Titan No Longer Offering Insurance Policies


Titan is an auto insurer that used to offer coverage for high-risk drivers. The subsidiary of Nationwide no longer sells policies to customers, but is still a part of the parent company.

You can still purchase coverage through Nationwide. If you are looking for coverage as a high-risk driver, State Farm and Geico offer some of the lowest rates among larger insurers for drivers with issues on their records. The General also has coverage options for those who might have trouble getting policies from other companies because of their driving history. Where it is available, NJM does not raise prices after a first accident.

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  • Fairly priced options for non-standard auto insurance
  • Coverage and company affiliated and backed by Nationwide parent


  • Higher-than-average Complaint Index, based on closed complaints submitted to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners
  • Underwriting coverage is not national; present in 23 states

Titan auto insurance rate comparison

Let's look at Titan auto insurance rate samples for a handful of demographics and compare them to both Geico and Allstate:

Driver profile


Single female, 25 years old


Single male, 30 years old


Married couple


Senior married couple


We looked at sample auto insurance premiums for minimum liability coverage in California and compared illustrative quotes for Titan/Victoria Fire to national insurers such as Geico and Allstate. Results are mixed based on the four driver profiles and ZIP codes sampled above. For example, Geico is anywhere from $10 to $104 cheaper due to its nature as an online presence.

Compared to Allstate, however, which has a mixture of online and agent presence, much like Titan, the comparison is more favorable. Here, the savings of going with Titan ranges from $4 to $74 — great for drivers looking for the convenience of an online quote with a local agent to call when problems or questions arise.

In any event, it is best to compare auto insurance rates from carriers in your city to get the best idea of what the market rates are. For a list of the best auto insurance companies in your area, enter your ZIP code in the search form below.

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Titan auto insurance discounts

In addition to the typical slew of discounts offered by auto insurers everywhere, Titan also has savings for advance quotes. To be eligible for an advance quote discount, prospective policyholders must get a quote eight or more days before their existing policy expires. 

Discount type

Discount amount

Good student


Mature driver


Multi-car discount

Up to 15%



Persistency credit


Sources: Titan Auto Insurance and 2013 California Department of Insurance Survey

Titan auto insurance policies and coverage

Titan provides auto insurance through quotes on its website, over the phone and through a local presence on the ground. They're represented in 23 states by a network of local agents from companies such as Nationwide, Answer Financial and other private, independently-run agencies. 

Non-standard auto insurance coverage

Titan offers non-standard auto insurance, or car insurance for drivers who have been deemed high-risk. For example, drivers who have more than six points on their driving record or several traffic violations within a short time period would fall under this category. Titan’s affiliate, Victoria Fire & Casualty, specializes in writing these kinds of policies.

Titan's geographical coverage

Titan underwrites auto insurance in about half of states in the U.S. The states Titan covers are: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington and West Virginia. 

Insurer ratings



AM Best Financial Strength Rating (2013)


Better Business Bureau rating — Nationwide (2013)


NAIC Complaint Index (2012)

2.07 (worse than average)

Backed by the financial strength and reputation of Nationwide, Titan has great grades for its creditworthiness and overall business practices. When evaluated as a standalone entity, however, the company receives a rather high number of complaints for its share of net auto insurance premiums underwritten. Some of the complaints submitted to the NAIC included coverage questions, denial of claims, and cancellation and nonrenewal of policies.

About Titan Auto Insurance

Titan Auto Insurance has been an affiliate of the Nationwide family of auto insurance companies since 2003. The company is based in Highland Hills, Ohio, and has retail locations across its covered states. Along with its affiliate, Victoria Fire & Casualty, Titan offers non-standard auto insurance to drivers.

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