The Best and Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in Utah

The Best and Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in Utah

Picking a home insurance company means finding the best overall combination of affordable prices, solid customer service and coverage options that fit your needs. We gathered thousands of home insurance quotes to find the right company for a variety of different Utah homeowners.

Compare Home Insurance Quotes from Providers in Utah

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In Utah, we found that the best price for a typical homeowner is $425 per year. However, we recommend making your decision on more than just which company has the lowest rates. Here's a list of our top recommendations for home insurance in the state of Utah.

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Utah is $711 per year.

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The cheapest options for homeowners insurance in Utah

Home insurance in Utah can cost you hundreds of dollars a year, so it's essential to shop around for the best deal for you. We collected thousands of home insurance quotes to determine which insurance company has the best rates for Utah homeowners.

Farmers Insurance has the most affordable price for home insurance in Utah. For our sample property, it had a typical price of just $425, which is an impressive 40% less than the average cost statewide.

Bar chart showing the most affordable home insurance companies in Utah.

Compare Home Insurance Quotes from Providers in Utah

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Average Annual Cost
Farmers logo
MetLife logo
Mutual of Enumclaw logo
Mutual of Enumclaw$616
Allstate Home Insurance logo
Travelers logo
Nationwide logo
Auto-Owners logo
State Farm logo
State Farm$812
USAA logo
American Family logo
American Family$858
Liberty Mutual logo
Liberty Mutual$999

Best for most: Farmers Insurance

Farmers has impressively low rates for Utah homeowners, plus a good range of coverages and online tools.
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Farmers is the best choice for most homeowners in Utah. It has impressively low rates, a wide variety of coverage options and robust online tools. The average price we found for home insurance from Farmers was $425 per year, a 40% savings from the typical rate statewide.

As one of the largest insurance companies in the U.S., Farmers a wide variety of coverage options and a robust online presence. Beyond home insurance, Farmers has auto, life, renters and recreational vehicle insurance, among other types. Farmers' powerful online tools allow you to buy and manage your policy online, though it also has agents throughout Utah as well.

Farmers' customer service is good but not the best we found in the state. It has a complaint index from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) of 0.39, meaning that it has only 39% as many complaints as would be expected for a company of its size. This suggests that customers tend to be satisfied with their insurance policies. However, other Utah home insurers have even better complaint scores.

Best customer service and fire protection: Mutual of Enumclaw

Mutual of Enumclaw has excellent customer service and an impressive wildfire protection included in every policy.
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We recommend Mutual of Enumclaw for homeowners looking for a top-notch customer service experience balanced with affordable rates. Mutual of Enumclaw has a very low NAIC complaint score of 0.24, meaning that it only receives about a quarter as many complaints as a typical home insurer in the U.S. Its rates were not as affordable as our top pick but were still well below average for Utah homeowners: $616 per year, or 13% below the average cost of home insurance statewide.

Furthermore, Mutual of Enumclaw has an impressive benefit that will appeal to homeowners in wildfire-prone areas: For no additional cost, Enumclaw will provide fire protection services to put out fires near your home if it's threatened by a wildfire. Mutual of Enumclaw partners with Wildfire Defense Systems to provide private firefighters to its customers.

Mutual of Enumclaw is a smaller, regional insurance company, and it's only available by working with an independent insurance agent. For people who want a great customer service experience, we think that's a good thing: An independent agent can guide you through the process of buying insurance, tailored to your needs. But Enumclaw's online tools are relatively barebones, so if you prefer to manage your policy yourself online, you may need to look elsewhere.

Best for military families: USAA

USAA has famously good customer service and coverages that are especially desirable to people in the military.
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Members of the military and their families should consider USAA. While USAA didn't have the most affordable rates for Utah homeowners ($835 per year, or 17% above the overall average), its unmatched customer service and coverages tailored to military families still make it worth considering for people in the armed forces and their families.

USAA has an NAIC complaint index of 0.15, which is the lowest we found in Utah. This means that USAA customers were nearly seven times less likely to file a complaint about their policies than customers of a typical home insurance company, suggesting that people are very likely to be happy with their coverage.

USAA also has several coverage benefits that should strongly appeal to homeowners who serve in the military. For example, USAA's personal property coverage applies everywhere in the world, even in warzones; most insurers won't cover you there. Furthermore, USAA waives your home insurance deductible on your uniform whenever you are deployed.

Besides home insurance, USAA provides a great variety of other insurance products, which all tend to be positively reviewed: These include auto insurance, credit cards, checking accounts and loans, which means USAA is a very convenient one-stop-shop for military families.

USAA does have strict eligibility requirements. In order to join USAA, you must either be an active or former member of the U.S. military, or be the direct family member of someone who has a USAA insurance policy.

