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Oklahoma homeowners concerned about the financial cost of common perils like fire or tornados should always shop around to find the best home insurance provider for them. Our choices for the best homeowners insurance companies in the Sooner State are Oklahoma Farm Bureau, USAA and State Farm, based on customer complaints. We also dug into policy offerings to find the best providers for certain types of customers, with our recommendations below.

If you're looking for the most affordable home insurance policy available, we analyzed Oklahoma policy pricing data too. Based on our research, the average cost of homeowners insurance in Oklahoma is $3,576 per year.

We evaluated insurance quotes for a sample home in 57 cities across Oklahoma to determine which cities had the highest and lowest annual home insurance costs. We also looked at pricing for individual insurers. Based on our sample, we found that Allstate had the cheapest average home insurance rates in the state. Read more about our findings below or use our toolbar above to find the best homeowners insurance quotes in your area.

Best homeowners insurance companies in Oklahoma

  • Oklahoma Farm Bureau
  • USAA
  • State Farm

Whether you're living in Tulsa or Oklahoma City, you should incorporate a variety of factors into your home insurance shopping, including price, policy coverages, financial stability and service experience. In this section we've focused on customer service, rating the biggest providers in the Sooner State by customer complaints. Using this criteria, the best home insurance companies in Oklahoma are Oklahoma Farm Bureau, USAA and State Farm.

The insurance companies with the poorest ratings were CSAA, American Farmers and Ranchers and Farmers Insurance. But eight of the 10 largest insurance groups in the state received customer complaint ratios below the national median of 1.0, indicating that Oklahomans are generally happy with their home insurance service. CSAA and American Farmers and Ranchers were the notable exceptions, with complaint ratios in excess of 1.0.

Customer service rankCompanyMarket shareComplaint ratio
1Oklahoma Farm Bureau Group2.5%0
3State Farm27.7%0.26
6Shelter Insurance Group2.5%0.47
7Liberty Mutual (Safeco)10.3%0.61
9American Farmers & Ranchers2%1.54
10CSAA Insurance5.9%1.76
Methodology noted at the bottom of the page

Find the Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Oklahoma homeowners insurance company reviews

The three largest homeowners insurance companies in Oklahoma are State Farm, Farmers and Safeco (the latter operating under Liberty Mutual). We conducted in-depth research on the top three insurers, focusing on policy coverage and customer service to bring some more insight on which company is the best for each type of customer. All these insurers are all financially dependable, receiving an A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating ranging from A to A++.

State Farm: Best for covering unique perils

As the largest insurer in Oklahoma, State Farm provides over a quarter of the state's homeowners insurance. State Farm is one of your best options if you're looking to cover unique perils or cover common perils at a cheaper rate than other insurers.

For example, most home insurance companies cover wind and hail damage, but State Farm offers a competitive discount if your home is fortified for those perils in a way that meets the standards of the Institute for Business and Home Safety. Considering that about 55% of properties in Oklahoma are affected by hail each year, buying a State Farm policy will help you get the best bang for your buck.

State Farm also offers earthquake protection as an add-on coverage to its home insurance policies, which is not always provided by insurers. Given the rise of earthquakes in Oklahoma in this past decade, it's worth considering State Farm as a way to protect against this peril.

Farmers: Best for unique discounts and farm coverage

Farmers provides homeowners insurance for 17% of the state. Farmers stands out for its wide-range of discounts and coverage for farmland.

Farmers allows its policyholders to add liability coverage for farm land, both when it's owned by the insured and leased to others, a rare type of alternative insurance. Farmers also offers competitive discounts for customers who have gotten their HVAC, electrical, or plumbing systems replaced.

However, customer service at Farmers is relatively average, falling in the middle of the pack for complaint ratio of the top 10 insurance companies in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Farm Bureau: Best for individualized service

As one of the top 10 largest home insurers in Oklahoma, Oklahoma Farm Bureau provides localized services and discounts to help you with your insurance needs. Their local service is backed by the lowest complaint ratio in the state, with not a single official complaint recorded in 2018, making it a great option for those looking for good customer service.

The dependable customer service and discounts come at the price of an annual membership fee. In order to join the Farm Bureau and enjoy the benefits, you must pay $25-$40 a year depending on county, on top of their monthly insurance premium. However, we believe this is a small price to pay in relation to the top tier customer service and discounts on offer.

Cheapest home insurance companies in Oklahoma

We gathered quotes for our sample home across 57 cities from Allstate, State Farm and Farmers insurance companies. Quotes from each company were averaged to find which insurance companies offered the cheapest home insurance rates in Oklahoma. Of the companies surveyed, we found that, on average, Allstate offers the best home insurance rates for the state of Oklahoma at $3,004 per year.

Our study also found that Oklahoma has some of the most expensive homeowners insurance rates in the country, which is likely due to its location in the heart of the infamous "Tornado Alley," stretching from the southern Great Plains to as far north as Canada. Historically, both tornadoes and hailstorms have been prevalent in this region, which has led to an increased number of insurance claims and higher home insurance premiums.

