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While most drivers know that the cost of insuring their car depends on their driving history, not many people are aware of the role that location and choice of company play. We conducted a study of auto insurance rates across North Dakota to find out which companies provided the lowest rates. On average, we found the average annual premium was $1,638 in the Peace Garden State, but rates varied by 73% from the cheapest to the most expensive insurer. Enter your zip code above for a list of companies near you to begin searching around for great rates, or read on to learn more about car insurance quotes in North Dakota.

Cheapest Auto Insurance in North Dakota

Our study obtained quotes from 12 local and national insurance providers across 30 cities to identify the companies in North Dakota that offer the lowest rates. We found that Allied, State Farm, Nodak Mutual, Auto Club and GEICO provided the lowest costs in the state. Together, they quoted an average rate of $1,208—a 26% decrease from the state average.

Chart of the Five Least Expensive Auto Insurers in North Dakota

Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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How much can you save with the cheapest auto insurance providers in North Dakota? The most expensive insurer in our analysis—Dairyland—provided quotes as high as $4,092, 150% greater than the North Dakota average. MetLife and EMC also provided expensive rates, but they were nowhere near as high at Dairyland's—at $2,374 and $1,712 on average, respectively.

Where does your current insurance company stand compared to other insurers in the North Dakota? Below we've included a list of the 12 auto insurance companies we included in our study ranked in the order of their average annual premiums. Note that actual rates will likely differ from what is shown and this list is for comparison purposes.


Car Insurance CompanyAnnual Average Rates
2State Farm$1,199
3Nodak Mutual$1,259
4Auto Club$1,292
7State Auto$1,514
9Farmers Union$1,548

Cheapest Car Insurance in North Dakota: by City

We found that for our sample North Dakota motorist, the cheapest insurers varied depending on where they lived. Taking the 10 largest places in North Dakota as example, the insurance companies with the best rates were often Allied, State Farm and Nodak Mutual. Check out the table below to see who are the three cheapest insurers near you.


InsurerAnnual Rate
State Farm$1,044
Nodak Mutual$1,236
Nodak Mutual$1,308
State Farm$1,308
State Farm$1,308
Auto Club Group$1,344
State Farm$1,056
Nodak Mutual$1,308
State Farm$1,308
Nodak Mutual$1,236
State Farm$1,308
Auto Club Group$1,344
State Farm$1,308
Auto Club Group$1,344
Devils LakeAllied$984
Nodak Mutual$1,260
DickinsonState Farm$960
Nodak Mutual$924
State Farm$1,008
Nodak Mutual$1,308
Grand ForksAllied$936
State Farm$936
Auto Club Group$972
State Farm$1,308
Auto Club Group$1,344
Nodak Mutual$936
State Farm$1,044
State Farm$1,044
Nodak Mutual$1,068
State Farm$1,308
Auto Club Group$1,344
Nodak Mutual$960
State Farm$1,044
Nodak Mutual$1,212
Auto Club Group$1,104
State Farm$1,188
New TownAllied$1,044
State Farm$1,308
Auto Club Group$1,344
State Farm$1,308
Auto Club Group$1,344
Nodak Mutual$1,308
State Farm$1,308
Nodak Mutual$1,296
State Farm$1,308
Valley CityAllied$912
State Farm$1,044
Nodak Mutual$1,068
Nodak Mutual$960
State Farm$1,044
Nodak Mutual$1,296
State Farm$1,308
Watford CityAllied$1,056
State Farm$1,308
West FargoAllied$876
Nodak Mutual$924
State Farm$1,008
State Farm$1,308

Fargo, ND

First up is Fargo, which ranked as the city with the second lowest rates in North Dakota with an average annual rate of $1,497. Fargo is the largest city in North Dakota and part of the Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan statistical area. Home to a growing number of over 100,000 residents, the city was named after William Fargo, the founder of Wells Fargo Express Company and director of the Northern Pacific Railway. Residents of the city have access to recreational parks, sports, museums, and theaters. North Dakota State University, also located in Fargo, is the city’s largest employer.

