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The Best Cheap Renters Insurance in New Hampshire

The Best Cheap Renters Insurance in New Hampshire

Finding the best renters insurance involves choosing the provider that combines cheap prices with reliable customer service and practical forms of coverage. To help you decide on a renters insurance company, we collected quotes from across New Hampshire.

Compare Cheap Renters Insurance in New Hampshire

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The average cost of renters insurance in New Hampshire is $12 per month, or $139 per year.

In New Hampshire, the cheapest rate we found was for $10 per month, or $120 per year. While prices can vary depending on the company, on average, the price of coverage in New Hampshire is often cheaper than it is nationally. Below, we reveal the cheapest company in the state and highlight a few other top providers.

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Affordability: Comparing the costs of coverage in New Hampshire

The average cost of renters insurance in New Hampshire is about $12 per month, or $139 per year. We found it's usually cheaper to get coverage in New Hampshire than other parts of the United States.

The cheapest renters insurance in New Hampshire comes from Amica or State Farm, while Travelers policies tend to cost much more.

A bar graph showing the average costs of renters insurance in New Hampshire
A bar graph showing the average costs of renters insurance in New Hampshire

Compare Cheap Renters Insurance in New Hampshire

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Insurance providers
Average monthly cost
Average annual cost
Difference from statewide average
State Farm$10125-10%
Liberty Mutual$121476%

We recommend comparing quotes before settling on a renters insurance provider, as there are a number of elements that can alter the price an individual is quoted. For example, your location, home size and, primarily, your elected coverage limits can influence your rates.

The rates we gathered reflect the following limits:

  • Personal property protection: $30,000
  • Liability coverage: $100,000
  • Medical payments to others: $1,000
  • Deductible: $500

Additionally, we collected the quotes in the study using a sample profile with the characteristics of an unmarried 30-year-old male with no pets or history of making claims. Since your rates depend on your individual traits, your quotes could be different from a neighbor.


Best renters insurance for most people: Amica

On average, Amica's practical coverage is the cheapest in the state.
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The good:

  • Cheap prices for most renters
  • Great customer service

The bad:

  • Other companies offer more upgrades

The best renters insurance for most people in New Hampshire comes from Amica. On average, Amica was the cheapest company of any we surveyed. You could get a policy for as little as $10 per month, or $120 per year. This is about 14% cheaper than New Hampshire's average cost.

Amica's coverage is fairly standard but still effective. Standard policies include protections for personal property, liability expenses and loss of use coverage. You can purchase expanded coverage for electronics and identity loss, too.

Customer service is one of Amica's strengths. Data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) shows that Amica receives only about one-fifth of the complaints expected for its size. Additionally, its "Superior" credit rating from A.M. Best means Amica won't default on paying claims.

Best renters insurance for customer service: State Farm

State Farm is highly rated for its service by multiple evaluators.
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The good:

  • Great, well-regarded customer service
  • Highly affordable rates for most people

The bad:

  • Not the cheapest coverage in New Hampshire

State Farm is the best renters insurance company in New Hampshire for people who want dependable customer service. Despite its extensive market share, State Farm receives only a fraction of the complaints expected for its size. Additionally, according to the overall satisfaction of its policyholders, State Farm was ranked the third-best insurer in the nation by J.D. Power.

Most people can find cheap coverage from State Farm, too. We found that the average cost of coverage was slightly higher than $10 per month, totaling $125 per year. This is the second-cheapest average rate we found, and it's 10% more affordable than New Hampshire's average cost.

Like Amica, State Farm's protections are familiar but will fit the needs of most people. In addition to personal property and liability coverages, renters can raise their coverage for high-value items, like jewelry and firearms.

Best renters insurance for seniors: Allstate

Along with other discounts, Allstate offers discounted rates to some older renters.
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The good:

  • Multiple ways to lower premiums
  • Above-average customer service

The bad:

  • Coverage may not be affordable without discounts

Some older renters could receive a discount from Allstate if they're at least 55 years old and retired. This discount could be worth up to 25%. Discounts are also available for people with multiple policies from Allstate, as well as those who remain claims-free or elect to make automatic payments.

