Best Cheap Medicare Advantage Plans in Michigan

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Priority Health has the best Medicare Advantage plans in Michigan.

Priority Health's plans are well-rated, and many cost less than the state average of $49 per month. Aetna sells the best cheap Medicare Advantage plans in Michigan. And if you want the flexibility to choose your doctors, Blue Cross Blue Shield is a good option, since most medical offices are in its network.

In Michigan, Medicare Advantage rates range from $0 to $284 per month. But everyone in the state has access to at least one plan with no monthly cost.

How we analyze Medicare plans: We review Medicare Advantage plans for cost, availability, coverage and service, and we focus on HMOs and PPOs with prescription benefits. While they're not discussed in detail here, Medical Savings Account (MSA) plans and Special Needs Plans (SNPs) are good for people in financial need and can help policyholders save on Medicare costs.

How CMS rates Medicare plans: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) uses a star rating system based on annual customer survey results. Members rate plans in multiple categories including delivery of health care and customer service.

Compare the best cheap Medicare Advantage plans in Michigan

Overall, Priority Health's Medicare Advantage plans are the best in Michigan because they are affordable, highly rated and widely available.

Humana may be the best option in the Upper Peninsula because fewer insurers offer plans in that area. Humana has a $0 plan with a 4.5 star rating available in all 15 Upper Peninsula counties.

Average monthly cost
% of Michigan Medicare population who can enroll
Overall CMS star rating
Ascension Complete logo
Ascension Complete$052%Not yet rated
Molina logo
Molina Healthcare of Michigan$084%
Aetna Medicare Advantage logo
Aetna Medicare$796%
Zing Health logo
Zing Health$832%Not yet rated
WellCare  logo
PHP Medicare logo
PHP Medicare$1322%
UnitedHealthcare/AARP Medicare Advantage logo
UnitedHealthcare (AARP)$1948%
CCA Health Michigan logo
CCA Health Michigan$2045%Not yet rated
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Review Medicare plan options with licensed insurance agents near you

You may want to avoid Molina Healthcare of Michigan and Wellcare, as the low Medicare star ratings could indicate poor plan quality. Molina sells one Medicare Advantage HMO in the state, and while the plan is free, members gave it a low overall satisfaction rating of 3 out of 5. Concerns included how the company's Special Needs Plans (SNPs) are managed, health care quality and the timeliness of getting appointments. The Wellcare HMO has a low star rating of just 2.5 out of 5. Customers cite problems with getting care and customer service.

Should I choose an HMO or PPO plan?

Most Michigan Medicare Advantage companies offer multiple plan types, including HMO and PPO options.

  • HMO plans are generally the cheapest but most restrictive option. While you could pay less per month, you must choose a primary care physician to coordinate your health care and provide specialist referrals. You're limited to health care providers within the plan network and usually only within the state, except in emergencies.
  • PPOs provide the freedom to choose your health care providers, but are more expensive. While you aren't restricted to a network of doctors and hospitals, you will likely pay lower costs at preferred providers. You'll also probably have a higher out-of-pocket maximum for out-of-network care.

Priority Health Medicare: best overall Medicare Advantage plans in Michigan

Priority Health offers common Medicare Advantage extras like fitness benefits, transportation expense coverage and meal benefits. But Priority Health's options go further than competitor plans. The Priority Health Travel Pass helps you get medical care and other services while traveling outside the state and abroad, from finding a pharmacy to locating lost luggage. Medicare Advantage plans with prescription drug coverage also include a free BrainHQ membership, with exercises and challenges to keep your brain healthy.

Priority Health
  • Star rating

  • Monthly rate

    $57 ?

Why it's great

  • Priority Health's highly rated plans are available to nearly everyone in Michigan, making it the best overall Medicare Advantage company in the state.
  • It's available to 96% of Michigan Medicare enrollees and in 68 counties.

The Priority Medicare Value HMO-POS is a good option for patients who have chronic health conditions like diabetes. The plan has a $0 in-network deductible and $0 virtual visit copays, which means you can get care without paying.

Priority Medicare Value costs an average of $43 per month. It includes a good drug plan, with no deductible for generics. There is a $75 deductible for brand and specialty drugs, which you can meet by filling just one or two prescriptions. And while the Value plan helps greatly with insulin costs, be careful to use network medical providers when you can, as you'll pay much more for out-of-network care compared to many competitor plans.

All Priority Medicare HMO plans are HMO-POS plans.

The Value HMO-POS allows the flexibility to use non-network providers, but you'll pay 40% of the cost for most types of care, versus paying a flat fee for in-network doctors. We don't suggest using the Value plan for out-of-network coverage.

The Priority Medicare Ideal PPO is good for those who need companionship or help with daily tasks. The plan adds a companion care benefit. This perk allows up to six hours of free in-person or virtual care each month, including general companionship, help with in-home and transportation needs, technical support and other services. The standard Priority Health extras, like BrainHQ, are also included.

Priority's Ideal PPO has an average monthly rate of $25 and no annual medical deductible, whether you use providers within or outside of the network.

If you don't have a chronic condition to manage, the Ideal PPO may be a better option than the Value HMO-POS plan. Having the freedom to choose your providers makes getting care easier. The Ideal PPO plan has a higher out-of-pocket maximum than the Value HMO-POS, though, which means you'll ultimately pay more of your health care expenses.

Aetna: best cheap Medicare Advantage plans in Michigan

All Aetna Medicare Advantage plans provide preventive and comprehensive vision and dental benefits at no extra charge, hearing coverage and a fitness plan. The company has five free HMO options in Michigan, as well as nine PPO options with an average rate of $9 per month.

  • Star rating

  • Monthly rate

    $7 ?