For motorists looking for the lowest car insurance rates in Fargo, we recommend that get quotes from Allied, Nodak Mutual and State Farm. We found these insurers to have rates 37% cheaper than the citywide average of $948.

Graph of the Five Companies with the Most Affordable Car Insurance Rates in Fargo

Bismarck, ND

Home to around 62,000 people, Bismarck ranked as the ninth cheapest city in terms of auto insurance costs. Once proclaimed to be the seventh fastest growing city in the U.S. by Forbes magazine, it is now the hub of retail and health care as well as a central North Dakota economic center. We found Bismarck’s annual average car insurance costs to be $1,603.

For the most affordable auto insurance coverage in Bismarck, include Allied, State Farm, and GEICO when you're shopping for quotes. Our research found that these three insurance companies provided quotes of less than $1,200 per year.

Chart of the Five Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Bismarck

Grand Forks, ND

Grand Forks is the third largest city in North Dakota as well as the third cheapest city for car insurance in North Dakota. At $1,519 a year, we found that rates in Grand Forks were 7% lower than the North Dakota average. The city sits at the forks of Red River and Red Lake River, once an important trading area for Native American and French fur trappers. Currently, it is home to over 54,000 residents, as well as the University of North Dakota and the Grand Forks Air Force Base. The city has a diverse culture of college sports, arts and parks that can be reached through U.S. Route 2, Interstate 29, and U.S. Highway 81.

To find cheapest auto insurance quotes in Grand Forks, make sure to collect quotes from Allied, State Farm and the Auto Club Group. Based on the quotes we gathered, a year’s coverage with these insurers costs $948 on average.

Image of the Five Least Expensive Insurance Companies in Grand Forks

Minot, ND

Home to over 40,000 residents, the city was named after a railroad investor, Henry D. Minot. Minot's economy depends on its largest employer, the well-known Minot Air Force Base. Every October, Minot holds North America’s largest Scandinavian-American festival to celebrate the town's roots. It is also the birthplace of actor Josh Duhamel and rapper Wiz Khalifa. Our analysis found that the average annual quote for Minot to be $1,606.

The lowest auto insurance quotes for Minot were provided by Allied, Auto Club, and State Farm. Across these three insurers, the average annual rate for car insurance was $1,096—32% lower than the Minot average.

Auto Insurance Companies in Minot With The Lowest Rates

Cost of Auto Insurance in North Dakota: by City

How much do people pay on average for car insurance in North Dakota? Based on our data, that figure is $1,638. Below, we've included the full list of cities in North Dakota that we included in our study.

RankCityAnnual Rate
14Devils Lake$1,641
3Grand Forks$1,519
29New Town$1,715
5Valley City$1,578
28Watford City$1,713
1West Fargo$1,490

Best Auto Insurance Companies in North Dakota

To determine the best car insurance companies in North Dakota, we considered the number of complaints a company receives relative to its size. Of the insurance companies we collected quotes for, State Farm and Allied stand out as having cheap rates as well as excellent customer service (as reflected by their low complaint index rating). An index of one is the median, and the lower the number the better the company is doing compared to its competitors.


CompanyWritten PremiumsComplaint Index
1Oklahoma Farm Bureau$54,794,0000.20
2State Farm$336,936,0000.50
7Berkshire Hathaway (GEICO)$84,702,0000.75
10Liberty Mutual$83,990,0000.99

North Dakota Car Insurance Requirements

Drivers in the state of North Dakota are required to carry auto insurance. While there is a minimum amount of required coverage, North Dakota residents also have the option to purchase additional coverage or higher limits. Below we've included the required coverages for North Dakota drivers.

  • Bodily Injury (BI): $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident
  • Property Damage (PD): $25,000 per accident
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury: $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident
  • Personal Injury Protection: $30,000 per person


The auto insurance prices we include in this study are based of quotes that we have gathered. Your actual rates will vary depending on what car you are insuring, your driving history and your coverage amounts.

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