Aetna Medicare Supplement Review: Cheap Plans but Many Complaints

Aetna Medicare Supplement plans offer cheaper coverage, but the company falls short in other key areas.

Aetna Medigap

Editor's Rating

Aetna Medicare Supplement offers excellent coverage at a cheap price for those that are interested in buying a Medigap policy. The company is one of the largest Medicare suppliers on the market and is currently owned by CVS Health.

Good for
  • Cheap Medicare Supplement plans
  • Expansive coverage and doctor network
  • Other product offerings such as dental and vision
Bad for
  • Policy complaints
  • Plan C, D, K, L and M

Our thoughts on Aetna Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement plans through Aetna are a cheap choice for people who are looking for a Medigap policy to fill in coverage gaps in their Original Medicare plans. Customer complaint ratings, on the other hand, are not excellent for the company when compared to other competitors that offer Supplement policies.

Combining costs and customer service still puts Aetna within our best Medigap plans available on the market, and the company should be considered when you shop for coverage. But if you are looking for a specific Medigap policy such as C, D, K, L or M, then you will need to shop with a different company since these plans are not available through Aetna.

Aetna plan options and costs

Aetna offers a select number of Medicare Supplement plans. Although the company does not have the full suite of Medigap policies, its prices are extremely competitive when looking at the market as a whole. It is important to note that what each Supplement plan covers is the same across the nation and across each company. This means, for example, that Medicare Supplement Plan A from Aetna will cover the same services as Plan A from AARP/UnitedHealthcare.

Aetna Medicare Supplement coverage by plan

Plan A
Plan B
Plan F
Plan G
Plan N
Part A coinsurance
Part B coinsurance
Blood (3 pints)
Hospice care
Skilled nursing facility
Part A deductible
Part B deductible
Part B excess charges
Foreign travel emergency80%80%80%

Aetna Medicare plan costs will vary widely depending on your age and where you currently live. This is mainly due to differences in how states price Medicare Supplement plans, but you might find that your costs are close to the average costs we have presented below:

Monthly cost
Plan A$107
Plan B$112
Plan F$147
Plan F (High)$45
Plan G$117
Plan N$86

Costs were found using a sample 65-year-old female applicant living in Dallas.

You'll notice that Aetna only offers plans A, B, F, G and N for Medicare Supplement. This means that if you are looking for one of the other policies available (C, D, K, L or M), then you will need to find a different Medigap insurance company. This is especially important to notice since Plan F is no longer available to new Medicare members, making Plan G a great overall choice for most people that want complete coverage.

Aetna Medicare Supplement vs. competitors

Aetna Medigap policies are cheaper when compared with Medicare Supplement plans from other health insurance companies. As you can see below, for all age groups, Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan G is the cheapest available on the market.

The savings is greatest for those close to the age of 75 years old, where Aetna's policy is $14 cheaper per month compared to the closest competitor Humana). On the other hand, the most expensive Plan G policies are offered through Cigna (for ages 65 and 85) and AARP (for age 75).

Monthly cost of Aetna Medicare Supplement

Member benefits and extras

Aetna has several overall member benefits that it offers to its customers. These benefits include:

  • Ask a Nurse: This is a 24-hour nurse line that allows you to contact a registered nurse if you are feeling sick or have questions about your policy.
  • Over-the-counter health solutions: This allows you to get select items such as vitamins and medicines over the counter with no added costs.
  • Meal-at-home program: This is a program that brings meals to your home after a hospital stay.

However, some other benefits are only for Medicare Advantage plans, and Aetna is considered one of the best cheap Advantage options in the marketplace. Examples of such benefits include:

  • Dental, vision and hearing: Medicare Advantage policies through Aetna usually offer coverage for dental, vision and hearing expenses. This can include exams and even surgery in these areas.
  • Fitness memberships: The SilverSneakers program and exclusive gym discounts throughout the nation are offered to Advantage members.
  • Prescription mail order: Since Aetna is partnered with CVS Health, Advantage members have the option to have their prescription drugs mailed directly to their homes.

Customer reviews and complaints

Customer reviews for Aetna are well above average compared to other Medicare Supplement companies. Many customers remark that the website is easy to use and navigate while also offering features such as online quotes and live chatting with an expert. Other positive notes for Aetna include:

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of A+
  • Moody's financial rating of A2
  • AM Best financial rating of A

Aetna falls short based on its customer complaint index from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). The company scored a 1.57 for its Medicare Supplement product, meaning its complaint performance was much worse than the average of 1.00 across the industry.

Frequently asked questions

Is Aetna supplemental insurance good?

A supplemental insurance plan from Aetna is a great choice for people that are looking for a cheap Medicare Supplement option. The company's policies are consistently the cheapest when compared with its main competitors.

Does Aetna pay the Medicare deductible?

Deductible coverage will vary depending on the Medicare Supplement plan that you decide to buy. Medicare Part A deductibles are fully covered by Plans B, D, G and N but only partly covered by other Supplement policies.

Why can I not buy Medicare Plan F?

Medicare Supplement Plan F is a Supplement plan that offers coverage for almost every gap that exists within Original Medicare. For this reason, it had extremely high enrollment rates. Due to these factors, the plan was banned from being sold starting in 2020, meaning that any new Medicare members could no longer get Plan F unless they were grandfathered in.

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