The Best Motorcycle Insurance For The Enthusiast, Traveler Or Weekend Rider

Motorcycle insurance companies are similar to one another, but small differences make some motorcycle insurers better for specific riders. Below, we outline which insurance company is best for specific motorcycle riders.

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The Policy For A True Motorcycle Enthusiast: Dairyland

For the motorcycle rider who eats, sleeps and breaths for their bike, Dairyland is the insurance company they should consider first. The Wisconsin-based company, which specializes in insuring automobiles and bikes, has offered its Dairyland Cycle policy since 1966.

Their motorcycle insurance policy includes all of the standard coverages such as bodily injury and property damage liability, comprehensive and collision, uninsured/underinsured motorist and medical payments. It also covers guest passengers and the total replacement cost of a motorcycle if it is three years old or newer.

Dairyland coverage also provides rental reimbursement for riders whose bike is their only mode of transportation. In the event their bike is in the shop, this coverage will reimburse a rider for transportation expenses, such as renting a car.

Riders with Dairyland insurance also have nice discounts available to them that any rider can qualify for. Anyone who is a Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) member, or a member of a long list of other qualified rider groups, is eligible for a discount on their premiums.

The Coverage For Long Road Trips And Traveling: Esurance

A motorcyclists who don’t ride their bike every day but use it to travel long distances should consider Esurance. The company, which is owned by Allstate, offers the same motorcycle insurance coverages as others, in addition to some that are perfect for road trips.

Esurance motorcycle coverage includes expenses incurred from trip interruption and towing and labor costs – things that are normally optional and cost riders more money, if they want them.

The trip interruption coverage is pretty generous. It reimburses riders $100 for lodging, $50 for alternative transportation and $50 for food per day up to $500 for any related mechanical breakdown, collision or comprehensive claim. The towing and labor coverage doesn’t just help if you get your bike stuck off the road. It helps with dead batteries, flat tires, lost keys and fuel.

The Rider That Wants The Cheapest Rates: GEICO

Some motorcycle owners might take their bike out only a few times a year so they just want the most affordable coverage they can get. Those riders should consider GEICO before other companies.

In our study of motorcycle insurance quotes for a sample policy and rider across all 50 states, we found GEICO frequently had the lowest premiums. In the U.S. the average motorcycle insurance policy is $519 per year.

The carrier’s motorcycle policy also has a number of rider discounts, too. Riders who switch to GEICO get a 10% discount and those who have more than one bike or complete a qualified safety course pay less. Like other insurers, GEICO customers with more than one type of policy also get a discount.

Michael Thrasher

Michael is a former research analyst at ValuePenguin covering property and casualty insurance, including homeowners and renters insurance.

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