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Enrolling on the ACA Insurance Exchanges

Enrolling on the ACA Insurance Exchanges

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Enrollment for the 2014 health plans is set to begin on October 1, 2013 and run through March 31, 2014. During this period consumers will be able to purchase insurance on and off of the exchanges with assurance that they will be able to find coverage. Once this period is over there is no guarantee that you will be able to find coverage on or off the ACA exchanges. In subsequent years, open enrollment periods will begin in October when households can elect to change coverage.

Consumers in states that have opted to use the Federal Exchange will visit Those States running their own exchanges will have their own sites which can be located through our state exchange profiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my insurance if I move?

Insurance plans are generally offered at a state level, with some smaller carriers offering plans at a regional level. This means that the service providers &(doctors, hospitals, pharmacies) that are in the plans network are often limited to the state or counties that the plan will service. If you happen to move out of the coverage area the insurance plan will continue to offer some coverage but can often come at higher out of pocket costs as you would likely be using out of network service providers. Generally speaking, if you happen to be moving out of your plans primary coverage area, it is highly advisable to seek new coverage.

Consumers that move into a new coverage area after the annual Open Enrollment Period will be eligible for Special Enrollment within 60 days of the move.

Can members of my family enroll in different plans?

If you choose to enroll in health insurance on the exchange all members of your family will have to enroll in the same plan. On exchange plans will be tied to tax returns with all household members filing under the same tax return covered by a single plan. In addition, in order to be considered an "applicable taxpayer" for the purposes of premium subsidies married couples will be required to file jointly.

Special Enrollment

While enrollment is typically open between the months of October and March, as mentioned above there are a number of circumstances where individuals and families are permitted to change or purchase health care plans on the exchange. These circumstances are as follows:

  • Loss of minimum essential coverage. If you had previously had coverage through an employer, or other program and no longer have access to such coverage you would be eligible for a special enrollment period. Note: This does not include the losing coverage due to failure to pay premiums. Consumers that lose coverage as a result of failing to pay premiums, including those for COBRA will not be eligible for Special Enrollment and will need to wait until the next enrollment period.
  • Changes to the legal size of your household. For instance gaining dependents through marriage, birth, adoption or the loss of family members through death.
  • Changes to legal status of an individual including the gaining of citizen, national or lawfully present status.
  • Any person experiencing an error with their enrollment
  • Changes to an individual or family's eligibility for premium tax credits or cost sharing subsidies. This is most likely to result from changes in household income or the costs of employer sponsored health plans.
  • A permanent move that allows an individual to gain access to new Qualified Health Plans
  • Indians as defined by the Indian Health Care Improvement Act

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