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Most Existing Policyholders Will See Their Flood Insurance Costs Increase Under Risk Rating 2.0, but Not by Much

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Flood Insurance Rate Increases: Here's How Much You'll Pay This Year

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Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Nearly a Third of Homeowners in High-Risk States Have Not Made Any Hurricane Preparations

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Is There a Flood Insurance Waiting Period?

Flood insurance policies usually come with waiting periods of 14 to 30 days. The difference depends on whether you obtain coverage through... Read More

How Much is Flood Insurance in Minnesota and When Do You Need It?

At an average annual cost of $900, flood insurance coverage in Minnesota is a substantial addition to your existing costs as a homeowner.... Read More

Flood Insurance in Connecticut: How Much It Costs and When You Need Coverage

On average, flood insurance costs Connecticut homeowners nearly $1,400 each year. Find out the difference between NFIP and private flood... Read More

Flood Insurance in Massachusetts: How Much it Costs and When You Need Coverage

The average annual cost of flood insurance in Massachusetts is $1,251 for policies sponsored through FEMA's National Flood Insurance... Read More

Cost of Flood Insurance in Pennsylvania and How to Find Cheap Coverage

Flood insurance in Pennsylvania costs an average of $1,176 each year. Your mortgage lender may require that you get flood insurance if you... Read More