Best Car Insurance Rates in Phoenix

Best Car Insurance Rates in Phoenix

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Home to almost 1.5 million people, the city of Phoenix, AZ is the largest city in the American Southwest. In our 2014 study of car insurance rates throughout Phoenix we looked at the variability between auto insurance quotes in different parts of the city. This breakdown should give drivers a better idea of how their premiums stack up against other residents rates across Phoenix.

Cost of Car Insurance in Select Phoenix Neighborhoods

Our team looked at eight sections of Phoenix that encompassed the entire city. We split up the city and labeled the different areas in this particular way: Ahwatukee, Bell Road, Camelback, Central Phoenix, Lower North, North Exurbs, South Phoenix, and West Valley. The average annual car insurance rate across all eight areas was $955 while the range was from $817 to $1,122. The chart below will show you where each area ranks based on a comparison of their annual premiums:

List of areas throughout Phoenix and their corresponding average car insurance price

Find Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Most Expensive Areas

The most expensive areas for car insurance in Phoenix are all around the downtown area where people and their automobiles are crammed into a more densely packed space than they would be in more rural areas.

West Valley

This area northwest of downtown is made up of neighborhoods such as Alhambra and Maryvale. Unfortunately for the area, the car insurance rates are higher here than in any other part of Phoenix. Residents living in the West Valley will pay $1,122 per year on average to insure their vehicle. This is 18% higher than the city average.

Central Phoenix

Composed of Downtown Phoenix, Coronado, and other surrounding neighborhoods, Central Phoenix turned out to be the second most expensive area to insure your car in Phoenix. Average annual premiums came in at just under $1,100 which works out to $91 per month!

Least Expensive Areas

The two least expensive areas sit at opposite sides of Phoenix but have one thing in common: neither area is densely populated which reduces the potential for car accidents!


About 13 miles from downtown and tucked in behind South Mountain, citizens of the Ahwatukee Foothills can relax knowing that their car insurance prices are cheaper than everyone elses in Phoenix. At $817 annually, drivers are saving more than $300 per year on their car insurance bill compared to driving the same vehicle and living in West Valley.

North Exurbs

Contained by Paradise Ridge to the southeast and Table Mesa to its northwest, the North Exurbs of Phoenix also proved to have cheaper rates that most areas in Phoenix. For $848 per year (or $71 monthly) those North Exurb residents can make sure their car, truck or van is insured and legal to be on the roadways!

Map of Neighborhoods

Below you'll find a map of the City of Phoenix that includes where each of the eight areas are located. Number one represents the cheapest area (Ahwatukee) while number nine represents the most expensive part of town (West Valley).

Ranking map of auto insurance prices in Phoenix

Best Auto Insurance Rates in Phoenix

Car insurance rates can vary widely from insurer to insurer so we always recommend getting multiple quotes from top companies so you can do your own comparison. When it came to rates offered in Phoenix, we found that GEICO tended to have the cheapest ($503 annual average) while Mercury Insurance more often than not was the priciest ($1,566 annual average).

A list of car insurance companies and their rates in Phoenix

Most Expensive Insurer in Phoenix

Mercury Insurance -With an average car insurance rates of $1,566 per year, Mercury Insurance was the most expensive auto insurer that we came across in our analysis. They were more expensive for every neighborhood as well, with the exception of both Central Phoenix and West Valley where MetLife was more expensive at $1,728 annually.

Cheapest Auto Insurance Company in Phoenix

GEICO -This online insurance provider aims to compete on price first and foremost and they do that successfully in Phoenix. GEICO had the cheapest rates in every neighborhood citywide with an average of $503 per year. That means GEICO quotes were 47% cheaper than the Phoenix average!

Auto Theft Statistics in Arizona

Phoenix had 7,187 cars stolen in 2012, almost 5,000 more than the next highest city. However, we must account for the population size of any city otherwise these numbers mean little. When accounting for population, Phoenix had the 2nd most auto thefts per capita with 497 per 100,000 automobiles.


PopulationCar TheftsThefts per 100,000

















Our Methodology

Car insurance premiums assumed a 30 year old male driver operating a 2010 Toyota Camry that he owns. The automobile is primarily used for the purpose of commuting. Insurance coverage is slightly above the state minimum but far from being a deluxe insurance package. Our hypothetical driver logs anywhere between 10,000-15,000 miles each year and no accidents or violation of record in the last 5 years. The auto insurance companies we surveyed were: GEICO, USAA, Farmers, American Family, State Farm, Ameriprise, California Casualty, Amica, Allstate, Country Financial, Liberty Mutual, Mercury Insurance and MetLife.

Surveyed auto insurance costs in Phoenix are for illustrative purposes only and actual quotes will vary based on your physical residence, driving history, and many other factors.

Mark is a Senior Research Analyst for ValuePenguin focusing on the insurance industry, primarily auto insurance. He previously worked in financial risk management at State Street Corporation.

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