Best Cheap Health Insurance in Virginia 2019

Find the Cheapest Health Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Consumers seeking health insurance in the state of Virginia can find affordable options by looking at the plans offered on the Virginia Health Insurance Marketplace. Overall, the companies that offered the cheapest health plans for a given tier of coverage on a premium basis are Kaiser Foundation and Cigna. Consumers interested in the cheapest premium payments should look toward these providers in their search for health insurance.

In nearly half of Virginia counties, the Anthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100 had the most affordable premiums of all Silver plans. Anthem HealthKeepers also has the largest coverage area with a service area of 68 counties overall. All the other health plan providers cover less than half the available counties in the state, with the next highest being Optima, which only serves 30.

Cheapest Health Insurance by Metal Tier

We compared Virginia health plans by metal tier in order to help you find the best rates for your chosen level of coverage. Not all insurers offer coverage in every county, so the plans listed below may not be available depending on where you live. But we recommend using these as a starting point to determine the monthly premiums you might pay as compared to the expected benefits and out-of-pocket expenses within a metal tier of coverage.

Metal TierCheapest PlanDeductibleOut-of-Pocket MaximumMonthly Cost for a 40-Year-Old
CatastrophicKP VA Catastrophic 7350/0/Dental$7,350$7,350$295
BronzeCigna Connect 6400$6,400$7,350$327
Expanded BronzeKP VA Bronze 5500/50/Dental$5,500$7,350$387
SilverCigna Connect 6500$6,500$7,350$439
GoldKP VA Gold 1500/20/Dental$1,500$6,850$483
PlatinumKP VA Platinum 0/5/Dental$000$4,000$579

Within a given tier of coverage, your actual health insurance costs will depend on your age and income. As you can see below, a 60-year-old in Virginia would pay 112% higher rates for the same level of medical coverage than a 40-year-old would. But a 21-year-old's health insurance premiums would be 22% cheaper than those of a 40-year-old.

Average Monthly Cost of Health Insurance Plans by Metal Tier in Virginia

Finding the Best Health Insurance Coverage in Virginia

The overall best cheap health insurance plan for you in Virginia will depend on your income and health status. Individuals with higher expected medical costs may pay in total by choosing a health plan with slightly higher premiums—such as a Gold policy—with lower out-of-pocket costs. This is especially true if your income exceeds the threshold that will qualify you for cost-sharing reductions that further reduce your copays, coinsurance and deductibles.

Start by Browsing Silver Plans

For all but the healthiest consumers, we suggest that you begin your search by looking at the Silver level plans. These plans are generally a little more expensive in terms of monthly premiums, but they come with substantially lower cost sharing than Bronze or Catastrophic health plans. Furthermore they are the only plans that are eligible for additional subsidies for cost-sharing reductions. If you earn under 250% of the Federal Poverty Level, you will actually see substantially more affordable copays, coinsurance and deductibles.

Consumers that have routine medical bills will see the benefits of lower out-of-pocket expenses immediately. The cheaper out-of-pocket maximums and deductibles will limit the risk of large payments, should you need urgent medical care. Silver plans are generally the best health insurance plans, as they strike a good balance between premiums and out-of-pocket costs.

Cheap Bronze Plans are Best for the Healthy

While Bronze plans will have lower premiums, this is only part of the cost of health care. Bronze plans will typically have much higher deductibles and out-of-pocket costs, meaning that if you need treatment, your total costs may actually be higher. The Bronze and Catastrophic plans will generally be a cheaper overall option for consumers that are healthier and have less need for routine medical care. In such cases, the lower premiums combined with the lower likelihood of out-of-pocket expenses make these health insurance plans best for young, healthy applicants.

Short-Term Health Insurance in Virginia

Virginia residents can purchase short-term health coverage through insurers outside the health exchange. However, state regulations regarding short-term policies are stricter when compared to federal laws. Initial coverage is limited to six months, and policies can't be renewed after the term ends.

A short-term policy can be a good option if you do not have employer-sponsored coverage, do not qualify for Medicaid or missed open enrollment. However, a short-term plan will not cover essential health benefits such as maternity care, mental health services or prescription drugs. Therefore, you should evaluate your health care needs before purchasing one of these policies.

