Who Has The Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance Quotes In New Hampshire?

New Hampshire is part of the New England region in the northeast U.S. It is one of the smallest states in the country and has a population of about 1.3 million residents, many who live in a handful of large cities in the state. It’s known for its rich colonial history, outdoor pursuits and mountains. It’s also a great place to ride a motorcycle during the weather-permitting months of the year. To see who in New Hampshire had the best motorcycle insurance rates, we analyzed quotes for a 45-year-old rider and a policy that included bodily injury protection of $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident and $50,000 in property damage coverage. The aggregate rates for the sample rider and policy from three large carriers showed a significant difference in rates between places in New Hampshire. Quotes in the most expensive place were 50.3% higher than the cheapest.

Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance In New Hampshire

Out of the three insurers we gathered quotes from, two were significantly cheaper than the third. In New Hampshire, quotes for the sample rider and policy from GEICO and Nationwide were $234 and $262, respectively. Progressive’s motorcycle insurance quotes across the 30 places analyzed in New Hampshire averaged $560. The company's average quote was 59.1% higher than the average cost of motorcycle insurance in New Hampshire, which was $352.

The motorcycle insurance company with the best quotes for the ValuePenguin sample policy and rider in New Hampshire was GEICO

*The Average Annual Rate is rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

While cheap rates are important, the best motorcycle insurance companies combine low priced quotes with other features, like accident forgiveness. Low motorcycle insurance quotes should be something you consider when comparing insurers, but it shouldn't be the determining factor. It's best to consider the types of coverages that are important to you. For instance, someone with a highly customized motorcycle might have a need for high coverage limits for custom parts.

Best Motorcycle Insurance Rates In New Hampshire: By City

Although it is uncommon, the five largest cities in New Hampshire had motorcycle insurance quotes that were both well above and below the average cost in the state. Usually, large cities have rates that are higher than the state average. Manchester and Nashua had rates that were significantly higher, 35.8% and 11.8%, while the average annual premium for our sample rider and policy in Derry was only 7.5% higher than the state average. Quotes in Concord and Dover were both 9.6% lower than the state average.

RankCityAverage Annual Rate% Difference vs State Average
1 Manchester $478 35.8%
2 Nashua 394 11.8%
3 Concord 318 -9.6%
4 Derry 378 7.5%
5 Dover 318 -9.6%

*The Average Annual Rate is rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

Manchester, N.H.

The largest city in New Hampshire in Manchester, with more than 109,000 residents. It has long been ranked very favorably as a place to live and to start a new business across its numerous neighborhoods. The city’s downtown distincts are a hub for business and the arts, which is part of its draw. Motorcycle insurance quotes for Manchester were 35.8% higher than the state average.

Nashua, N.H.

Nashua was built on and grew alongside the local textile industry, which has since slowed dramatically. Now, the city of more than 86,000 in the southern end of the state has a busy arts district downtown. It also promotes the popular outdoor pursuits nearby. The hills and scenery in the area make Nashua a great place to own a motorcycle. Quotes for our sample policy were 11.8% higher than the New Hampshire average.

Concord, N.H.

The capital city of New Hampshire has more than 42,000 residents and is known for its shopping and higher education institutions. The state’s only law school -- the University of New Hampshire School of Law -- is located in Concord. Motorcycle insurance rates in Concord were 9.6% cheaper than the state average.

Derry, N.H.

First settled in 1719, Derry now has more than 33,000 residents and is at the intersection of New Hampshire Route 28 and New Hampshire Route 102. A number of famous people are from, lived in, or went to school in Derry including Travel Channel host Samantha Brown, poet Robert Frost and David Nelson, a world-record video game player. Motorcycle insurance rates in Derry were 7.5% higher than the state average.

Dover, N.H.

Dover is a city of more than 29,000 residents split by the Cocheco River in the southeast corner of New Hampshire. It is the largest city in the state’s seacoast region and home to the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire. The city has an Amtrak station and recently ranked one of the best communities in the U.S. for young people. Quotes for our sample motorcycle insurance policy and rider were 9.6% more affordable in Dover than the New Hampshire average.

Average Motorcycle Insurance Rates in New Hampshire: By City

Our analysis of motorcycle insurance quotes in 30 places in New Hampshire showed that the most expensive place was 50.3% higher than the cheapest. To calculate the average quote for each place, we gathered rates for our sample policy and rider from three major insurers.

A ValuePenguin analysis of 30 places in New Hampshire showed the average motorcycle insurance rate in the state was $352

*The Average Annual Rate is rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

Study Methodology

Our study analyzed motorcycle insurance quotes for a sample policy and rider across 30 municipalities and census-designated places in the state of New Hampshire. The quotes we gathered were from three major carriers: Progressive, Nationwide and GEICO. The rider we gathered quotes from was a 45-year-old male who was married and had completed a motorcycle training course. He also had a clean driving record. The policy itself included bodily injury protection $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident and $50,000 in property damage coverage. The deductibles for both Comprehensive and Collision coverage were $500.

The motorcycle used when gather quotes was a Harley Davidson Street Glide (1690cc) with no anti-theft device installed.

RankCityAverage Annual Rate% Difference vs State Average
22 Amherst $378 7.5%
29 Bedford 445 26.4%
11 Berlin 318 -9.6%
16 Claremont 338 -3.9%
1 Concord 318 -9.6%
17 Conway 338 -3.9%
19 Derry 378 7.5%
2 Dover 318 -9.6%
6 Durham 318 -9.6%
7 Exeter 318 -9.6%
28 Goffstown 394 11.8%
15 Hampton 338 -3.9%
9 Hanover 318 -9.6%
13 Hooksett 333 -5.3%
26 Hudson 394 11.8%
4 Keene 318 -9.6%
5 Laconia 318 -9.6%
14 Lebanon 333 -5.3%
27 Londonderry 394 11.8%
30 Manchester 478 35.8%
20 Merrimack 378 7.5%
23 Milford 385 9.4%
24 Nashua 394 11.8%
New Hampshire Average 352 0.0%
8 Pelham 318 -9.6%
12 Portsmouth 333 -5.3%
10 Raymond 318 -9.6%
25 Rochester 394 11.8%
3 Salem 318 -9.6%
21 Somersworth 378 7.5%
18 Windham 354 0.4%

*The Average Annual Rate is rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

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