Utah insurance rates: City-by-city breakdown

The cost of homeowners insurance in Utah isn't the same in every city. Here's a list of the average cost of coverage calculated for each major city in Utah, reflecting the variations in property values and local risks.

Annual cost
% difference from statewide average
Salt Lake City$7160.7%
West Valley City$702-1.2%
West Jordan$688-3.2%
St. George$666-6.3%
South Jordan$681-4.2%
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In addition to investigating home insurance rates for Utah, we've calculated the cost of insuring a home in each state as well. You can use this data to compare how premiums in Utah match up against the rest of the U.S.

The best-reviewed homeowners insurance companies in Utah

Buying a homeowners insurance policy from a well-reviewed insurance company can make the difference between having your claim paid out promptly after an accident, and having to spend hours dealing with paperwork and red tape.

Three of the ways we judge the quality of homeowners insurance companies are to use the complaint index from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the J.D. Power homeowners satisfaction survey and the A.M. Best financial strength rating.

The NAIC complaint index compares the total amount of insurance a company sells with the number of complaints it has received. A lower number means fewer complaints, and the national average is 1.0.

J.D. Power's surveys are holistic assessments of how happy homeowners are with their insurance companies. Scores range from 1–5, with 5 being the best.

A financial strength rating from A.M. Best is a letter grade describing how well-prepared a company is to withstand negative financial scenarios. This could include times of high claim demand (like a widespread natural disaster), or a poor economic climate.

NAIC complaint index
J.D. Power homeowners survey score
A.M. Best financial strength rating
American Family0.323/5A
American National0.69--A
Auto-Owners Insurance Co0.214/5A++
Bear River Mutual Insurance Co0.17--A-
CSE Insurance1.97--A-
Farm Bureau Financial Services0.32--A
Liberty Mutual0.532/5A
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Common homeowners insurance perils in Utah

Due to its location in the Rocky Mountains, Utah's three distinct regions have varied risks when it comes to home insurance. The eastern side of the state near the Colorado River is susceptible to flooding; the drier western portion the state commonly has wildfires, and the center of the state taken up by the mountains has occasional earthquakes, landslides and other earth movements.

Is flooding covered by home insurance?

While most of Utah has a desert climate, rainstorm-induced flooding does still sometimes occur, especially along the Colorado River. Unfortunately, damage to your home due to flooding is almost never covered by insurance. It's typically a named exclusion on home insurance policies, so you won't be able to make a claim if your house floods.

If your home is at risk of flooding, you'll need a standalone flood insurance policy to protect it. This type of insurance is specifically designed to pay for damage due to water, from a flooded basement to a home that's totally swept away.

There are two main types of flood insurance available to U.S. homeowners: policies sold through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which are backed by the Federal government, and policies that are sold exclusively by private companies.

The main differences between the two are that NFIP policies are available to every homeowner in the country, regardless of how likely your home is to flood; however, NFIP policies have strict coverage limits and waiting periods. A policy from a private home insurer often has more flexibility when it comes to coverage limits and waiting periods, but private companies have the option to deny you coverage if they choose to.

Are earthquakes covered by home insurance?

Large earthquakes are not particularly common in Utah, but they do happen, especially along the Wasatch Fault around Salt Lake City. And like flood damage, damage to your home from an earthquake is usually not covered by standard homeowners insurance policy. This exception also applies to other forms of "earth movement" like landslides or rockslides, too.

If your home is at risk of damage from an earthquake or other kind of earth movement, it's worth looking into a special earthquake endorsement or standalone earthquake insurance policy.

Are wildfires covered by home insurance?

As one of the nation's driest states, Utah is highly susceptible to wildfires. Homeowners whose properties are vulnerable to wildfire damage should take all the steps they can to protect their homes:

  • Keep brush and other combustible materials a safe distance from your home
  • Avoid open fires during dry seasons
  • Have an evacuation plan if a large wildfire threatens your home

The good news is, wildfires are covered by home insurance. So if your home is damaged by a wildfire, you'll be able to make a claim to pay to repair or replace your property. Just make sure that you're carrying a high enough policy limit to completely replace your home, in case the worst happens.


We collected thousands of home insurance rates from 11 of the top insurers in Utah. Our survey included a quote from every ZIP code in the state. Our sample home profile is a 2,000 square foot house built in 1985, with $275,100 of dwelling coverage.

Companies surveyed include:

  • Allstate
  • American Family
  • Auto-Owners Insurance Co
  • Farmers
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Metropolitan
  • Mutual of Enumclaw
  • Nationwide
  • State Farm
  • Travelers
  • USAA

ValuePenguin's analysis used insurance rate data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes may be different.

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the author’s opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.