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Personal Finance

Half of Consumers Expect Savings to Run Out by End of April

Paying for housing costs a concern for both homeowners and renters

Personal Finance

Most Consumers Believe Stores Should Reopen By End of May

Men, millennials expect earlier return to normalcy

Credit Cards

Citi Premier Card is changing benefits starting in summer 2020

The Citi Premier℠ Card is altering its benefits in August, becoming a more rewarding card for everyday purchases.

Personal Finance

Consumers Expect Long-Term Changes Due to COVID-19

Shopping behaviors, saving priorities, workplace policies likely to see long-lasting modifications

Personal Finance

30% Intend to Give More to Charities Post COVID-19

Pandemic expected to impact organizations’ fundraising efforts

Auto Insurance

Coronavirus and Car Insurance: What to Know and How to Save

Some insurers are returning money to their customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, but whether or not your insurer is offering refunds,...

Life Insurance

1 in 3 Vapers Will Continue Vaping Despite Health and Illness Risks

Today, the coronavirus crisis has led many doctors and the World Health Organization to reassess the health risk of smoking, stating that...

Personal Finance

Women Accounted for Almost 60% of March Job Losses in U.S.

Those in leisure and hospitality see biggest impact amid coronavirus pandemic

Personal Finance

58% Concerned Social Distancing May Impact Their Mental Health

4 in 5 respondents believe people won’t get services they need