Find the Cheapest Health Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Best Cheap Health Insurance Companies in Virginia

Currently, seven health insurance companies offer Affordable Care Act-compliant plans through the Virginia exchange, four fewer than last year. For shoppers with incomes under 400% of the Federal Poverty Level, plans purchased through the exchanges will be eligible for premium assistance through tax subsidies. The companies offering plans in Virginia this year are:

  • CareFirst BlueChoice Inc.
  • Cigna Health and Life Insurance Co.
  • Group Hospitalization and Medical Services Inc.
  • HealthKeepers Inc.
  • Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States Inc.
  • Optima Health Plan
  • Piedmont Community HealthCare HMO Inc.

Cheapest Health Insurance Plan By County

To help with your search, the following table outlines which insurer offers the cheapest Silver plan in each county in Virginia. The prices listed here are before any subsidies are applied—anyone with incomes low enough to qualify for a subsidy will see prices that fall under these amounts.

CountyCheapest Silver PlanSingle Adult, Age 40Couple, Age 40Couple, Age 40, and Child
AccomackAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
AlbemarleOptimaFit Silver 4600 20% M$1,012$2,023$2,629
Alexandria CityKP VA Silver 6000/35/Dental$447$895$1,163
AlleghanyAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
AmeliaCigna Connect 6500$439$877$1,140
AmherstSilver 6000/20% POS HMO$572$1,144$1,486
AppomattoxSilver 6000/20% POS HMO$572$1,144$1,486
ArlingtonKP VA Silver 6000/35/Dental$447$895$1,163
AugustaAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
BathAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
BedfordSilver 6000/20% POS HMO$572$1,144$1,486
Bedford CitySilver 6000/20% POS HMO$572$1,144$1,486
BlandAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
BotetourtAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$528$1,055$1,371
BristolAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,000$1,300
BrunswickAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
BuchananAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
BuckinghamSilver 6000/20% POS HMO$572$1,144$1,486
Buena Vista CityAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
CampbellSilver 6000/20% POS HMO$572$1,144$1,486
CarolineKP VA Silver 6000/35/Dental$447$895$1,163
CarrollAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
Charles CityCigna Connect 6500$439$877$1,140
CharlotteSilver 6000/20% POS HMO$572$1,144$1,486
Charlottesville CityOptimaFit Silver 4600 20% M$1,012$2,023$2,629
Chesapeake CityOptimaFit Silver 4600 20% M$641$1,281$1,665
ChesterfieldCigna Connect 6500$439$877$1,140
ClarkeCigna Connect 6500$458$915$1,189
Colonial Heights CityCigna Connect 6500$439$877$1,140
Covington CityAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
CraigAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$528$1,055$1,371
CulpeperKP VA Silver 6000/35/Dental$447$895$1,163
CumberlandSilver 6000/20% POS HMO$572$1,144$1,486
Danville CitySilver 6000/20% POS HMO$572$1,144$1,486
DickensonAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
DinwiddieCigna Connect 6500$439$877$1,140
Emporia CityAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
EssexAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
FairfaxKP VA Silver 6000/35/Dental$447$895$1,163
Fairfax CityKP VA Silver 6000/35/Dental$447$895$1,163
Falls Church CityKP VA Silver 6000/35/Dental$447$895$1,163
FauquierKP VA Silver 6000/35/Dental$447$895$1,163
FloydAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
FluvannaOptimaFit Silver 4600 20% M$1,012$2,023$2,629
FranklinAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$528$1,055$1,371
Franklin CityAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
FrederickAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$514$1,027$1,335
Fredericksburg CityKP VA Silver 6000/35/Dental$447$895$1,163
Galax CityAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
GilesAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$567$1,133$1,473
GloucesterOptimaFit Silver 4600 20% M$641$1,281$1,665
GoochlandAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$491$983$1,277
GraysonAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
GreeneOptimaFit Silver 4600 20% M$1,012$2,023$2,629
GreensvilleAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
HalifaxSilver 6000/20% POS HMO$572$1,144$1,486
Hampton CityOptimaFit Silver 4600 20% M$641$1,281$1,665
HanoverCigna Connect 6500$439$877$1,140
Harrisonburg CityOptimaFit Silver 4600 20% M$811$1,621$2,106
HenricoCigna Connect 6500$439$877$1,140
HenryAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
HighlandAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
Hopewell CityCigna Connect 6500$439$877$1,140
Isle Of WightOptimaFit Silver 4600 20% M$641$1,281$1,665
James CityOptimaFit Silver 4600 20% M$641$1,281$1,665
King And QueenAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$491$983$1,277
King GeorgeKP VA Silver 6000/35/Dental$447$895$1,163
King WilliamAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$491$983$1,277
LancasterAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
LeeAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
Lexington CityAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
LoudounKP VA Silver 6000/35/Dental$447$895$1,163
LouisaKP VA Silver 6000/35/Dental$447$895$1,163
LunenburgSilver 6000/20% POS HMO$572$1,144$1,486
Lynchburg CitySilver 6000/20% POS HMO$572$1,144$1,486
MadisonAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
Manassas CityKP VA Silver 6000/35/Dental$447$895$1,163
Manassas Park CityKP VA Silver 6000/35/Dental$447$895$1,163
Martinsville CityAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
MathewsOptimaFit Silver 4600 20% M$641$1,281$1,665
MecklenburgSilver 6000/20% POS HMO$572$1,144$1,486
MiddlesexAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
MontgomeryAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$567$1,133$1,473
NelsonSilver 6000/20% POS HMO$572$1,144$1,486
New KentAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$491$983$1,277
Newport News CityOptimaFit Silver 4600 20% M$641$1,281$1,665
Norfolk CityOptimaFit Silver 4600 20% M$641$1,281$1,665
NorthamptonAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
NorthumberlandAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
Norton CityAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
NottowaySilver 6000/20% POS HMO$572$1,144$1,486
OrangeKP VA Silver 6000/35/Dental$447$895$1,163
PageAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
PatrickAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
Petersburg CityCigna Connect 6500$439$877$1,140
PittsylvaniaSilver 6000/20% POS HMO$572$1,144$1,486
Poquoson CityOptimaFit Silver 4600 20% M$641$1,281$1,665
Portsmouth CityOptimaFit Silver 4600 20% M$641$1,281$1,665
PowhatanAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$491$983$1,277
Prince EdwardSilver 6000/20% POS HMO$572$1,144$1,486
Prince GeorgeCigna Connect 6500$439$877$1,140
Prince WilliamKP VA Silver 6000/35/Dental$447$895$1,163
PulaskiAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$567$1,133$1,473
RadfordAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$567$1,133$1,473
RappahannockAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
RichmondAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
Richmond CityCigna Connect 6500$439$877$1,140
RoanokeAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$528$1,055$1,371
Roanoke CityAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$528$1,055$1,371
RockbridgeAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
RockinghamOptimaFit Silver 4600 20% M$811$1,621$2,106
RussellAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
SalemAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$528$1,055$1,371
ScottAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,000$1,300
ShenandoahAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
SmythAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
SouthamptonAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
SpotsylvaniaKP VA Silver 6000/35/Dental$447$895$1,163
StaffordKP VA Silver 6000/35/Dental$447$895$1,163
Staunton CityAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
Suffolk CityOptimaFit Silver 4600 20% M$641$1,281$1,665
SurryOptimaFit Silver 4600 20% M$641$1,281$1,665
SussexCigna Connect 6500$439$877$1,140
TazewellAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
Virginia Beach CityOptimaFit Silver 4600 20% M$641$1,281$1,665
WarrenCigna Connect 6500$458$915$1,189
WashingtonAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,000$1,300
Waynesboro CityAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
WestmorelandKP VA Silver 6000/35/Dental$447$895$1,163
Williamsburg CityOptimaFit Silver 4600 20% M$641$1,281$1,665
Winchester CityAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$514$1,027$1,335
WiseAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
WytheAnthem HealthKeepers Silver X 6100$500$1,001$1,300
YorkOptimaFit Silver 4600 20% M$641$1,281$1,665

Average Cost of Health Insurance by Family Size in Virginia

The size of your family, as well as the age of each person insured by the policy, will directly impact the cost of a health insurance plan. Children under the age of 14 typically have a flat cost of coverage, but those 15 and older will face increasing premiums based upon their age.

For instance, if you get married and add your 40-year-old spouse to your Silver health insurance plan, your premiums would increase by an average of $567 per month in Virginia. But if you add your 12-year-old child to a policy, the average increase in monthly premiums would only be $339. So a family of five would pay $679 more per month for a Silver health plan, on average, than a family of three, assuming two adults were covered.

Family SizeAverage Monthly Cost of Health Plan
Single Adult$567
Adult Couple$1,134
Family of three (Adult couple and a child)$1,473
Family of four (Adult couple and two children)$1,812
Family of five (Adult couple and three children)$2,152
Adults are assumed to be 40 years old. Sample rates are based on the average cost for a Silver plan in Virginia.

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