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Best Cheap Health Insurance in Kansas 2021

Best Cheap Health Insurance in Kansas 2021

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In Kansas, cheap health insurance plans are available for purchase through the state's marketplace or through Medicaid if your household income qualifies.

For 2021, the average health insurance cost in Kansas is $511 for a 40-year-old. This is an increase of 5% since the 2020 plan year.

We researched all of the health insurance plans in Kansas to help you find your best health insurance coverage. Depending on the county you live in, either the Ambetter Balanced Care 12 (2021), BlueCare EPO Silver Plus or Oscar Silver Saver 2 was the cheapest Silver plan available. However, the cost of a policy will vary significantly by region, and depending on your needs you may want to buy a plan in a different metal tier.

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Read on to learn about the cheapest plans by metal tier, the cheapest plans by location and how the cost of health insurance changes depending on family size.

Cheapest health insurance by metal tier

We analyzed health insurance plans in Kansas by metal tier to identify which policies are the best for each degree of coverage. Depending on which county you live in, the insurers and health plans listed below may not be offered in your area. However, these plans are a good starting point in comparing the costs and benefits you can expect from different levels of coverage.

Metal tier
Cheapest plan
Maximum out-of-pocket
Monthly cost for a 40-year-old

Medica with Healthier You Catastrophic$8,550$8,550$244

Medica with Healthier You Bronze Value$8,550$7,900$336

Expanded Bronze
Medica with Healthier You Bronze Copay$8,550$7,000$335
SilverAmbetter Balanced Care 12 (2021)$6,500$8,400$441

Ambetter Secure Care 20 (2021)$750$7,500$465
Two important factors in determining insurance premiums are metal tier and age. Higher metal tiers offer lower out-of-pocket costs, which means you'll pay less if you need to use your health insurance, but this also means you’ll pay higher monthly premiums.

Age also plays a large role in determining health insurance rates — as you get older, premiums become more expensive. As you can see below, a 40-year-old in Kansas would pay $118 per month more on average than a 21-year-old on a Silver plan, but $95 more per month for an average Bronze plan.

Cheapest health insurance companies in Kansas

Finding your best health insurance coverage in Kansas

Available insurers change by county, so the best cheap health insurance plan available to you in Kansas will depend on where you live and the level of coverage you choose.

Higher metal tier health plans, like Gold policies, have monthly premiums that are not as cheap as Silver policy premiums but have significantly lower out-of-pocket expenses, like deductibles, copays and coinsurance. So, if you have costly prescriptions or are worried about the high costs of an unexpected illness, a higher metal tier plan will probably be your best health insurance choice.

On the other hand, if you are young and healthy, or have no expected medical costs and want to keep your monthly rates down, a lower metal tier plan may be the cheapest.

Gold plans: Best for people who expect high medical costs

Gold health insurance plans have the lowest costs if you need to use your insurance often, since Gold plans may have lower deductibles and copays. However, the monthly premium you can expect to pay may be higher. Therefore, these health plans are best if you have high expected medical costs, such as ongoing prescriptions, or you are concerned about being able to pay out of pocket for an unexpected condition.

The cheapest Gold plan in Kansas is the Ambetter Secure Care 20 (2021). Compare all tiers in Kansas above.

Silver plans: Best for people with average medical costs or low incomes

A Silver health plan may be best if you would like a policy that has lower out-of-pocket costs than a Bronze plan but a more affordable monthly premium than that of a Gold plan. These plans are also eligible for cost-sharing subsidies, which lower your out-of-pocket expenses if you are part of a lower-income household.

The cheapest Silver plan in Kansas is the Ambetter Balanced Care 12 (2021). Compare all tiers in Kansas above.

Bronze and Catastrophic plans: Best for young people

Catastrophic and Bronze plans offer an affordable alternative to Silver and Gold plans, as their monthly premiums are less expensive. However, Catastrophic plans are only available to those who are under 30 or qualify for an exemption.

It's important to note that if you are covered under a Catastrophic health plan, you cannot use a premium tax credit to reduce your cost.

Bronze plans are available to everyone, and these lower metal tier policies have cheap monthly premiums for health insurance — but they come with much higher deductibles. So, if you need medical care during the year, you have to pay more money out of pocket before coverage kicks in.

