Who Has the Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance in Oregon?

Who Has the Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance in Oregon?

Motorcycle insurance is mandatory in Oregon, but choosing the right insurer can save you hundreds of dollars while protecting you on the road. The cheapest motorcycle insurer in Oregon is Nationwide, which has an annual premium of just $483.

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After researching hundreds of insurance quotes and dozens of companies, we believe there's more to consider than price alone.

The cheapest motorcycle insurance companies in Oregon

The average cost of motorcycle insurance in Oregon is $809 per year, or $67 per month.

But the most affordable insurer we found, Nationwide, can save you hundreds off the typical price.

Bar chart comparing the costs of motorcycle insurance in Oregon

Compare Motorcycle Insurance Quotes From Oregon

Currently insured?
Average cost
Difference from average
Dairyland Insurance$1,08834.6%

Best motorcycle insurance for most people: Nationwide

  • Editor rating

  • Annual rate

    $483 ?

Why it's great

Nationwide's affordable rates and good coverage options make it the best choice for most Oregon riders.

We recommend Nationwide as the best choice for motorcycle insurance for most Oregon riders. We were impressed with its affordable prices, good coverage options and strong customer service.

Nationwide's average cost of motorcycle insurance in Oregon is just $483 per year. That's 40% less than the typical cost we found across all insurers, and $180 less than the second-cheapest option, Geico.

Nationwide also has a great selection of discounts, which allows many of its customers to save even more money. Most notably, Nationwide has discounts for bundling multiple policies, including home and car insurance. People who buy all three from Nationwide may be able to save a substantial amount.

Nationwide has a good range of coverage options, including protection for custom equipment and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts coverage. However, riders looking for more comprehensive coverage on a brand-new bike may want to look at our pick for full coverage, Progressive.

Nationwide's customer service is also average. Its complaint index from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) is 0.53, indicating it received 47% fewer complaints than a typical insurance company of its size. It earned an A+ rating from AM Best, meaning it has "excellent" ability to pay out insurance claims.

Best for full coverage and great customer service: Progressive

  • Editor rating

  • Annual rate

    $672 ?

Why it's great

Progressive has the best coverage options among Oregon motorcycle insurers, along with good rates and good customer service.

For motorcycle riders who are willing to pay more for a wide range of coverage options from their insurer, we recommend Progressive.

Progressive has a great range of coverage options for Oregon riders, including roadside assistance, enhanced injury protection and coverage for carried contents like a tent or GPS equipment. This means it’s an appealing option for riders going on a long tour, and its two years of free replacement cost coverage makes it a good choice for buyers of a new motorcycle.

We also liked Progressive's customer service ratings. It has an NAIC Complaint Index of 0.69, meaning it's received 69% as many complaints as a typical company its size and that customers are usually happy with its service.

Progressive's solid coverage comes at a below-average price, as well. Its average rate of $672 per year makes it $136 less expensive than the average price we found in Oregon, but $189 more expensive than Nationwide.

It's worth noting that Progressive has a wide range of discounts available for things like taking safe rider courses, paying your bill in full and insuring your car and home. The more of these you take advantage of, the less you'll pay.

Best for members of the military: USAA

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  • Annual rate

    N/A ?

Why it's great

USAA offers a discount on motorcycle insurance from another company to its members.

Military members who need motorcycle insurance should look into USAA. The company has a great reputation for customer service and benefits tailored to people who serve in the military.

Unlike its other insurance lines, USAA doesn't sell motorcycle insurance itself in Oregon. Instead, it offers a 5% discount at another major insurance company (most often Progressive).

But USAA doesn't operate many in-person locations, so riders who prefer to buy insurance in-person may need to look for another company to get coverage.

How we chose the best motorcycle insurers in Oregon

When deciding which Oregon motorcycle insurance company is best, we consider three key factors: affordability, coverage options and customer service.

  • Affordability: Does an insurance company have an affordable price, especially compared to its competitors?
  • Coverage options: Does the insurer offer a wide variety of coverage options? Are there any coverages included in a standard policy that go beyond the legal minimums?
  • Customer service: Will you have a positive experience interacting with this insurance company, especially while making a claim on your policy?