Allstate has decent customer service. The insurer receives 25% fewer complaints than expected for a company of its size, according to the NAIC. Additionally, Allstate is rated sixth among national providers by J.D. Power for its policyholders' overall satisfaction.

While it's only a few dollars per year more expensive than the average cost of renters insurance in New Hampshire, Allstate's rates might be unpalatable for people who don't qualify for any discounts — especially since the protections from Amica and State Farm aren't very different from Allstate's.

How we chose the best renters insurance in NH

We chose the best renters insurance in New Hampshire by comparing three qualities possessed by every provider. These were:

  • Affordability: The price a typical customer can expect to pay for coverage.
  • Coverage options: The quality of a standard policy and the extra features an insurer offers.
  • Customer service: Whether an insurer is known for responding quickly and fairly to claims.

New Hampshire renters insurance rates: City-by-city breakdowns

During the course of conducting this survey, we found the average price of renters insurance in some of New Hampshire's largest cities. We've tabulated this information below, along with each city's difference from New Hampshire's statewide average.

The cheapest renters insurance in New Hampshire is found in Hampton, while prices in Manchester are usually higher.

Depending on their insurer, renters in some coastal cities, like Portsmouth, could have trouble requesting quotes online and may need to contact a representative directly to receive a price. This is due to the risk for damage that insurers perceive coastal homes to have.

Average monthly cost
Average annual cost
Difference from statewide average
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Policy features: Appraising the strength and range of an insurer's offerings

Most renters insurance companies offer similar basic forms of coverage, including protections for personal property and from expenses incurred from lawsuits brought against you. But some insurers give you more ways to personalize a policy with extra protections.

The following table displays the range of coverage offered by the insurance companies in our study.

Personal property coverage
Personal liability
Water backup coverage
Identity theft protection
Replacement cost coverage
Valuables plus
State Farm$10,000 – more than $100,000$100,000 – $1 millionX-X-X
Liberty Mutual$5,000 – $25,000$100,000 – $1 millionX-XXX
Allstate$15,000 – more than $100,000$100,000 – $500,000--X--
Amica$12,000 – more than $100,000$25,000 – $1,000,000-XXXX
Travelers$30,000 – more than 100,000$100,000 – $500,000XXXXX

While purchasing add-ons can raise your premiums, it could be a good idea to find an insurer that will provide you the flexibility to increase your protection as your assets increase. Some of the most practical upgrades, or endorsements, available include:

  • Replacement cost coverage: Replaces the full value of your damaged or stolen property, instead of its depreciated value.
  • Water backup protection: Pays for water damage caused by backed-up sinks, drains and sump pumps.
  • Mechanical breakdown coverage: Increases the protections afforded to your electronics and appliances.

Customer service: Checking the reliability of the state's insurance providers

We evaluated the customer service reputations of renters insurance companies in New Hampshire by checking three measurements: the NAIC's Complaint Index, J.D. Power's Homeowners Insurance Study - Renters Insurance and A.M. Best's Financial Strength Ratings.

NAIC Complaint Index
J.D. Power Score (out of 14)
A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating
Liberty Mutual0.6511thA
State Farm0.353rdA++
Concord Group0.20Not ratedA
Vermont Mutual0.18Not ratedA+
Amica Mutual0.22Not ratedA+
Metropolitan0.41Not ratedA
Hanover0.49Not ratedA
  • NAIC Complaint Index: Communicates the number of complaints a company receives relative to its size. The figure 1.00 stands for the typical number of complaints, which means a Complaint Index below 1.00 signifies that a company gets fewer complaints than expected.
  • J.D. Power Homeowners Insurance Study - Renters Insurance: J.D. Power evaluated national providers according to responses from policyholders. Customer feedback was distilled into a composite rating, which J.D. Power used to rank insurers.
  • A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating: A.M. Best's credit rankings easily show which insurance providers could pose a financial risk to policyholders. Companies are evaluated according to their ability to meet their financial obligations in times of economic contraction.


To find the best renters insurance in New Hampshire, we collected 125 quotes from cities across the state. Our rates reflect those quoted for $30,000 of personal property protection, $100,000 of liability, $1,000 for medical payments to others and a $500 deductible.

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