for your prescription drugs or dental coverage.

Medicare Advantage plans often let you save money since you don't need to buy a Medicare Part D policy or supplemental insurance. However, most Medicare Advantage plans are HMOs or PPOs.

HMOs restrict you to a network of doctors. With an HMO, you must get a referral from your main doctor before you can visit a specialist unless you have a medical emergency. PPOs let you go outside your care network, but you have to pay more to do so.

Frequently asked questions

What's the best Medigap plan in Illinois?

Plan G is the best Medicare Supplement plan for new Medicare enrollees in Illinois because it provides the most coverage. If you became eligible for Medicare before Jan. 1, 2020, you can sign up for Plan F, which has the same coverage as Plan G plus it pays for your $226 Medicare Part B deductible.

How do you apply for Medicare in Illinois?

Most people in Illinois are automatically signed up for Medicare when they turn 65 and begin taking Social Security payments.

However, if you've chosen to delay your Social Security benefits, you should manually sign up for Medicare online through the Social Security website or over the phone at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) during your initial enrollment period to avoid paying a late enrollment fee.

How much does Medigap cost in Illinois?

The average cost of a Plan G policy is $138 per month for a 65-year-old woman who doesn't smoke. Prices vary by coverage level, age, health status and tobacco use.

Sources and methodology

Average plan cost quotes for Illinois Medigap plans came from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). ValuePenguin sourced complaint statistics for Medigap providers from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

NAIC complaint information was used to rate Medigap providers on a scale from one to five, with five signaling a low number of complaints.

Satisfaction score
Customer complaints adjusted for company size
5.0 (top rating)Over 75% fewer complaints than typical
4.550% to 75% fewer complaints than typical
4.025% to 50% fewer complaints than typical
3.50% to 25% fewer complaints than typical
3.0An average rate of complaints
2.50% to 50% more complaints than typical
2.050% to 100% more complaints than typical
1.5100% to 250% more complaints than typical
1.0Over 250% more complaints than typical

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