Affordability: Finding cheap motorcycle insurance in Oregon

Choosing an affordable motorcycle insurance company can save you hundreds of dollars per year.

Our selected levels of coverage were:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage: $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability coverage: $50,000 per accident
  • Collision coverage: Included/$500 deductible
  • Comprehensive coverage: Included/$500 deductible
  • All other coverages: Not included

Coverage options: comparing motorcycle insurance policies and benefits

Not every motorcyclist has the same coverage needs: Someone who uses their bike only on weekends needs a different level of protection than someone who rides daily. And the owner of a brand-new motorcycle may want more protection than someone who has an older bike.

With that in mind, we're fans of motorcycle insurance companies that offer a wide range of coverage options to their riders. Here's a breakdown of coverage options available from major Oregon motorcycle insurance companies.

Insurance provider
Replacement cost coverage
OEM parts replacement
Custom parts
Roadside assistance
Rental reimbursement

Customer service: Evaluating insurer quality in service and claims

The strength of an insurer's customer service makes a huge impact on the company’s overall quality. A strong customer service team can make the difference between receiving a claim payout immediately and a frustrating, drawn-out claims experience.

To evaluate motorcycle insurance companies' customer service experience, we look at three key metrics: the NAIC Complaint Index and the AM Best financial strength rating.

NAIC complaint index
AM Best Rating

NAIC Complaint Index: Compares the number of complaints an insurance company has received with its size. A smaller number indicates fewer complaints, and the national average score is 1.00.

AM Best FSR: This rating describes an insurance company’s overall financial health. A better score indicates the company will be more able to pay out insurance claims even in times of high claim demand (such as after a natural disaster) or negative economic climate. Grades range from A++ (best) to D (worst).

Oregon motorcycle insurance: Costs by city

The cost of motorcycle insurance can vary significantly based on where in Oregon you live. For example, a rider who lives in the most expensive city, Portland, will pay $275 more per year than a resident of Eugene, the cheapest city.

Annual rate
Difference from statewide average
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Oregon motorcycle insurance requirements

Motorcycle insurance is mandatory in Oregon, and you must buy a certain coverage amount to be allowed to ride. You must buy liability coverage that pays for personal injury and property damage, as well as uninsured motorist coverage: This pays for your own medical bills if the other driver in an accident doesn't have coverage.

Coverage type
Minimum amount
Personal injury: per person$25,000
Personal injury: per accident$50,000
Property damage$20,000
Uninsured motorist: per person$25,000
Uninsured motorist: per accident$50,000

Motorcycle insurers aren't permitted to sell you less coverage than the legal minimum in Oregon, so you don't need to worry about accidentally buying too little coverage.

How do you get a motorcycle license in Oregon?

Anyone who has a current driver's license in Oregon is eligible to apply for a motorcycle license. This means you must be an Oregon resident over 16 and have passed the driving knowledge and skills tests.

To get a motorcycle license in Oregon, you must take a rider education course by Team Oregon, a state-sponsored motorcycle education organization. If you're a beginner, you can take a course that covers in-class basics as well as how to ride a motorcycle. More advanced riders can take a less expensive advanced course.

After you've finished the course, you can take your completion certificate to the DMV to receive your license. The mandatory Team Oregon class covers the "on-road" portion of the motorcycle test. So unlike in other states, there's no separate road test available. If you took the beginner class, you'll only take a vision test once you get to the DMV. Riders who opted for the intermediate class will need to take a written knowledge test, however.


To gather our statewide rate data, we collected hundreds of motorcycle insurance quotes from 24 major cities across Oregon. We gathered prices from four major motorcycle insurers: Allstate, Dairyland, Geico, Nationwide and Progressive. Our sample rider was a married 45-year-old man with 20 years of experience riding a motorcycle. He owns a 2021 Harley-Davidson FLHX Street Glide. Your own rates will vary based on your age, location, riding experience and other factors.

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the author’s opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.