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Mississippi homeowners should shop around across insurance companies to find the best fit for them. But on the basis of customer service scores, we suggest Mississippi Farm Bureau, USAA and State Farm. If you're looking for a unique type of service or coverage, we've also included our choices for insurance companies that cater to specific types of customers.

If you're just looking for cheap home insurance and are less focused on policy features, we dug into Mississippi home insurance rates. We found that the average cost of homeowners insurance in Mississippi is $2,405 per year or $170 per month.

Looking into insurance quotes from a variety of providers throughout 49 cities in the state, we found that Nationwide has the cheapest average premiums in Mississippi. Read more about our findings below or use our quotebox above to find the cheapest homeowners insurance quotes in your area.

Best homeowners insurance companies in Mississippi

  • Mississippi Farm Bureau
  • USAA
  • State Farm

You could be living in Jackson or along the Gulf Coast, but the best home insurance company for you will depend on price, coverages, customer experience and stability. Here we've zeroed in on the customer experience, rating the biggest homeowners insurance companies in the Magnolia State by customer complaint data.

The leading homeowners insurance companies in Mississippi by this standard are Mississippi Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance, USAA and State Farm. The worst-rated are Safeco, Foremost and Alfa Insurance.

However, Mississippi homeowners have had a better-than-average experience with all of the top 10 insurers in the state. Each one receives a customer complaint ratio below the national median of 1.0, indicating customer service above the national standard.

Customer service rankCompanyMarket shareComplaint ratio
1 (tie)Southern Farm Bureau Casualty (Mississippi Farm Bureau)16.5%0.2
1 (tie)USAA4.6%0.2
3State Farm26.3%0.26
6Shelter Insurance2.8%0.47
8Alfa Insurance3.5%0.53
9Farmers Insurance (Foremost)3.9%0.57
10Liberty Mutual (Safeco)7.4%0.61
Methodology noted at the bottom of the page.

Find the Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Mississippi homeowners insurance company reviews

Mississippi's three largest insurance companies are State Farm, Mississippi Farm Bureau and Allstate. We analyzed these top three insurers to decide which customers would be a good fit for each company. All three companies receive an A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating ranging from A+ to A++, which means they'll have the funds to cover policyholders' claims.

State Farm: Best overall home insurance company

The largest insurer in the state, State Farm, provides more than a quarter of homeowners insurance in Mississippi. State Farm provides a variety of coverages along with standout customer service. The convenience of being able to file claims through multiple methods—in person with a State Farm local agent, over the phone or through a mobile app—means State Farm can be reached whenever an emergency occurs.

Combine its customer service (which is in the top three in the state) with a competitive multipolicy discount and the ability to add a wide-range of coverages, and State Farm is a top choice for your homeowners insurance.

Mississippi Farm Bureau: Best for local agent knowledge

Mississippi Farm Bureau is the second-most popular homeowners insurance provider in Mississippi and boasts the lowest complaint ratio. Its strong customer service is backed by its local focus for more than 70 years. You can reach Farm Bureau local agents in person or through a mobile app, so it combines a localized customer service experience with accessible technology.

One drawback is that only Farm Bureau members can purchase insurance from the Mississippi Farm Bureau, so you would have to pay an annual membership fee of $30 to $40 depending on where you live, on top of the annual premium you pay for insurance. However, once you are a Mississippi Farm Bureau member, you can access a variety of discounts and benefits at local partner businesses.

Allstate: Best for range of coverage options

Allstate rounds out the last of the three largest insurers in Mississippi and provides about 9% of the insurance policies in Mississippi. Allstate provides a wide variety of optional coverages to help you find the perfect policy for your needs.

Some optional add-ons include water backup coverage and electronic data recovery coverage, which pays to replace or recover lost computer data.

However, Allstate's customer service score, while not poor, ranks in the bottom half of the state's top 10 insurers.

Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in Mississippi

We gathered quotes for our sample home across 49 cities from State Farm, Allstate and Nationwide. Quotes from each company were averaged to find which insurance companies had the best home insurance rates in Mississippi. The graph and table below show the average annual costs to insure our sample home by company alongside the state average:

Insurance companyAverage quote
Mississippi state average$2,405
State Farm$2,496
Best Home Insurance Companies in Mississippi

Best Homeowners Insurance Rates in Mississippi's Largest Cities

We also evaluated homeowners insurance rates across the largest cities in Mississippi. To ensure we gathered comparable quotes, our study implemented control variables. On average, homeowners in the 10 largest cities pay 8% less than the rest of the state for homeowners insurance. Based on our study, the cost for home insurance in the 10 largest cities averaged $2,201 per year.