Why it's great

  • Aetna has the best cheap Medicare Advantage plans in Michigan because of its customer service ratings and an average price of $7 per month.
  • It's available to 96% of Michigan Medicare enrollees and in 75 counties.

The Aetna Medicare Value PPO is good for people with low to moderate health care needs. Although not all of Aetna's PPOs have a $0 monthly premium, the Value plan does. There's no deductible, in-network primary care doctor visits are free and in-network specialists have a $45 copay. If you go outside the network, you'll pay $30 for a primary care visit and $60 to see a specialist.

Aetna's Value PPO also includes a $60 quarterly allowance for buying over-the-counter items through the Aetna catalog or at CVS. The Value PPO is widely available and is sold in almost all of the Upper Peninsula, so it's an option for a large portion of Michigan Medicare enrollees.

Aetna's Medicare Premier HMO-POS plan could be a good option for those with more specific health concerns. The plan has a $0 monthly cost, like all of Aetna's HMO plans in Michigan. It also has a $0 drug deductible and a $3,900 out-of-pocket maximum, which could help lower your total health care costs.

Aetna has a higher star rating, at 3.5 out of 5, than the state's other free or cheap Medicare Advantage plans, which means that the company might provide better service than similar providers.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan: best Medicare Advantage network in Michigan

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has one of the largest provider networks of any company. Over 33,000 doctors and 158 hospitals in the state accept BCBS of Michigan coverage. And using BlueCard doctors can save members money on health care services when traveling within the U.S. and abroad.

  • Star rating

  • Monthly rate

    $114 ?

Why it's great

  • As part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Association, BCBS of Michigan plans are good if you travel or need a wide choice of health care providers.
  • It's available to 100% of Michigan Medicare enrollees and in all 83 counties.

If you like the convenience of widely available covered care, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan could be the best Medicare Advantage company for you. More than 1.7 million doctors and hospitals take Blue Cross Blue Shield — it has the largest number of providers among U.S. insurers. You'll pay more for that access, though. BCBS of Michigan has a high average cost of $114 per month, although a $0-per-month plan is available.

BCBS of Michigan only offers PPO plans, but they're available to 100% of Michigan's Medicare-eligible population. Blue Care Network, another Blue Cross Blue Shield-affiliated company, offers HMO plans in 70 Michigan counties.

The Medicare Plus Blue PPO Essential plan is a good choice if you're looking for affordability and still want access to the large BCBS network. The plan has a $0 monthly rate, as well as no health and drug deductibles. It also includes coverage for in-home support services, such as meal prep assistance and basic house cleaning. The plan has a $5,200 out-of-pocket maximum, though. If your health care is expensive, this plan might not be the best value. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan also offers Vitality and Signature plans, which gradually offer more coverage for a higher price.

The Medicare Plus Blue PPO Assure plan is better for those who have extensive or expensive health care needs. This option is the most comprehensive plan from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. It costs an average of $254 per month but comes with lower copays, lower coinsurance and a lower out-of-pocket maximum than the Essential, Vitality or Signature plans. Although the plan is expensive, it could be the best value if you know your health care expenses will be higher than the $3,425 in-network out-of-pocket maximum.

Medicare Advantage in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Humana offers the best Medicare Advantage plan in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The company sells a PPO plan with a $0 monthly premium and a star rating of 4.5 out of 5 in all 15 Upper Peninsula counties.

Michigan's Upper Peninsula has fewer plan options than the rest of the state. Only five health insurance companies sell plans in the Upper Peninsula, compared to 15 companies in Michigan as a whole.

  • Aetna
  • Blue Care Network
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
  • Humana
  • UnitedHealthcare

How do I select a Medicare Advantage plan?

Depending on where you live, you will have between 10 and 68 Medicare Advantage plan options from up to 15 insurers in Michigan. You'll likely choose a plan when you first become eligible for Medicare, and you have the option to switch each year during open enrollment. When shopping for a new plan, it's best to start early so you can get your application in on time.

Here are some things to keep in mind when searching for a plan:

  • Are your prescriptions covered?
  • Do you need enhanced dental benefits or coverage for dentures?
  • Do your preferred health care providers accept the plan?
  • Are the plan costs within your budget?
  • Does the plan offer additional perks, such as fitness memberships, transportation benefits or meal delivery?

It's a good idea to review plans carefully, whether you're newly eligible for Medicare or looking to make a change during open enrollment.

Frequently asked questions

Does Michigan have Medicare Advantage plans?

Yes, Medicare Advantage plans are available throughout Michigan. Fifteen insurers offer HMO and PPO plans with drug coverage in the state. Depending on where you live in Michigan, you'll have between 10 and 68 Medicare Advantage plans to choose from.

Which Michigan counties have the most Medicare Advantage plans?

Oakland and Wayne counties, both part of metropolitan Detroit, offer the most Medicare Advantage plans in Michigan. Residents have 68 plans to choose from in Oakland County and 64 options in Wayne County.

Which Medicare Advantage plan has the highest rating in Michigan?

Priority Health sells the best Medicare Advantage plans in Michigan, based on its high-quality coverage and widespread availability. If price is your main concern, Aetna's options are affordable and offer decent service.

Who is eligible for Medicare in Michigan?

You're eligible for Medicare in Michigan — or anywhere in the U.S. — if you are or are turning 65 and paid into Social Security while working. You may be eligible to get Medicare earlier than age 65 if you have a disability, kidney failure (end-stage renal disease, or ESRD) or ALS, also called Lou Gehrig’s disease.

How do I apply for Medicare in Michigan?

You apply for Medicare through the Social Security Administration. You only need to apply if you don't get Medicare automatically at age 65 or if you qualify due to a disability. If you are just getting started with Medicare, has resources to help you navigate the process.

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