Loans are a vital part of your financial life, whether you're buying a home or car, paying for college or growing a small business.

Our reviews and guides can help you with each stage of the loan application and repayment process, whether you're applying for a mortgage, personal loan or small business loan.

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What types of loans are available?

We take a look at some of most common reasons people take out loans and what you can expect for each type of loan.

Avg. Interest Rate
30-yr Mortgage4.0-4.5%
Auto loan3.6-15.2%
Student loan3.7-6.3%
Personal loan10.3-32.0%
Small business loan2.2-66.5%

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Loans 101

Before you apply for a loan, our guides can help explain what loans are, how they work and what you can expect throughout the application and repayment process.

Getting a Loan

Our guides will walk you through the process of applying for a loan, signing the loan agreement and repaying the loan.

Types of Loans

Loans can be used for almost anything from purchasing a house or car, to paying for school or expanding a business. Our guides explain the most common types of loans.

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Average Loan Interest Rates: Car, Home, Student, Small Business, and Personal Loans

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Loan Articles

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