The table below contains the average annual premiums of the 10 largest cities in Mississippi. Of those cities, Olive Branch was the most expensive city for homeowners insurance and Southaven was the cheapest.

CityAverage quote
Horn Lake$2,017
Mississippi state average$2,405
Olive Branch$2,886

Least expensive homeowners insurance in Mississippi: by City

The graph and table below show the five best cities for home insurance out of the 49 cities in the study. The cities are listed in order of average price starting, with the cheapest city for home insurance quotes and ascending. Southaven is the cheapest city in Mississippi for homeowners insurance based on our study. Residents pay $1,666 annually on average, which is $739 lower than the state average.

CityAverage quote
Mississippi state average$2,405
Top 5 Best Cities in Mississippi for Homeowners Insurance

Most expensive homeowners insurance in Mississippi: by city

The graph and table below show the five most expensive cities out of the 49 in the study. The cities are listed in order of price starting with the highest average rate and descending. The most expensive city for homeowners insurance was Wiggins, where the average annual rate was $5,264, or $2,859 higher than the state average.

CityAverage quote
Mississippi state average$2,405
Olive Branch$2,886
Top 5 Most Expensive Cities in Mississippi for Homeowners Insurance

What does Mississippi homeowners insurance cover?

Most home insurance policies have four key coverages: dwelling, personal property, personal liability and additional living expenses. This is true in Mississippi and every other state in the country.

If you read your home insurance policy, you'll find that dwelling coverage protects the structure of your home against covered perils. The structure of your home can include anything from the roof to the floors. A covered peril is an event that causes damage to your home, after which your insurer will pay to fix the damage. Most home insurance policies cover common perils such as fire, wind, theft and hail. When buying a home insurance policy, make sure your dwelling coverage limits are high enough to completely repair your home in the event of a total loss.

Personal property coverage is also included in homeowners insurance, and it protects the belongings inside your dwelling. Anything from your bed to your video game system is covered, with personal property limits generally set as a percentage of your dwelling coverage limits. If necessary, you can usually adjust personal property coverage limits to match the value of your belongings.

An often overlooked feature of homeowners insurance is personal liability coverage, which will cover the costs of bodily injury or property damage for which you are found legally liable, including associated legal costs. Limits usually start at $100,000.

Forced out of your home by a fire or vandalism? Additional living expenses (ALE) coverage pays for expenses you've incurred when a covered event forces you to live outside of your house. For example, if your home in Pearl, Mississippi, is rendered uninhabitable by violent winds, ALE will pay for the cost of staying in a hotel.

Do you have to have homeowners insurance in Mississippi?

By law, you do not have to have homeowners insurance in Mississippi, but if you borrow money to finance your home purchase, then your lender will almost certainly require you to buy a policy. Considering most people take out a mortgage to finance their home purchase, most homeowners will need insurance.

If you've paid off your mortgage—or paid for your home in full upfront—you won't need to buy a home insurance policy. But we highly recommend you do. Homeowners insurance in Mississippi protects you against the risk of costly damage to your home.

Does homeowners insurance cover flood damage in Mississippi?

In Mississippi and the rest of the country, homeowners insurance policies rarely cover flood damage. If you want to protect your home against flood damage, you'll have to get a flood insurance policy from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or a private flood insurance company. The average cost of flood insurance in Mississippi is $695 per year or $58 per month.

Most homeowners should consider purchasing a policy, as flood damage can happen anywhere. To estimate their risk, Mississippi residents can find out if their home is in a flood zone at the FEMA Flood Map Service Center. Regardless of whether you live in a high- or low-risk flood zone, we highly recommend you purchase flood insurance. More than 20% of flood insurance claims come from people in moderate- to low-risk zones.


We studied 49 cities throughout the state of Mississippi. Our sample home was built in the year 2000 and measured 2,000 square feet. The property cost $200,000 and had an attached garage. Quotes for this home were obtained from State Farm, Allstate and Nationwide insurance companies. The rates were then averaged to arrive at a mean for each city. An alphabetical list of all the cities included in the comparison analysis is included below. We've displayed all cities from Aberdeen to Wiggins, with the average annual cost of insurance for the benchmark property and how that compares to the state average.

We measured customer satisfaction using the complaint ratio collected from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Customer complaints are weighted by market share, so the number of complaints is adjusted relative to the size of a company, with a median score of 1.0. The complaint ratio is drawn from the largest individual company under an insurance group that is active in the state. Only the top 10 insurance groups in the state, by market share, were included in the customer satisfaction analysis.

RankCityAverage insurance rateCost compared to average
42Holly Springs$2,74314%
13Horn Lake$2,017-16%
45Olive Branch$2,88620%
8Water Valley$1,981-18%
29West Point$2,318-4%

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