Who Has The Cheapest Renters Insurance Quotes in Alabama?

We conducted a study to see which residents have the cheapest renters insurance in Alabama by evaluating quotes for a sample property (a rental property with roughly 1,000 square feet of living space and $100,000 in liability coverage). Our study found the most expensive premiums were 71% higher than the cheapest in the state, which is a substantial range relative to others. The rates have comparative value but are not indicative of what tenants can expect to pay for their renters insurance. Read more below, or enter your zip code above to begin shopping for renters insurance quotes. 

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Cheapest Renters Insurance in Alabama

We researched renters insurance in Alabama to find which company provided most affordable options. By using quotes for a 1,000 square-foot residence, we found that State Farm offered the cheapest renters insurance. It had an annual rate of $285 for our sample renters policy, which is about 39% cheaper than the average annual rate for Alabama. In contrast, Nationwide had the most expensive annual rate at a significantly higher rate of $635. The following table lists the annual rates for five major companies from cheapest to most expensive:

RankCheapest Renters Insurance CompanyAnnual Average Rates
1 State Farm $285
2 Liberty Mutual 399
3 Allstate 480
4 Farmers 530
5 Nationwide 635
Average 466

These rates were for a profiled property. To find the best quotes for yourself, we recommend that you look at multiple renters insurance quotes and compare.

Best Renters Insurance Rates in Alabama: by City

The top five cheapest places to insure our sample rental property are all similar to one another. All of them are located outside of the larger cities in Alabama, such as Birmingham, as away from the southern coastline. 

RankCityAverage Annual Rate% Difference vs State Average
1 Tuscaloosa $387 -17.2%
2 Huntsville 432 -7.5%
3 Madison 435 -6.9%
4 Scottsboro 440 -5.7%
5 Athens 441 -5.7%

*The Average Annual Rate is rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

Tuscaloosa, AL

Home of the University of Alabama, the city is bustles with activity including college sports, education, arts and Lake Tuscaloosa. In 2013, the city had more than 95,000 residents and is known as the “Druid City” for the large number of water oak trees plants along the downtown streets in the 19th century. Tuscaloosa also has the cheapest renters insurance rates in the state. Renters insurance quotes for our sample property were 17.2% lower than the average.

Huntsville, AL

Huntsville is just east of the Monte Santo mountain and surrounded by mesas and hills. The headquarters of the National Speleological Society are right in the middle of Huntsville, in large part due to the limestone bedrock caves in the area. The biotechnology has a significant presence and employs many people in the area as well. Renters insurance quotes for the sample property in Huntsville were 7.5% lower than the state average.

Madison, AL

John Cartwright became the first resident of Madison, Alabama in 1818. The city was once recognized as Madison Station, but the name was changed to Madison. Today, one of the largest employers is the computer software company Intergraph and  within the city limits there are retail shops and restaurants. Madison is nearly as cheap as Huntsville - both have some of the best renters insurance rates in the state. Renters insurance quotes for the study sample property were 6.9% lower than the state average.

Scottsboro, AL

Robert Thomas Scott managed a hotel in Bellefonte and was in the Alabama Legislature for almost 20 years until he and family moved to and founded, what was ultimately named, Scottsboro. The city was called various names including Sage Town, Scott's Mill, and finally, Scottsville in 1868. It now has a population of nearly 15,000 residents who have some of the best renters insurance rates. Renters premiums were 5.7% lower in Scottsboro than the rest of Alabama. 

Athens, AL

The city of Athens, Alabama was incorporated in 1818 and is one of the oldest chartered cities in the state. It is the birthplace of Alabama's first Governor, William Wyatt Bibb, and was initially a cotton and railroad community. However, the aerospace boom during the 1950s and 1960s became the major contributor to the city's economy. There are more than 24,000 residents in the city, which is the location of the Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant - once the world's largest nuclear plant. Athens renters insurance rates were 5.7% lower than our study’s average for the state.

Most Expensive Renters Insurance in Alabama

Renters insurance rates for our sample property were much more expensive for some places in Alabama than others. However, the range of renters insurance premiums is not as far as the range in other states. In the city of Detroit, for example, the most expensive renters insurance rates are 49.3% higher than the average cost of the identical sample property in Michigan. 

RankCityAverage Annual Rate% Difference vs State Average
1 Robertsdale $663 41.9%
2 Bay Minette 655 40.2%
3 Thomasville 551 18.0%
4 Fort Payne 521 11.6%
5 Carrollton 511 9.4%

*The Average Annual Rate is rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

Robertsdale, AL

Robertsdale is a city of more than 5,000 residents in the southern part of Alabama. Perhaps the city’s most recognizable son is Apple CEO Tim Cook, who was born in Mobile but grew up in Robertsdale. It has the most expensive renters insurance premiums in the state of Alabama, according to our study. Renters insurance rates were 41.9% higher than the state average.

Bay Minette, AL

The city is in the same county as Robertsdale and only 6 miles from the Florida border. Bay Minette has just over 9,000 residents and is home to Faulkner State Community College. Like Robertsdale, the cost to insure our sample property in Bay Minette is substantially more than the rest of the state. Renters insurance quotes for our sample property are 40.2% higher in Bay Minette than the state average.

