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Who Has the Best Small Business Loans?

Picking the right loan for your business is critical to your success. We’ve evaluated what types of loans and lenders generally offer the best interest rates.

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Type of LenderAnnual Interest Rates
Large National Banks2.24-4.77%
Small National and Regional Banks2.86-5.43%
Online/Alternative Lenders5.49-66.57%

Getting Your First Business Loan?

If you’re applying for your first business loan, our guides will help through the process, from figuring out what type of funding you need to getting approved for a loan.

Types of Small Business Financing

There are a variety of financing products beyond traditional loans. Our guides break down these products and explain when and why you’d want to apply for each.

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Shopping around to get the best loan offers can be time-consuming. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of top picks of small business financing for all types of businesses and needs.

SBA Loans

SBA loans offer some of the best financing for small businesses in the U.S. Learn more about these competitive loan programs, including which one is the right fit for your business and how to apply.

Average Small Business Loan Amount in 2017: Across Banks and Alternative Lenders

The average loan extended to U.S. businesses in quarter four of 2016 was $713,000. Click to read how we got those numbers and about other...

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Small Business Loan Reviews


BlueVine products are good for new businesses with poor to average credit scores that need funds quickly or that have unpaid invoices. BlueVine offers two products: invoice factoring advances for invoices as low as $500 with a maximum credit line of $500,000 and business lines of credit up to $50,000.

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Bond Street

Bond Street is a great solution for borrowers with good to excellent personal credit or those who want to take out an affordable unsecured loan.

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Credibly loans are good for newer businesses and businesses that are looking for financing for working capital or business expansion needs. Loan amounts at Credibly range from $5,000 to $250,000 with typical APRs between 9.99% and 36%, which is lower than some other alternative lenders.

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Loans from Currency are good for businesses that need to purchase equipment and may need larger loan amounts (up to $15 million for some loan products). Currency currently offers business loans, lines of credit, accounts receivable financing and cash advances.

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Dealstruck can be a good option for businesses that have trouble qualifying for financing from a traditional lender and for businesses that need to purchase inventory or have unpaid invoices, such as retail or service businesses.

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Fundation business loans are good for established businesses with fair or better credit scores that need a quick funding solution, and if you have an excellent credit score, you may qualify for single digit APRs.

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Fundbox has lenient requirements to qualify for its invoice financing product, making it a good option for newer businesses or business owners with lower credit scores. You can advance invoices up to $100,000 through Fundbox, repaying over the course of 12 weeks.

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Funding Circle

Funding Circle small business loans are good for business owners with fair or better credit scores and for established businesses that need financing within one to two weeks. The lender offers small business loans up to $500,000 for terms up to five years and APRs starting at 8%.

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Guidant Financial

If you have at least $50,000 in an eligible retirement account, Guidant Financial is a great option for using a ROBS plan to start a business. Guidant also offers SBA loans up to $5 million, making them an attractive option for borrowers with strong credit scores.

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If you can't meet the qualifications for other lenders, you may want to consider Kabbage as it uses a different method of approval than other lenders. You can borrow up to $100,000 through a line of credit and receive funds in three days or less.

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Lending Club

If your loan application has been rejected by banks or credit unions, Lending Club could be a good alternative with low APRs starting at 7.77% and loan amounts up to $300,000.

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OnDeck offers business loans up to $500,000 and lines of credit up to $100,000. OnDeck is a good option for business that need funds quickly, businesses whose owners have fair credit scores and businesses that will take out multiple loans.

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PayPal Working Capital is good for PayPal merchants with steady sales and high account balances. PayPal offers small business working capital loans for amounts up to 18% of the PayPal sales your business made in the past year, up to a maximum of $97,000.

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QuarterSpot small business loans are good for businesses with low credit scores that need funds quickly and cannot afford to put up assets for collateral. The lender is also a good fit for businesses that already have an outstanding loan or want QuarterSpot to buy out a loan.

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SmartBiz streamlines the application process to let applicants get approval for SBA loans within one week and offers low APRs from 7% to 8% on SBA loans. However, you'll need to have a great credit score and financially strong business to qualify.

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SnapCap is best suited for business owners with credit scores of 550 and up who may take out multiple loans in the future. SnapCap provides business loans up to $600,000 and the term of the loan can range from 3 to 24 months, depending on the quality of the borrower’s file.

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StreetShares loans and lines of credit are great for veteran business owners and growing businesses. While you can only borrow up to 20% of your business's revenue, you can qualify for APRs as low as 8% if you have a strong credit score.

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Business Credit
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Businesses have credit scores just like individuals do. Our guides will help you understand your business’s credit report and improve your score.

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Average Small Business Loan Amount in 2017: Across Banks and Alternative Lenders

The average loan extended to U.S. businesses in quarter four of 2016 was $713,000. Click to read how we got those numbers and about other... Read More