If you can cover the high cost-sharing in the event of an emergency and expect to have low medical costs, a Bronze plan may be your best low-cost option for health insurance coverage.

The cheapest Bronze plan in Kansas is the Medica with Healthier You Bronze Value. The cheapest Catastrophic plan is the Medica with Healthier You Catastrophic. Compare all tiers in Kansas above.

Health insurance rate changes in Kansas

Health insurance rates are set yearly by insurance providers and then approved by federal regulators for the following plan year.

In 2021, Bronze plans experienced the largest increase in costs — rising more than 14% since 2020. On the other hand, Gold health policies are cheaper by nearly 13%.

Metal tier
2020 premium
2021 premium
Expanded Bronze$426$4648.99%

Rates are based on a 40-year-old adult.

Short-term health insurance in Kansas

Short-term health insurance is offered by insurance providers with limited restrictions in Kansas. These plans follow federal guidelines with maximum coverage periods of up to one year. However, you can only renew short-term health insurance coverage one time and not for 36 months like in some other states.

In Kansas, short-term health plans do not cover the essential health benefits and require medical underwriting. For this reason, you should be careful when selecting short-term health insurance as your primary health care coverage.

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Best cheap health insurance companies in Kansas

There are five health insurance companies on the Kansas state exchange, but only Medica Insurance Co. is available in every county.

  • Ambetter from Sunflower Health Plan
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Inc.
  • Cigna Health and Life Insurance Co.
  • Medica Insurance Co.
  • Oscar Insurance Co.

When searching for the best health insurance for you, we recommend starting with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Inc., Oscar Insurance Co. or Ambetter from Sunflower Health Plan, as they typically provide the cheapest Silver health plan in the counties where they are available.

Cheapest health insurance plan by county

To help you get started in your search for the best health plan, we identified the most affordable Silver health insurance policies available on the state exchange by county. Below, you can see which policy has the best rate for your county, as well as some sample monthly premiums for individuals and families.

Cheapest plan
Age 40
Couple, age 40
Couple, age 40 plus child
AllenAmbetter Balanced Care 12 (2021)$441$882$1,146
AndersonAmbetter Balanced Care 12 (2021)$496$992$1,289
AtchisonAmbetter Balanced Care 12 (2021)$496$992$1,289
BarberAmbetter Balanced Care 12 (2021)$504$1,008$1,310
BartonAmbetter Balanced Care 12 (2021)$459$918$1,193
BourbonAmbetter Balanced Care 12 (2021)$441$882$1,146
BrownAmbetter Balanced Care 12 (2021)$496$992$1,289
ButlerAmbetter Balanced Care 12 (2021)$458$916$1,190
ChaseAmbetter Balanced Care 12 (2021)$458$916$1,190
ChautauquaAmbetter Balanced Care 12 (2021)$458$916$1,190
CherokeeAmbetter Balanced Care 12 (2021)$441$882$1,146
CheyenneAmbetter Balanced Care 12 (2021)$459$918$1,193
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Average cost of health insurance by family size in Kansas

Depending on the size of a family, health insurance rates change based on the number of individuals who need coverage and their age. Children below the age of 15 qualify for lower health insurance premiums, which remain flat. But once a child reaches the age of 15, the premium will increase each year as they grow older.

For example, the average cost of health insurance for a family of three is $1,400 in Kansas, assuming two 40-year-old parents and a child. For each additional child, the average cost of a Silver health plan increases by $322, so a family of four (two 40-year-olds and two children) would cost an average of $1,722 per month to insure.

Family size
Average monthly cost of health plan
Individual plus child$861
Couple, age 40$1,077
Family of three (adult couple and a child)$1,400
Family of four (adult couple and two children)$1,722
Family of five (adult couple and three children)$2,044

Adults are assumed to be 40 years old. Children are assumed to be 14 or younger. Sample rates are based on the average cost of a Silver plan in Kansas.


The health insurance rate and policy data used in this analysis was from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) documents. ValuePenguin used the CMS Public Use Files (PUF) to get average state premiums across a variety of factors such as metal tier, county and family size.

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the author’s opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.