Thomasville, AL

Though a small town, Thomasville is at the center of a large regional trade area that attracts thousands of shoppers and merchants. The city also embraces the arts and recently built a new civic center that includes a 500-seat theater and a gallery. Thomasville also has a large medical park and local sports. Renters insurance rates for our sample property are not as expensive as those in Robertsdale or Bay Minette, but they are still the third most expensive in Alabama. Quotes for the sample property were 18% more than the state average.

Fort Payne, AL

Cherokee Indians and early settlers knew knew Fort Wayne as the village of Willstown until it was given its current name after Major John Payne. It is home to the headquarters for the 14,000-acre Little River Canyon National Reserve, which is a popular tourist destination. At 11.6% more than the state average, renters insurance premiums in Fort Payne is the fourth highest in Alabama.

Carrollton, AL

The town of Carrollton has fewer than 1,000 residents and is located in Pickens County in Alabama. It is well known for a supposed supernatural phenomena involving the ghost of Henry Wells, who was accused of burning down the courthouse more than a century ago but has reportedly be seen in the window. Renters insurance rates for our sample property in Carrollton are 9.4% higher than our study’s average rest of the state. 

Average Cost of Renters Insurance in Alabama: by City

We collected renters insurance quotes for a sample property from five major carriers for 74 cities in Alabama and calculated a mean rate of $467. Our study found the most expensive premiums were 71% higher than the cheapest in Alabama, which is a substantial range relative to others. For example, the most expensive premiums for the identical rental property in the state of Michigan were 2.3x the cheapest in the state.

Study Methodology

Our study examined renters insurance quotes for a 1,000-square-foot residence with at least $25,000 in personal property coverage and $100,000 in liability coverage. We then collected quotes for that sample residence from five of the major carriers that offer a renters insurance product in the state of Alabama. We averaged rates for the sample home in each city as a benchmark to show which cities are relatively cheaper or more expensive. Those comparative values are not indicative of what tenants can expect to pay for an annual renters insurance premium. Here is the list of the cities in Alabama alphabetical order:

RankCityAverage Annual Rate% Difference vs State Average
11 Albertville $448 -4.0%
8 Alexander City 446 -4.4%
38 Andalusia 460 -1.6%
34 Anniston 458 -1.9%
45 Arab 461 -1.2%
5 Athens 441 -5.7%
67 Atmore 505 8.1%
36 Auburn 459 -1.7%
73 Bay Minette 655 40.2%
63 Birmingham 474 1.5%
50 Brewton 463 -0.9%
65 Carbon Hill 479 2.5%
70 Carrollton 511 9.4%
55 Centre 465 -0.3%
64 Chatom 475 1.7%
69 Citronelle 508 8.7%
61 Clanton 469 0.4%
68 Clayton 507 8.6%
37 Columbiana 459 -1.7%
9 Cullman 447 -4.4%
16 Dadeville 450 -3.6%
39 Daleville 460 -1.6%
6 Decatur 444 -4.9%
19 Demopolis 451 -3.3%
47 Dothan 462 -1.1%
53 Elba 464 -0.7%
44 Enterprise 461 -1.3%
26 Eufaula 454 -2.7%
49 Eutaw 463 -1.0%
46 Fayette 462 -1.2%
14 Florence 449 -3.8%
66 Fort Deposit 504 8.0%
71 Fort Payne 521 11.6%
7 Gadsden 444 -4.9%
62 Gardendale 470 0.7%
59 Geneva 468 0.2%
17 Greenville 451 -3.5%
28 Guntersville 456 -2.4%
25 Haleyville 454 -2.9%
57 Hartselle 467 -0.1%
31 Heflin 457 -2.1%
33 Hoover 458 -1.9%
2 Huntsville 432 -7.5%
56 Jackson 466 -0.2%
13 Jacksonville 449 -3.8%
51 Jasper 463 -0.8%
41 Lafayette 460 -1.4%
42 Lanett 460 -1.4%
35 Livingston 459 -1.7%
54 Luverne 465 -0.5%
3 Madison 435 -6.9%
40 Mobile 460 -1.6%
60 Monroeville 468 0.2%
10 Montgomery 448 -4.1%
21 Moulton 452 -3.3%
23 Oneonta 452 -3.1%
12 Opelika 449 -3.9%
30 Opp 457 -2.2%
15 Pell City 450 -3.7%
29 Piedmont 456 -2.3%
32 Prattville 457 -2.1%
18 Roanoke 451 -3.4%
74 Robertsdale 663 41.9%
27 Russellville 455 -2.5%
4 Scottsboro 440 -5.7%
20 Selma 452 -3.3%
22 Talladega 452 -3.2%
52 Tallassee 464 -0.7%
72 Thomasville 551 18.0%
24 Troy 453 -3.0%
58 Trussville 467 0.0%
1 Tuscaloosa 387 -17.2%
48 Tuskegee 462 -1.1%
43 Wetumpka 461 -1.4%

*The Average Annual Rate is rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

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