The graph and table below shows the average annual cost to insure our sample home by company:

Insurance companyAverage quote
State Farm$3,450
Oklahoma state average$3,576
Cheap and best home insurance companies in Oklahoma

Best homeowners insurance rates in Oklahoma's largest cities

We evaluated homeowners insurance rates across the 10 largest cities in Oklahoma. Our study used control variables including the age of the home, square footage, replacement cost and roof type to gather comparable quotes across a number of home insurance companies. We found that, on average, the homeowners in the 10 largest cities pay 8% more than the rest of the state for home insurance. The average cost for homeowners insurance in Oklahoma’s 10 largest cities is $3,873 per year.

CityAverage quote
Broken Arrow$2,679
Oklahoma state average$3,576
Oklahoma City$4,181
Midwest City$4,403

Least expensive homeowners insurance in Oklahoma: by city

This graph and table below show the five most affordable cities for homeowners insurance in our study. The cities are listed in order of price, starting with the lowest average annual home insurance quote and counting up. We found that Tulsa is the cheapest city in Tennessee for homeowners insurance. On average, Tulsa residents pay $2,555 annually, 29% less than the state average.

CityAverage quote
Broken Arrow$2,679
Oklahoma state average$3,576
Top 5 best cities in Oklahoma for homeowners insurance

Most expensive homeowners insurance in Oklahoma: by city

This graph and table below show the five most expensive cities for homeowners insurance in our study. The cities are listed in order of price, starting with the highest average annual home insurance quote and descending. We found that the most expensive city for homeowners insurance in Oklahoma was Moore, where we were quoted an average annual rate of $4,638 — 30% more expensive than the state average. Oklahoma's home insurance rates are greater than the national average due to the historical prevalence of tornadoes and hailstorms in the area.

CityAverage quote
Oklahoma state average$3,576
Midwest City$4,403
Top 5 most expensive cities in Oklahoma for homeowners insurance

What does Oklahoma homeowners insurance cover?

An Oklahoma homeowners insurance policy covers four main areas: your dwelling, your personal belongings, personal liability and loss of use.

Dwelling coverage reimburses policyholders if the home itself is damaged in a covered event. This refers to the floors, roof, walls and other features that make up the structure of the home. Everyone should purchase enough dwelling coverage to cover the cost of rebuilding their home in its entirety.

Personal property coverage will protect policyholders from damage to or theft of the contents of their home. If a tornado damages not just the home itself but many of your valuable belongings, this coverage will help make you whole. Coverage limits can be adjusted to appropriately cover the value of all your stuff.

Personal liability coverage will pay for bodily injury or property damage you're held legally responsible for, including medical bills and legal fees. Legal fee coverage will generally include the cost of legal defenses and prejudgment interest up to your policy limits. A standard home insurance policy usually covers up to $100,000 in personal liability costs.

Loss of use coverage, often called additional living expenses coverage, pays you back for costs resulting from having to live outside your home after a disaster. However, like other coverages, loss of use only applies if the cause of the damage is a covered event. Oklahoma homeowners hit by a tornado will qualify, as wind damage is covered under homeowners insurance. But if you have to leave your home due to flooding, you won't be covered, as floods are generally not covered by home insurance policies. Examples of types of expenses covered include hotel stay and additional transportation costs.

Can you get tornado insurance in Oklahoma?

You won't need to buy a separate tornado insurance policy in Oklahoma or elsewhere because tornado damage is covered under homeowners insurance policies. Almost all standard homeowners insurance policies cover wind damage, which encompasses tornados.

Do Oklahoma homeowners need flood insurance? How much does it cost?

Although Oklahoma is landlocked, homeowners can still be subject to flood damage from rising river levels or rainfall. Most home insurance policies don't cover flood damage, so Oklahomans who want financial protection for their dwelling and property should buy a flood insurance policy. The average cost of flood insurance in Oklahoma is $856 per year or $71 per month.

Purchasing flood insurance will only be required if either:

  • Your lender requires it, or
  • You live in an area designated as a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) by the federal government, and you have a mortgage from a federally regulated or insured lender.

Oklahoma homeowners can determine their flood zone by putting their address into the FEMA Flood Map Service Center.


We studied 57 cities, spread out geographically across the state of Oklahoma. The sample home we reviewed was built in the year 2000, had 2,000 square feet across two stories and cost $200,000. Quotes for this home were obtained from Allstate, State Farm and Farmers insurance companies, then rates were averaged for each city. To see an alphabetical list of all the cities included in the analysis, please see below. We've displayed all cities surveyed, from Ada to Woodward, with the average annual cost of insurance for the benchmark property, and how much home insurance in each city costs relative to the state average.

RankCityAverage Insurance RateCost Compared to State Average
46Boise City4,27720%
3Broken Arrow2,679-25%
49El Reno4,34421%
45Elk City4,23318%
54Midwest City4,40323%
42Oklahoma City4,18117%
27Pauls Valley3,416-4%
32Ponca City3,6933%
14Sand Springs2,965-17%

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